Thursday, April 05, 2007

You are what you eat.

Hey there boys and girls!
I am back.. for good? Who knows anymore! But truthfully, I've probably travelled too much for my own good. It's not about the "not being home" that bugs me. It's mostly the tiresome 12 hours journey and the cabin pressure that seems to hurt more and more lately. sigh. It's silly, but there were moments when I felt like my eardrums would really pop. Horrendous, I'm telling you.

London was alright but I think my knees would've fallen off if we stayed even a day longer. All Nina and I did there was trying to complete the long shopping list that Dida had given us. I feel a tad bad that I went all psycho and obsessed about the shopping list instead of putting Nina's curiosity of art galleries to rest. Nina didn't even get to do anything touristy on our visit except for seeing the Trafalgar Square which happens to be opposite of the Tourism Malaysia office! If it hadn't been there.. Nina would have been practically deprived of any well-known landmarks in London.

Let's just summarize that I still feel bad about dragging Nina shopping than pushing her to choose a gallery for us to visit. Geez. I'm horrible.
Oh, well.. but we did have fun at the Liverpool Street market and also visiting Primark. haha! It was very amusing.

Putting London aside now, let me tell you about Old Trafford!! It was SUCH an extraordinary experience -- watching my favourite team in the Super Suite which we were told -- had cost £50 000! Gile la bapak! I can't tell you how lucky I felt. Amazing! Oh, and the Asian Broth with Udon Noodles served in there (there were a few choices of starters of course, but Nina and I had to opt for the vegetarian dish.) tasted great! It made such a big impression. I hope Nina will find the recipe for that somewhere so she could try to replicate it. heehee.

shouting at the empty pitch two hours before the game startsOkay, as some of you might have bothered to know, (I realize that I don't really have lots of friends that cared about football as much as I do) Blackburn Rovers had scored an opening goal at the first half of the game -- which plainly sucked. I was truly worried if I had sucked every bit of Man U's luck by being there. How can I ever tell anyone that the day I went to see my team play was the day they had lost! Oh, the horror!
Good thing as it turned out, I needed not to worry as Manchester United scored FOUR goals during the second half. Nina and I had jumped around like maniacs during those goals; we jumped and cheered just like any other United's fans at the other side of the glass.
Although I did missed Solskjaer's final goal of the match as I needed to go to the loo from the endless supply of tea. That was about when I realized that I was definitely in England.
So, what else?
Ohh, Nina got to experience my "gift/curse" of attracting old men. This time he was an Australian, seemingly in his forties.. the youngest of the lot, actually! hahahahaha!! So really.. if there needed be, I could have a sugar daddy in every continent of the world!
Handy, eh?

I can't help myself from watching Miss Potter each time I got on the plane. I just can't get over the look on Ewan McGregor's face when Beatrix (played by Renée Zellweger) said "yes". It was brilliant! As a matter of fact, I am now a true fan of those two when they're both on screen! (I also adore Down With Love, which interestingly is about an author as well - fictional though it may be.) But the story.. was incredibly sad at certain parts that I just prayed the flight attendants didn't see me cry. sigh. Those two are excellent actors!

Ah well.. that's all for now.
It had been one tiring trip. Definitely a new experience as I had never travelled with Nina before. Wish Dida had been able to come with. Maybe one day the three of us could take a trip somewhere. That'll be uber cool! (Oh, how lame can I be to say "uber cool"??)

Have an awesome day, everyone!

ps: I think I've just managed to fix my archives, so.. horaaayyy!!
Also, I will put up some pictures for this entry sometime later.
pps: (Just for my own note,) I wrote "Personal Assistant" under "Occupation" on my landing card to Heathrow. I thought it was funny, so does the rest of my kinsman! heehee.
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