Monday, September 23, 2002

Guess what, guess what??
I accidentally hit the bruise I got!! Gosh, it hurts!!!!!!!!!!!! HUWAAAAAAA!!
Can't my day go better.. not worse?! Sedeyynyerrrr...
Camner laa bole terpukul luka nihh..

Anyways, it's the bruise I got on Saturday... I posted something just some minutes after I got 'hit'. It's a stupid story really.. how I got the cut.. But anyways.. if you're curious where the bruise is.. it's actually on my forehead.. YEPP!! As if there's nowhere else to get a cut!!! Urggh!! Accident prone!
Did you know that through out the time I've been in MMU.. I've fell on ground level twice, fell at the stairs twice.. bumped my leg plenty of times, and bruised my forehead twice??! AHHAHHA!! Silly me.. the ground level ones are pretty funny, but the forehead ones are just too painful! Bluerrgh! Tolonglaa takde parut! Isyk!
Oh well.. gotta sleep! My eyes are getting puffy...

Sometimes I give myself the creeps..


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