Monday, September 23, 2002

How Should Guys Confess : Part One
Hahha!! Now, before I get serious with my Maths.. I should get this topic done.. ^_^
Yeeheehee... ain't it cheeky?? Well, I've talked about crush.. I've talked about hints.. so I better just go through with the whole subject! ^_^ Anyways, this time I'm asking all around the girls so you guys out there could choose which ways are more compatible with you! Yeeheehee! And so this is what they said... ^_^

Azura said.. Hehhehe.. Eye contact is very important! So don't wear any tinted glasses when you say it.. 'coz she needs to see the sincerity in your eyes.. And.. probably you should say it in whispers. So it'll be like a real 'secret' between you two. Ahha! And probably, you also might want to sing her a very nice song.. Hihhihik! Just.. pick a nice place to say it... and tell her that she looks good. Hihhi...

Fina agrees that you should confess at a special place. Somewhere special, meaningful and memorable for either the guy or girl.. And cards would be nice too! Fina also agrees that the guys should say nice things about the girl. All that really matters is that you say all the right words and you're very sincere about your feelings..

Mya said she's prefer those romantic things like flowers. And as a guy, you should be sweet! And you should know how to play with your eyes... Hehhe.. And dress smartly! You don't really want her to go out with a scruffy looking guy, do you?? Aaaannnddd... Mya also said that you probably want to say it in public.. as in.. all the people around you are the witness of your feelings for her!

Now, Sheeya said.. before you confess anything, you should date her first! Take her somewhere nice to dine in.. and do dress nicely! And to make it all more special, get someone to play some song for the both of you!

Ana thinks that anyway anyhow.. you should get her to see the hints.. Make her see that you have some sort of feelings for her.. Y'know.. look at her and those stuff! Aaaannnddd... well, for Ana.. she'd really like it if the guy confesses under a tree.. (note: it's supposed to be romantic) And heyy! Just to make that hint obvious, the next time you have to do that public speaking.. talk about her!!

Honestly.. this is what they all said..! So if any of you guys like any of these gurls.. do take note! Wokehh!! Though.. I have to say.. this ways doesn't work for every girl, okie! Anyways... Part Two is from my point of view and my sister's and some experiences-lahh! So... probably it'll be up sometime tonight! Wokehh!! I need to get some shut eye now or I'll faint! Later~


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