Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mamak, Fritz satu pliss!

sigh. That'd be awesome; to order up one hunky dude, seemingly messed up but turns out to have such a wonderful soul! I want one!! (Incidentally, so does Alia.)

I had a pretty crazy day.
Woke up early to catch the 11:45 show for Chermin with Dida in Midvalley. She took the day off to relax and she decided to catch a horror flick with me since I wouldn't watch it with her at night. ahhahaha!
Let me say that I didn't like the film. It wasn't that scary but incredibly sloooww. Most - if not all of the actors were stiff as logs. My only thumbs up is for the people who made the trailer so good that it had fooled me and Dida to be so interested to see the film. That was definitely -- an excellent marketing strategy!

We got back at about three when Alia had called to ask if I had wanted to see Catch and Release with her in OU - heck yeah!!
We bought tickets for the 4:50 show so we spent the spare time having lunch in Sushi King.
I think the film was absolutely charming. Okay, I may be biased since I just adore Jennifer Garner, but honestly! It was a good film. Sweet -- and funny too! That dinner scene when Sam said, "So, are you a bitch or a butch?".. hilarious!
Then of course, after seeing two movies.. I just had to go to the loo.
yeah, just can't help ourselves.Then! Alia just got to talking about TMNT, being surprised that it's already out and so.. We went to catch the 8:20 show! ahahhaha!! Not before getting some snacks in Waffle World. I ordered the Classic Belgian Waffle and guess what?
It's NOTHING like Belgian waffles!!
That put my curiosity to rest -- annoyingly though.
NOT Belgian wafflePenyu Mutasi Ninja Remaja was neat! The animation wasn't impressive or anything but I just like how the storyline goes. I don't believe that many people can say this, but I can really relate to turtles! hahhaha! I was so into it that I find myself very upset everytime Leo and Raphael was on the screen. (In case you didn't know, I feel a very strong connection with Raph -- being stubborn and impatient; my specialty, really. Plus, I'm always the more-upset-one after winning a fight with either of my sisters. Quite pathetic now I think about it.)
Ohh! I think the animation looks better during the fight scene in the rain. That was impressive.

So I ended up arriving home at half past ten..
That's how I spent my crazy movie day.

Just a quote from Yasmin Ahmad's blog;
"..before you kick ass, you must first get OFF your asses.."
ps: On a very different note; I can honestly say that I couldn't care less about you. Any form of niceties that I have ever done was obviously a complete lapse of judgement. My hopelessness is indeed, my weakness. Never again will you see that from me.


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