Wednesday, September 25, 2002

OH... MY...!!!!!!!!!!
I am feeling extremely pleased!! And I'm shocked with it!! OH MY!!! MY.. my.. my!!!
Even with the fact I'm having my supplementary test in a few hours.. I'm extremely happy!! Ihhihihik!
Why.. I managed to get the two songs that touched my heart in this couple of months! Hihhihik..
One of them is that song from Winter Sonata.. Well, yeahh.. I don't really understand it.. but I do know some parts of it!!
- sorry if I love you too much but I can't control it - AHHAHHA!! Neat! But the song is really sad to be the truth.. that's why it touches me! Ihhihihik!
And the other song.. is from that Greese movie.. Ahhahha!!
What's up with me and slow songs these days?!
Anyways.. class this morning was pretty fun!! We were making silly jokes with that Adobe Photoshop.. been messing around with some fruits and veggies! It felt fun again with Aisha and Majin in the same class.. we were pretty noisy 'coz we kept laughing! Hihhi.. and I was kept being interrupted with my Y!M that one of the tutors actually came to my desk and gave me a 'look'.. so what did I do?? I smiled at him!!! AHHAHHA!! Typically me... Anyways.. and somehow that tutor.. Dr. Hew (was it??) kept coming back to our (me, Aisha and Majin's) desk! Hihhihi.. why.. feelin' a bit magnetic, do we?? Ahhahha!!
Oh well.. gotta stop getting silly and check on some more notes! Bob pon messaged suruh stadi.. Hihhihik
Wish me luck!!

Current song : Hopelessly Devoted by.. (what's her name??)
~ I'm out of my head.. hopelessly devoted to you ~


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