Monday, September 23, 2002

And now I'm glad I'm not sleeping when I really should..
'Coz now I get to listen to this one catchy song I first heard from Miss Teen.. Yeeheehee!!
Well.. I guess even with my eyes are puffy and my back aches like mad.. I'm still enjoying my time.. AHHAHHA!!
You don't really get to hear that everyday, do you? Hihhihi..
Anyways, this song.. it's a bubble pop - sorta though.. And the talking part is pretty stupid I have to say.. But heck! I think the song's pretty neat! Yeeheehee!
They're pretty cool in Miss Teen.. the boy I mean.. He's pretty good at making the moves 'manly'.. Nyehh nyehh! They were dancing to girls' moves but he somehow managed to make it guy-ish! AHHAHA!! I was pretty impressed, really... But sheesh! They're just kids...

Current song : I'm Gonna Make You Love Me by Play feat. Chris Trousdale
~ Yes I will.. yes I will.. ~


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