Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have a confession..

I have been putting away (accidentally) my Moleskine for about a week.

I don't know.. it never happened before. There never was a time when my writing book or journal or diary has been away from me for more than 3 hours. I used to need to have it close by my side. At least I need to know that it's in my reach within 0.5 second.
I mean.. this thing that's happening right now.. is HORRIBLE!!

I just don't get it. What is becoming of me?

I've been thinking about the stuff that people has ever told me.. and I'm trying to figure out if I've shared with them stuff about myself as much as they have shared theirs. I keep thinking about these things.
You know, as much as I hide things from my family or friends.. I don't really want to die without them knowing the real me. I don't want them to assume things about me. I just hate the idea of them sitting together, planning a vacation and thought, "Wanie would've enjoyed cruising in the croc-full river." -- NO, I wouldn't!

Time and time again the words just got stuck in my throat. Whether it's for fear of sounding stupid.. or one of those trust issues again.. I keep wondering if I should finally meet up with a psychiatrist.
Who am I kidding? How can I possibly share my deepest thoughts with a stranger if I can't even share them with my family?? (This blog is obviously different. It does not respond to the crap I say.)

I should go.
Man U will match against AS Roma in a few minutes (sigh.. would it be embarassing if I say that I sort of believe that they can pull it off? I suppose we'll just see..) and before then, I should go and find my Moleskine.

edited on 5:13 AM, April 11th 2007.
heeheeheeee. They can pull it off! *throw my head back and laugh* Although there were too many yellow cards for my own liking.. but heyy! FOUR goals in first half? That's just brilliant, no doubt about it!

The game ended with 7 goals to 1!! Bloody brilliant!! Two goals from Carrick, another two from Christiano Ronaldo (okay, I'm getting over the fact that I dislike him now) and one each from Alan Smith, Rooney and that Evra person! Cheers!
This game reminds me of that circus! hahahhaha!


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