Sunday, September 29, 2002

Just a thought..
Another week gone by.. a new day is arriving..
My heart beats faster when I think about tomorrow..
Will I change for the good? Will people treat me differently?
These are the things I wonder, when I think about tomorrow..
Had a pleasant dream this morning..
But I can't say if it'll happen for real..
I wish that it would.. for that means I'll have a brighter future..
It's a long way ahead.. but everytime I get to think about it,
I get scared..
Do I have enough will to go through it?
Or will I run away like I always did?
The things I regret keep bashing in my head..
It's my fault, no one else to be blamed..
Why should I go away? I could not say..
Maybe I'm just too afraid of what people might say..
I don't want to regret anymore.. but why is it everywhere I turn,
I'll always find it in front of my face again? And why do I feel like I'm going to run again?
I don't know when.. I don't know how..
But if the time comes, forgive me for what I've done..
Remember me like you do care..
But don't keep thinking about me in your days..
For I am not worthy to hang around in your thoughts..


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