Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Significant Saturday"

United is ahead of Chelsea by 5 points when they beat Everton 4-2. I feel bad for Phil Neville when he scored that second goal for United. He probably had a temporary lapse of judgement after all those years playing side by side with his brother.. (You can certainly count on me to romanticize about things as plain as this!)

Chelsea was levelled by Bolton Wanderers with 2-2! ahahhahahaha!! I know I wasn't just supporting them in vain!
But poor Liverpool, lost to Portsmouth! Those Portsmouth players.. are like.. udang disebalik batu.. Sort of. I mean, nobody would expect them to actually do well but they beat out United and Liverpool in the same month!
(Okay, just checked. Portsmouth is actually not doing so bad in the Premier League. haha! They're at 7th place.)

Anyway, perfectly happy about EPL now.
All there is to worry is Champions League this coming Thursday and also EPL match against Chelsea the next Thursday and again with Chelsea the next weekend for the FA Cup finals. heehee. Basically, I am worrying over most of their next matches! ahahahha!

Ohh, you might find me supporting a couple of teams a little odd. Well, I have a few reasons to back that up.
1. I'm not even from England so I think it's a bit embarassing if I take ONE team too seriously. (But of course, I am mostly a United fan.)
2. I got the chance to talk to a Manchester local while I was there.. and he said he supports football teams around the area; and that consists of United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Bolton Wanderers. (just look at a map!)
So actually.. without me actually realizing it.. I have become, some sort of a LOCAL! ahahahhahaha!!
Oh no, I'm having too much fun with rhetorics. heehee.

Ah, poor you for reading all this football stuff.


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