Friday, September 06, 2002

A very cool article indeed..
Hey heyy!! Anyways, I'm at my mom's office right now. Actually I had some business with the bank downstairs, but heck! So I came up to her office and hijacks her pc for some while.. Nyeh nyeh..! ^.^ Pardon me if this entry is going to be looong! I just have this urge to tell you everything that have happened to me since the last entry! Hihhihik!
Such a *busy* week I had.. I'm out the house everyday and I feel greaaaat about it! At least I don't spend the whole break just staying inside!
So anyways, yesterday I went out with Niez. Walked around Subang Parade with full stupidity. I mean, we were really wasting our time there, but I have to say that I might be coming back there before this break ends! Hihhi.. there are some 'interesting' things I can get from there.. Hihhihik!
So anyway, afterwards we hopped on the commuter and get ourselves to The Mall.. which was all the same.. BORING!.. since the fact that I've been hanging round there since I was in.. what? Form 1? Hyuckkk!! But anyways, so we went around looking for cards and shoes (Hanis' business of course!) while I kept tugging her into places with make-ups booth! AHHAHAHA!! Can you believe it?! AHHAHA! And.. we even get to met up Fariz 'coz he had some thingy at the PWTC.. ^.^ The second MMU guy I saw throughout the break. The first? HAIKAL!! Can you imagine?? Of all the people in MMU.. I actually saw HIM near the Asia Jaya Putra station just the day before! AHHAHHA!! <-- don't ask much about this part, wokehh! ^.^ So anyway, we walked around a while in three and got ourselves bored.. AHHAHAH!! And then Fariz had to went back to the expo in PWTC.
So me and Hanis walked around some more.. and got ourselves some ICE CREAAAMM!! *Yee hee hee!* Good ole trusty McDonald's.. ^.^ I just can't resist the temptation of a chocolate sundae! ^o^ Bile laa nak gemok sikit nih? Then my mom left her office and met us up at The Mall. (And we had to tag her along while she looks around the handphone booths around the lobby! Blueerrgh!)
The jourmey back was pretty.. DUMB! Well, that's the way I see it anyways. It's not really dumb.. but URRGHH!! Such a tiring journey! First, we got to the LRT.. stopped at Masjid Jamek station. Got off, and we got into the PUTRA train.. had to stand up throughout the jourmey until Asia Jaya station.. and waited 'til my dad picks us up before picking Nina up from her office.. Blueerrghhh! Though, it was pretty amusing.. The 'scenery' kept me entertained and I can't help smiling to myself.. Hihhihik! *Crazy!* But I just HAVE to show you this simple equation.. seriously, 5:25 pm + PUTRA = SUCKY!!
Okayy, anyway! Just wanna tell you people that I actually broke that nose thingy on my specs last night. I seriously don't know how it happened, but it just seemed to fall off while I was twiddling around the somputer. Sheesh! But no worries.. ehhehe! Got it repaired earlier today! ^_^ Pretty much happy yesterday! Hihhihik! So many cool things happened.. I called Ana.. Sheeya SMSed me.. Whee! I'm not really alone in this world.. AHHAHA!! (Whoops, getting sillier!) Good thing there wasn't any 'freakish' messages yesterday...........
Wokehh! Now, if you realise about the title of this entry, I actually mentioned about an article right? So anyways.. just wanna tell you people that September's CLEO magazine is pretty much interesting! AHHAAHAHA! Why? Because there's this article which read.. 30 Secrets Women Wish Men Discovered!! AHHAHAHA!! And I have to say that I strongly agree on numbers 6, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 26! AHHAHA!! Do you want me to type it down? Well.. maybe I should.. ^.^
# 6 Avoid the "I'm just a guy" defence. We'd rather you be creative and say something like "I realise I'm weak and pathetic and a slave to my monster. I'm sorry. I can't help it."
# 18 When taking her to a party with your friends, don't make it a test to see how adaptable she is. Introduce her around and pave the way. When she takes you home to her family or to a party of her friends, make an effort to win them over - it's just smart business practice.
# 20 *Niez' favorite!* Don't be petty. Arguments are about gaining better mutual understanding, not humiliating the other into silence. Theoretically, they're not about winning. That said, she is always right! *^_^*
# 21 *my favorite!* Don't blatanly check out other women. It's bad form and anxiety-producing and may force her to go off with another man. *AHHAHHA!!*
# 22 *my other favorite!* Instead of leaving voice mail or email, consider sending something via an archaic form known as a letter. *Hihhihik! Typically... kepada siapa yang tahu.. ^_^*
# 24 *most girls' favorite!* Get jealous. Not stalker-crazy jealous, but a little miffed on occasion.. *Hmmm..?*
# 26 Shut up and listen. Don't try to solve her problems; she just wants you to let her vent. On the other hand, she might also want your input and reaction, so it's up to you to figure out which applies. Remember details, the kind of small details that make a story special to her and meaningless to everybody else. Bonus points: Later slip one of those memories into conversation. *As I would always say... it's plainly SWEET! ^_^*

Yee hee hee!! Pretty much sorry for the loooong entry! Hihhihik! Not sure when I'm gonna update this blog again, to be honest! Hihhihik! Hopefully I won't leave it for long.. ^_^ And so, until next time.. TAKE CARE PEEPS! Hihhihihik!

...are you wishing the time would past faster too?


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