Monday, April 16, 2007

One hot day.

Is it just me or today has been really really hot?

I've been spending most of the day.. doing.. nothing much.
Totally forgot about F1 all together. geez. (Good thing Massa won -- I just checked.) Anyway, I tried cleaning up the room until Dida called and asked if I had wanted to come with her for some lingerie shopping! heehee.

So we went to Midvalley. Dida's original plan was to go to the Wacoal section in Jusco but she didn't find any to her liking. She asked if there's any independent store outside of Jusco.
I suggested LaSenza since that is the only store that I can visualize; considering I've walked along that way so many times when I was heading to GSC.

We went up the escalator.. and Dida asked, "What's women'secret?"
I never knew it was there.. hahha! So I told her that we should go in. (I know the store.. but I never got inside the one in Midvalley -- as if you needed to know this.)

The prices were.. slightly above normal, but we love it! Very nice customer service, and if you know me.. you've probably noticed that I have a certain weakness for excellent, welcoming customer service!
The sweet store person kept suggesting my sister to try on just anything that caught her eye -- which we really appreaciate -- and didn't look bothered at all when I kept coming out of the fitting room to ask for different designs. Very well-tempered lah! I really like!
Every sales assistant should be just like that. Exactly like that.

The point of this story;
Ladies, go shop for your lingeries at women'secret in Midvalley!! I find them very comfy and the designs are also very cute! Sure, they have plain ones.. but that's just boring. Actually, now come to think of it, they sort of reminds me of Pierre Cardin's designs -- like 2 years ago. Their design these days are boring! blah.

Anyway, after spending (a LOT!) in there.. we headed to Dorothy Perkins. (Honestly, Europe has ultimately mess up mine and Dida's shopping habits.) Let's just say that the way we spent last night was not too far from the way we had spent when we were in Europe. AMATLAH BOROS!! Well, not really. I keep reminding myself about that episode on Oprah when the two women from What Not To Wear came as guests and said, "invest on a good pair of bra." heeheee. True.. true..

Seafood Platter.. all cleared! 'L' for Lahap.After all the shopping, we had dinner, sent food back home, drove around for a bit talking about our new pair of bras (yes, you HAVE to know this) and went home at about 11.
Now I'm just grateful that Dida lets me off with so many things. She gave me an extra day to clear up the room. God has been so kind to me. sigh.

ps: Been wondering about the black bands on the arms of the players on yesterday and today's FA Cup semi-finals. (Man U, Watford, Chelsea and Blackburn players) Just checked Wikipedia and the only thing that makes sense is the Hillsborough disaster. That may be it. Even I feel like mourning over it. I am for a fact a Manchester United fan through and through but.. "You'll never walk alone."
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