Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Hihhihi!! Anyways, I'm at Niez' right now.. belasah pc dia sat! So it'll be short, wokie! Just a summary of my holiday until now.. Hihhihik!
So what have I done in this.. 7 days back from MMU..?
Absolutely nothing useful at all!! Wahhaha!! How pathetic can I be? Anyways.. I did went back to kampung in Bukit Kapar (Klang) 'coz there was a bit of kenduri. Ahhah!! Felt pretty much silly about it really, 'coz I was absolutely useless there.. Me and one of my cousins Sarah (who's in Form 2 right now) was like.. lounging around, chatting.. avoiding ourselves from getting any work! Akkaka!! Lazy girls! ^o^
And on Sunday, I did went to Kerteh to send away my 'perfectionist' sister - Dida for her practical. She's a Petronas scholar so she'll be there for about a year. Yee~ha!! ^.^ Well, I know one of these days I'm gonna miss her but for now.. It'll be better with just me and Nina at home! Ahhahha!! I know my dad's gonna miss her 'coz she's the only one who can drive the car other than him! Ikkikiki!! So I guess.. I won't be coming home as much as I would later in 2nd Semester. I'd hate to burden my dad.. ^_^
Anyway.. back from Kerteh on Monday.. I am feeling soooo TIRED!! A bit feverish to tell the truth. +_+ But heck!! I just gotta see Hanis!! Hihhihik!
And I'm officially starting to miss MMU. Why? 'Coz I've complained twice about the ice lemon teas I've bought through the 7 days! Ahhaha!
So anyways, going back to school tomorrow with Niez and... joli kite Khamis nih? Hihhihik!
Oh well.. I leave you guys with a line from a song I'm humming in my head right now.. Try and guess where it's from.. What if I don't wanna hear the things you say, where were you when I was needy yesterday? Hihhihik! This song is so COOL! Or should I say.. KEWWL? Ihhihik!

Falling.. so catch me if you would..


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