Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Significant Saturday"

United is ahead of Chelsea by 5 points when they beat Everton 4-2. I feel bad for Phil Neville when he scored that second goal for United. He probably had a temporary lapse of judgement after all those years playing side by side with his brother.. (You can certainly count on me to romanticize about things as plain as this!)

Chelsea was levelled by Bolton Wanderers with 2-2! ahahhahahaha!! I know I wasn't just supporting them in vain!
But poor Liverpool, lost to Portsmouth! Those Portsmouth players.. are like.. udang disebalik batu.. Sort of. I mean, nobody would expect them to actually do well but they beat out United and Liverpool in the same month!
(Okay, just checked. Portsmouth is actually not doing so bad in the Premier League. haha! They're at 7th place.)

Anyway, perfectly happy about EPL now.
All there is to worry is Champions League this coming Thursday and also EPL match against Chelsea the next Thursday and again with Chelsea the next weekend for the FA Cup finals. heehee. Basically, I am worrying over most of their next matches! ahahahha!

Ohh, you might find me supporting a couple of teams a little odd. Well, I have a few reasons to back that up.
1. I'm not even from England so I think it's a bit embarassing if I take ONE team too seriously. (But of course, I am mostly a United fan.)
2. I got the chance to talk to a Manchester local while I was there.. and he said he supports football teams around the area; and that consists of United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Bolton Wanderers. (just look at a map!)
So actually.. without me actually realizing it.. I have become, some sort of a LOCAL! ahahahhahaha!!
Oh no, I'm having too much fun with rhetorics. heehee.

Ah, poor you for reading all this football stuff.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Okay, it's raining heavily outside so I'm going to make this as quick as I can.

Dida's friend; Kak Ima (and Hairi AKA Johnny!!) got me this from Osaka to add on my HRC pin collection and it took me a while to realize.. and got me laughing. This must be the most amusing HRC pin I've laid my eyes on to date! Absolutely adoring it.
Masked Rider?
On a different note, I am totally annoyed for the fact that my torrent is downloading reaaally slow this past couple of days!!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Sorry, I have nothing really significant to share with you guys so I'm YouTubing again. (Yes, that's what I'm calling it when I embed a video from YouTube.)
I just can't stop laughing! I haven't even seen the episode (stuck at 12%) but this.. it's times like this when I feel like YouTube is my friend. heehee.
Oh, and there's also this.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


3 - 2!!
*jigs* That was a bloody brilliant game!! Rooney was wonderful! So was Christiano Ronaldo. Okay fine, I admit.. when he refrains himself from diving, he is for a fact an excellent footballer. Quite admirable.

Defend was crap as always.. now more than ever with Neville, Ferdinand and Vidic benched for injuries. Van De Sar is the father-of-crap in my opinion, no matter what the commentator had said - doesn't change a bit of my thoughts.

I have to be honest; I didn't put my hopes too high at the beginning of the game. I mean.. AC Milan.. As the commentator had mentioned, this game was like Goliath versus Goliath.
Anyway, I am quite happy for now. I have a couple of friends (three) who are openly expressing their displeasure on Y!M and I feel bad for them. Of course, there is no way I am going to brag. I am still worried for the second leg of the semi-finals next week. eeeek!! Kaka is an awesomely good player. He's trouble, for sure. Cute.. but trouble. (And married! hahahhaha!!)
Plus, United has lost all four of the first-choice defenders when Evra got that yellow card. sigh. But maybe Sir Alex Ferguson will throw in Alan Smith somewhere next week. I got used to seeing him these days. heehee.

Still!! United fans around the world may jig happily from now 'til next week as we might be too worried/concerned to keep it up for too long. hahha!
Looking forward to Chelsea versus Liverpool tomorrow! I wonder how that's going to turn out.

Pardon me for making this blog very sports-oriented. I think this blog have always had its seasons. Just that this year United lasts longer than any previous years with being on the run to win the Premiere League (still, 3 points ahead of Chelsea!! woohoo!), FA Cup and yes.. Champions League! (Fingers crossed!!!)

Cheers to all United fans out there!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

..and I dreamt of C.

This was my blog layout sometime in 2005. heehee.

GC last night was awesome!! The opening acts; One Buck Short, Estranged and Lo were also nice but Good Charlotte was awesome!!

one of the two screens
Okay, the show started unsurprisingly LATE. It started to get annoying after the MTV Ninja-Condom advertisement was played the second time. Also GC's Keep Your Hands Off My Girl video clip. I mean, come on! We all were hankering for the real band anyway! So it was annoying that One Buck Short performed like 4 songs, Estranged with 3 and Lo with 5 songs! So anyway.. after the long wait, with all the boring.. repeated MTV and Digi ads on the two huge screens, and VJs Colby, Denise, Utt and Fazura throwing freebies like pussies.. out came GC with Good Morning Revival! (It was about 10:20 PM)

Billy, Joel, Benji and Paul!
They performed 15 songs straight out! --not counting the first one since that's really just an intro. And I admit, that I don't think I've ever heard the 3rd song they played! eeek! I feel bad! Thus, I have no idea what's the title.
Songs they performed - that I definitely know; Misery, Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, Boys and Girls, Predictable, Festival, Hold On, We Believe, Dance Floor Anthem, The River, I Just Wanna Live, All Black, March On, and they awesomely ended the show with The Anthem.
Dida didn't knew a lot of GC's song but she thought they had chosen good songs for the playlist. Cik Alia, Dida, my couzie Sarah and I jumped around a lot to those songs. Just awesome..

waving to the beats of one of the songs
Joel was a tad gedik last night. He spoke about how he loved Malaysia and that he wanted to stay here. But he'll need a place to stay (cheer!), a green card; so he'll need to marry someone (screeaaam!!), have friends to hang out with (cheer!) and some lots of other things including a few guys to replace the rest of GC, a twin brother and also a hot teacher who could teach him Malay language. hahha! Ohh!! He had also wanted to make loads of Malaysian babies. ahahahha!!!
I thought him and Benji were amusing last night. Also, sounded awesome!!!!
(I'm using too much 'awesome' aren't I?)
Oh, Billy and Paul were great too! More to Billy 'cause he just deserves it. heehee.
For future references, Joel did try saying a bit of Malay; "Apa khabar" and "Terima kasih".. typical! (But hey, it's the thought that counts! heeheee!)

Joel on big screen

Good Charlotte - Dance Floor Anthem

oo yeah! awesome night with good companies
So, like everything else in life.. good things come to an end. After all the fun I had at the concert, I came home to find... stuff which I would rather not share in here since it'll only trigger my inner-sailor. (read: "cursing like a sailor")

So I'm changing the subject to my old layout;
Two years have passed and I think this is quite a good time to revise/update it.
2. RND '05 shirt -- well, it was sold out even then.. so no, I didn't get that one.
3. HBP -- hahha! Obviously this list is OLD.
4. Nikon Coolpix 7900 -- hmm.. I haven't felt the need to have a digital camera at the moment, so I don't mind not getting this.
5. boots -- O YEAH!
6. new pair of Converse -- well, I got the pair of Converse but it's no longer new now. Wouldn't mind getting a new NEW pair right now.
7. glasses -- hahha! Just got that a few weeks ago!
8. jeans -- YES!
9. PS, I Love You, Can You Keep A Secret?, Tuesdays With Morrie, Deception Point -- CHECK, read it, CHECK, CHECK!
10. 3 days in Paris -- hahhahahha! YES!!
11. 5 days in Japan -- humm.. no, haven't got the chance. Not feeling so strongly about it right now.
12. a week in UK -- YESS!!
13. see Lifehouse/Good Charlotte live -- Good Charlotte!! woohooooo!!
14. hug Danny Jones -- there's still time...
15. drive -- heeheeheee. Soon?
16. RM500 shopping spree -- one day, surely.
17. see 2006 Malaysian GP -- missed it since I was in Rotterdam. Also missed 2007 GP because I wasn't meant to see it.

Aaah~ I'm still thinking about the concert last night. Feels surreal to have been able to catch them live. I am naturally lucky.. but that was.. That was just AMAZING.

Will put up some photos when I get my hands on them. (And get my head around it.)
edited on 2:06 AM, May 3rd 2007.
personal note: uZap King.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Dang it!
I listened to the wrong song tonight and it's giving me a hankering pain in the chest and stomach. crap. Shouldn't have switched the player on shuffle mode.

Will surely drown/forget this one with the morning's workout session and the night's rocking out.
I pray.

edited on 9:43 AM, April 21st 2007.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh wow!!

You guys pulled through!
Chris is safe for another week! hooraaaayyy!
(I couldn't help but cheer when I knew it was Sanjaya who's going home. Sorry Fanjaya..)
Although I doubt too many American even knows this blog's existance but I'd like to think that I played a part in this week's outcomings, okay? heeheee.

I saw The Number 23 earlier. It wasn't as bad as the reviews said actually. Well, I probably should also state in here that I love movies concerning the mind. Like this one, it's about the obsession of Jim Carrey's character.
But I think it's a bit cheating; how he adds/multiplies/subtracts the numbers just so it'd sum up to 23. I mean.. PINK; RED + WHITE - (what ever number it was) = 23?? CHEATING!
Maybe I should start looking too! Today's date, April 20th, 2007.. 20/04/07.. 7 - 4 + 20.. Oh wow, look at that!
I suppose that's the case with obsession, doesn't matter what you're really seeing but it's that ONE thing that it'll remind you of. For all you know, I could be seeing the constellation in the form of my poop every morning.

Okay, anyway.. as always, I haven't got anything worth while to share.

ps: I might edit this entry later though.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


If there is ONE thing I could change about myself..

I would like to be able to forgive people. No matter how bad or big their mistakes were. Whether the mistakes were done directly to me or others who are close to me.
I just wish that I'm better at forgiving others 'cause right now, even though I seem alright, I do remember the things that I find wrong from other people. And that made me cautious and rather.. cold.

Yeah, I guess I'm a tad hung up over those things but I just have to.
Because forgetting would be stupid. Forgetting will only get my head walked over. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Right?

Ah well..

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Come on America!

Vote for Chris Richardson!
I know the show is TONIGHT but consider this as a friendly reminder..
You all know that Chris is well worth being on American Idol.. more than Sanjaya does! geez. Sanjaya should've been booted weeks ago!

Come on! Please vote for Chris -- on my behalf. heehee..
I would've voted for him every week if I was there. He's a pretty fine singer.

Plus, he's HOT!

Can't quit listening to his version of Don't Speak.
(Even though I think he messed up the lyrics at the end!)

edited on 12:10 PM, April 18th 2007.
I am.. very concerned for Chris now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Went to see yet another movie with Cik Alia.
We were from Shah Alam at around quarter past twelve. Bought tickets for the 3:20 show of Sunshine, starring Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans and Michelle Yeoh.
We got to have lunch (where I squashed a small roach) and window shopped a bit as we waited for the showtime.
splat, it went
Just as we were about to enter the cinema, we were stopped by these people who were doing some surveys about the upcoming Holland Film Festival. We spent a few minutes there, answering the questions on the form about Holland-related stuff; ie. Do you know any company or brands from Holland?
Anyway, we ended up missing the entire upcoming-movie trailers at the beginning of the movie -- which obviously, to me.. SUCKED! Now I better win some movie tickets from spending that much time on my answer sheet!

Now.. the movie itself was interesting. I kinda liked it. I find the concept and some of it's editing/effects were new. And the way the sound effects were.. oddly amusing. I just liked how it goes.. Refreshing.
The storyline itself wasn't as simple as you might think. It's a bit suspense in some parts and you might leave the cinema with some questions in your head but that's the way I like it. I like leaving the cinema.. thinking. Be it a lame question.
By the way, you won't ever read me doing a summary in this blog. You can easily go to for that.

Earlier today I watched Rock Star (downloaded!) starring Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston and Timothy Olyphant (yes, Fritz.) Well, Dida seemed to like it when she saw the film while she was in Nederland but it's not my cup of tea. The rock songs.. yeech! I didn't like it as much as she did.
But there were some comedic scenes in some parts which I can't help but laugh out loud. Loved the part when the two tribute bands had the fight in the carpark.

Anyway, I'm boring myself will all these movie talk.
I should get some sleep. I went to bed at 8 and woke up around 11 this morning. (Just so I could catch Sunshine with Alia! hahhaha!)

Have a good week, everyone.


I take it back.

I was going to ask the big void out there a question but I know for a fact that somebody will try to answer it.
Then I will feel all scandalized and go defensive, and with hands shaking, felt like screaming for the ridiculousness of this very odd relationship and thinking.. "what was I thinking??"

Obviously I don't need that.
So here I am, just rambling. With you faithfully reading the crap that I constantly write.

Can you tell that I'm pissed?
Of course NOT! You hardly know me.. I haven't even actually introduced myself to you and all this are just words and I could very well just lying through my fingers and you would have no idea!

Urrghh!! This is so not worth it.
Okay. I am now pissed at myself.
You know what.. my heart is just... tired.
This is one helluva night. An irritating one.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Way cooool!!

Awesome news came in the mail today. heeheeeheeee.
MTV!!I got tickets to see Good Charlotte!! I actually got them! I answered the simple question on MTV and voila! heheeheee!

So anyway, I got one extra ticket for the showcase that I don't know whom to give to. So dear friends, if you'd like to have it.. just tell me that you're a fan.
Just odd how I can't remember any of my close friends being a GC fan..

ps: I have.. indeed, quite successfully in clearing up my room. At least my dad agrees that I did. hahha!! Ohh, just for notes, I haven't emailed H&M like I said the other day. I think I was distracted by something else.
edited on 12:04 AM, April 17th 2007.

One hot day.

Is it just me or today has been really really hot?

I've been spending most of the day.. doing.. nothing much.
Totally forgot about F1 all together. geez. (Good thing Massa won -- I just checked.) Anyway, I tried cleaning up the room until Dida called and asked if I had wanted to come with her for some lingerie shopping! heehee.

So we went to Midvalley. Dida's original plan was to go to the Wacoal section in Jusco but she didn't find any to her liking. She asked if there's any independent store outside of Jusco.
I suggested LaSenza since that is the only store that I can visualize; considering I've walked along that way so many times when I was heading to GSC.

We went up the escalator.. and Dida asked, "What's women'secret?"
I never knew it was there.. hahha! So I told her that we should go in. (I know the store.. but I never got inside the one in Midvalley -- as if you needed to know this.)

The prices were.. slightly above normal, but we love it! Very nice customer service, and if you know me.. you've probably noticed that I have a certain weakness for excellent, welcoming customer service!
The sweet store person kept suggesting my sister to try on just anything that caught her eye -- which we really appreaciate -- and didn't look bothered at all when I kept coming out of the fitting room to ask for different designs. Very well-tempered lah! I really like!
Every sales assistant should be just like that. Exactly like that.

The point of this story;
Ladies, go shop for your lingeries at women'secret in Midvalley!! I find them very comfy and the designs are also very cute! Sure, they have plain ones.. but that's just boring. Actually, now come to think of it, they sort of reminds me of Pierre Cardin's designs -- like 2 years ago. Their design these days are boring! blah.

Anyway, after spending (a LOT!) in there.. we headed to Dorothy Perkins. (Honestly, Europe has ultimately mess up mine and Dida's shopping habits.) Let's just say that the way we spent last night was not too far from the way we had spent when we were in Europe. AMATLAH BOROS!! Well, not really. I keep reminding myself about that episode on Oprah when the two women from What Not To Wear came as guests and said, "invest on a good pair of bra." heeheee. True.. true..

Seafood Platter.. all cleared! 'L' for Lahap.After all the shopping, we had dinner, sent food back home, drove around for a bit talking about our new pair of bras (yes, you HAVE to know this) and went home at about 11.
Now I'm just grateful that Dida lets me off with so many things. She gave me an extra day to clear up the room. God has been so kind to me. sigh.

ps: Been wondering about the black bands on the arms of the players on yesterday and today's FA Cup semi-finals. (Man U, Watford, Chelsea and Blackburn players) Just checked Wikipedia and the only thing that makes sense is the Hillsborough disaster. That may be it. Even I feel like mourning over it. I am for a fact a Manchester United fan through and through but.. "You'll never walk alone."
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

3 hours of sleep.

slow moving peopleAre you seeing double? If the answer is "yes" -- good! That is exactly how I want you to see it because these are only the people who were walking towards the PC Fair in KL Convention Centre. At the real halls.. you'd be lucky to get stuck near the entrance; at least those people smells nicer than the ones who are already in the middle of the crowd -- yeech!

Alia and I were there for about an hour just looking through what they had to offer. Alia was browsing through some laptops while I collected some pamphlets of printers for my sister.
Anyway, it was about 3 when we finally got our lunch -- our stomachs just wouldn't stop grumbling at that time.
Alia playing with her food!
We went to Kinokuniya for a bit. Alia got pissed about them not letting her to read the comics and sit on the floor while I got freaked when he saw me. (Typically, I just left without a single word.) But not before pre-booking a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. hahha! Typical. Just typical. (Save 25% if you pre-book now! RM50 for deposit though -- now that's making an obvious hole to my purse.)

We made our way back around 5 since I needed to be someplace else. Alia had to drive through some awful traffic jams -- thanks Alia!
Met up with Dida in section 2 where we part ways with Alia as me and my sister made our way to Bukit Kapar; where the children wouldn't sleep.
main apentah bebudak ni
Got back in Shah Alam at about 11pm but Dida and I didn't feel like coming home just yet, so we just dropped our parents off and the two of us went for a drive around -- for two hours! We ended up driving in quite a big round.
UFO sighting!
We got back just in time to catch the FA Cup semi-final between Watford and Manchester United. We won, o'course! hahha! 4 goals to 1. I honestly don't understand Van De Sar and his incapability to let the other team remain score-less!

Oh God, I SO need to get a more exciting life. These lame entries are seriously boring me.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Very nice.

I feel like I've just made a new friend.

For about two weeks I've been communicating with the web-administrator from Coffee Bean. I was having problems with logging in the site so I emailed her (yes, I've found out that the administrator is a SHE. Nikki, to be exact.)

Let's just say that we've exchanged emails once every few days as she helped me try out things and I would email back about how it didn't work.. (haha!) To date, she's even called me twice (woke me from my sleep at both occasions, actually) to let me know that she's done something to my account and had wanted me to try logging in again.

Very good service, I'm telling you.
Reminds me of Domino's! Wonderful wonderful people over there.
Just to say that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf -- awesome! Starbucks.. eh? Well, I can't choose between the two considering I love their Java Chip Frap (formerly known as Rhumba Frap) and the huge Venti cup.
But I have been going to Coffee Bean lately for their Caramel Frap (except of course on those times when I was in Europe since there wasn't a Coffee Bean store over there. Almost as shocking as there isn't even a single Starbucks in Nederland!)

I'm rambling, aren't I?
By the way, Nikki's call this morning had proven to be successful. I can now log into my Coffee Bean account! Yeayy!

Anyway, earlier tonight the entire family (that's me, Dida, parents, Nina, Abang Min and the kiddies) had dinner at Chilli's in Midvalley. Haven't gone there for how long I can't remember!

I'm bored.. can you tell?
I'm uploading some work stuff for Nina. It comes in the territory of being the unofficial personal assistant to both of my sisters. I do favours to get on their good side. Not too bad. Just mundane -- and I don't get to complain about it since I have nothing better to do.
Good God, I so want to write again!

Just for side notes, s03e20 of The Office was really funny. The betting in the office was really neat. Also, Good Charlotte's Good Morning Revival sounds brilliant!
Good Charlotte - Broken Hearts Parade

Just a funeral march for love today..

Ohh. Now that I remember.. I probably should write that snail mail to Aunty Loon and also email H&M to ask them to open a store over here in Malaysia! hahahha!! Talk about having too much time in my hands.

edited on 4:10 AM, April 17th 2007.
Oh.. sakit hati kerana orang perasan tahu. Seriously, when will they ever learn that if there's anything that ticks me the most.. it's people assuming that they know things about me. You know what, I think I'll just keep quiet from now on. Better keep myself shut than having people starting to say things that will end up making me feel like punching something.

I guess you can't help the fact that some people couldn't tell if you just want them to listen and say nothing or to give you an input. In this case, I wished you had just nodded and not make any other comment.
Would it hurt to agree with me once in a while?

This.. this is EXACTLY why I should never share. Sharing is NOT caring. Sharing is idiotic. No, really sharing will blow your mind away and that is why I refuse to let anyone in. At least I'll be a screw up by myself and no one will know to which extent.
Alas, my mistake.. yet again.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Incik Arep!

This will be a short one.

Cik Alia, Incik Arep and myself went out to catch a movie. Alia decided on Hannibal Rising. The movie was alright; if you've seen Silence Of The Lambs or Hannibal, then you should know that this film is about how Hannibal Lecter became.. the man that he was.

Okay. Got nothing else to say.
Incik Arep, glad you liked the little pressie.
Amazing how I only turned 22 years and four months while my friends are already turning 23.
Goodnight and goodbye.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My sister is a bad influence.

Well, not exactly "bad" per se considering I wasn't so innocent to begin with. It's more like she's given me an opening for me to be more.. clouded.
It's as if I'm a grey coloured piece of cloth and she's an open tube of a darker shade of grey fabric dye. heh!

Anyway, me and Dida went to see Shooter late last night and we enjoyed it. Truthfully it wasn't my favourite genre for movies but I was pretty hooked by midway. It's a cool film about conspiracy starring Mark Wahlberg.

The thing about this sort of films is that.. I know that it was cool, but if you ask me to tell you how the story actually go, I couldn't! I just.. forget about it. But I know it's cool!! (Which makes it more and more confusing -- to me, at least.)
"I don't think you understand, they killed my dog."

You know, I keep getting myself confused about Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon and Ewan McGregor.. the names and their faces kept exchanging between themselves in my head. So somehow, I end up liking all three just as much! (Yes, even after I've seen McGregor on Trainspotting -- the git!)

I was keen on seeing Blades Of Glory actually, but I found out that it'll only be released over here in MAY!! That is just.. whacked. Seriously. Not too sure if I'll be able to wait that long even though my main motive to see it is Jenna Fischer! woot! Go go The Office people!
I'm pretty keen on seeing The Last Mimzy (Rainn Wilson) and really keen on License To Wed (John Krasinski!!) as well. hahha! What else can I say.. I'm smitten.

Aah.. Man U will match up against AC Milan for the semi finals of EUFA Champions League. Chelsea against Liverpool.. ha ha ha ha!!

Currently listening to: The River by Good Charlotte.
Nak menang tiket Good Charlotte pliss! Man, it's bugging me that I've wrote down somewhere sometime ago about how I want to see them live in my lifetime.
edited on 1:42 PM, April 21st 2007.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have a confession..

I have been putting away (accidentally) my Moleskine for about a week.

I don't know.. it never happened before. There never was a time when my writing book or journal or diary has been away from me for more than 3 hours. I used to need to have it close by my side. At least I need to know that it's in my reach within 0.5 second.
I mean.. this thing that's happening right now.. is HORRIBLE!!

I just don't get it. What is becoming of me?

I've been thinking about the stuff that people has ever told me.. and I'm trying to figure out if I've shared with them stuff about myself as much as they have shared theirs. I keep thinking about these things.
You know, as much as I hide things from my family or friends.. I don't really want to die without them knowing the real me. I don't want them to assume things about me. I just hate the idea of them sitting together, planning a vacation and thought, "Wanie would've enjoyed cruising in the croc-full river." -- NO, I wouldn't!

Time and time again the words just got stuck in my throat. Whether it's for fear of sounding stupid.. or one of those trust issues again.. I keep wondering if I should finally meet up with a psychiatrist.
Who am I kidding? How can I possibly share my deepest thoughts with a stranger if I can't even share them with my family?? (This blog is obviously different. It does not respond to the crap I say.)

I should go.
Man U will match against AS Roma in a few minutes (sigh.. would it be embarassing if I say that I sort of believe that they can pull it off? I suppose we'll just see..) and before then, I should go and find my Moleskine.

edited on 5:13 AM, April 11th 2007.
heeheeheeee. They can pull it off! *throw my head back and laugh* Although there were too many yellow cards for my own liking.. but heyy! FOUR goals in first half? That's just brilliant, no doubt about it!

The game ended with 7 goals to 1!! Bloody brilliant!! Two goals from Carrick, another two from Christiano Ronaldo (okay, I'm getting over the fact that I dislike him now) and one each from Alan Smith, Rooney and that Evra person! Cheers!
This game reminds me of that circus! hahahhaha!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mamak, Fritz satu pliss!

sigh. That'd be awesome; to order up one hunky dude, seemingly messed up but turns out to have such a wonderful soul! I want one!! (Incidentally, so does Alia.)

I had a pretty crazy day.
Woke up early to catch the 11:45 show for Chermin with Dida in Midvalley. She took the day off to relax and she decided to catch a horror flick with me since I wouldn't watch it with her at night. ahhahaha!
Let me say that I didn't like the film. It wasn't that scary but incredibly sloooww. Most - if not all of the actors were stiff as logs. My only thumbs up is for the people who made the trailer so good that it had fooled me and Dida to be so interested to see the film. That was definitely -- an excellent marketing strategy!

We got back at about three when Alia had called to ask if I had wanted to see Catch and Release with her in OU - heck yeah!!
We bought tickets for the 4:50 show so we spent the spare time having lunch in Sushi King.
I think the film was absolutely charming. Okay, I may be biased since I just adore Jennifer Garner, but honestly! It was a good film. Sweet -- and funny too! That dinner scene when Sam said, "So, are you a bitch or a butch?".. hilarious!
Then of course, after seeing two movies.. I just had to go to the loo.
yeah, just can't help ourselves.Then! Alia just got to talking about TMNT, being surprised that it's already out and so.. We went to catch the 8:20 show! ahahhaha!! Not before getting some snacks in Waffle World. I ordered the Classic Belgian Waffle and guess what?
It's NOTHING like Belgian waffles!!
That put my curiosity to rest -- annoyingly though.
NOT Belgian wafflePenyu Mutasi Ninja Remaja was neat! The animation wasn't impressive or anything but I just like how the storyline goes. I don't believe that many people can say this, but I can really relate to turtles! hahhaha! I was so into it that I find myself very upset everytime Leo and Raphael was on the screen. (In case you didn't know, I feel a very strong connection with Raph -- being stubborn and impatient; my specialty, really. Plus, I'm always the more-upset-one after winning a fight with either of my sisters. Quite pathetic now I think about it.)
Ohh! I think the animation looks better during the fight scene in the rain. That was impressive.

So I ended up arriving home at half past ten..
That's how I spent my crazy movie day.

Just a quote from Yasmin Ahmad's blog;
"..before you kick ass, you must first get OFF your asses.."
ps: On a very different note; I can honestly say that I couldn't care less about you. Any form of niceties that I have ever done was obviously a complete lapse of judgement. My hopelessness is indeed, my weakness. Never again will you see that from me.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh finally!

It has ended..
Three weekends of Cik Mi's wedding celebration has ended. It went great, but honestly.. having to go back to Bukit Kapar every weekend preceding to this weekend was tiring; physically and mentally.
So I am.. definitely glad.
Thank you Cik Alia, Farah and Zaki for coming. That was really neat!

Okay, today's heat is really taking up all my strength. I kept dozing off everytime I got in the car, so I really should just go to bed.

Hope you guys will have a very good Sunday!
I'll probably just stay at home lazying, but how I wish I could go to Formula One this year! eurghh! With Massa on pole position and Raikkonen on third too!
And Manchester United lost to Portsmouth! The dismay...
Obviously, shite happens sometimes.

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Well.. definitely, this has been quite the shitty week. Alonso won the Sepang circuit. Suppose the fact that me and Dida didn't go to see it wasn't too bad of a thing after all.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

You are what you eat.

Hey there boys and girls!
I am back.. for good? Who knows anymore! But truthfully, I've probably travelled too much for my own good. It's not about the "not being home" that bugs me. It's mostly the tiresome 12 hours journey and the cabin pressure that seems to hurt more and more lately. sigh. It's silly, but there were moments when I felt like my eardrums would really pop. Horrendous, I'm telling you.

London was alright but I think my knees would've fallen off if we stayed even a day longer. All Nina and I did there was trying to complete the long shopping list that Dida had given us. I feel a tad bad that I went all psycho and obsessed about the shopping list instead of putting Nina's curiosity of art galleries to rest. Nina didn't even get to do anything touristy on our visit except for seeing the Trafalgar Square which happens to be opposite of the Tourism Malaysia office! If it hadn't been there.. Nina would have been practically deprived of any well-known landmarks in London.

Let's just summarize that I still feel bad about dragging Nina shopping than pushing her to choose a gallery for us to visit. Geez. I'm horrible.
Oh, well.. but we did have fun at the Liverpool Street market and also visiting Primark. haha! It was very amusing.

Putting London aside now, let me tell you about Old Trafford!! It was SUCH an extraordinary experience -- watching my favourite team in the Super Suite which we were told -- had cost £50 000! Gile la bapak! I can't tell you how lucky I felt. Amazing! Oh, and the Asian Broth with Udon Noodles served in there (there were a few choices of starters of course, but Nina and I had to opt for the vegetarian dish.) tasted great! It made such a big impression. I hope Nina will find the recipe for that somewhere so she could try to replicate it. heehee.

shouting at the empty pitch two hours before the game startsOkay, as some of you might have bothered to know, (I realize that I don't really have lots of friends that cared about football as much as I do) Blackburn Rovers had scored an opening goal at the first half of the game -- which plainly sucked. I was truly worried if I had sucked every bit of Man U's luck by being there. How can I ever tell anyone that the day I went to see my team play was the day they had lost! Oh, the horror!
Good thing as it turned out, I needed not to worry as Manchester United scored FOUR goals during the second half. Nina and I had jumped around like maniacs during those goals; we jumped and cheered just like any other United's fans at the other side of the glass.
Although I did missed Solskjaer's final goal of the match as I needed to go to the loo from the endless supply of tea. That was about when I realized that I was definitely in England.
So, what else?
Ohh, Nina got to experience my "gift/curse" of attracting old men. This time he was an Australian, seemingly in his forties.. the youngest of the lot, actually! hahahahaha!! So really.. if there needed be, I could have a sugar daddy in every continent of the world!
Handy, eh?

I can't help myself from watching Miss Potter each time I got on the plane. I just can't get over the look on Ewan McGregor's face when Beatrix (played by Renée Zellweger) said "yes". It was brilliant! As a matter of fact, I am now a true fan of those two when they're both on screen! (I also adore Down With Love, which interestingly is about an author as well - fictional though it may be.) But the story.. was incredibly sad at certain parts that I just prayed the flight attendants didn't see me cry. sigh. Those two are excellent actors!

Ah well.. that's all for now.
It had been one tiring trip. Definitely a new experience as I had never travelled with Nina before. Wish Dida had been able to come with. Maybe one day the three of us could take a trip somewhere. That'll be uber cool! (Oh, how lame can I be to say "uber cool"??)

Have an awesome day, everyone!

ps: I think I've just managed to fix my archives, so.. horaaayyy!!
Also, I will put up some pictures for this entry sometime later.
pps: (Just for my own note,) I wrote "Personal Assistant" under "Occupation" on my landing card to Heathrow. I thought it was funny, so does the rest of my kinsman! heehee.
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