Sunday, April 15, 2007

3 hours of sleep.

slow moving peopleAre you seeing double? If the answer is "yes" -- good! That is exactly how I want you to see it because these are only the people who were walking towards the PC Fair in KL Convention Centre. At the real halls.. you'd be lucky to get stuck near the entrance; at least those people smells nicer than the ones who are already in the middle of the crowd -- yeech!

Alia and I were there for about an hour just looking through what they had to offer. Alia was browsing through some laptops while I collected some pamphlets of printers for my sister.
Anyway, it was about 3 when we finally got our lunch -- our stomachs just wouldn't stop grumbling at that time.
Alia playing with her food!
We went to Kinokuniya for a bit. Alia got pissed about them not letting her to read the comics and sit on the floor while I got freaked when he saw me. (Typically, I just left without a single word.) But not before pre-booking a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. hahha! Typical. Just typical. (Save 25% if you pre-book now! RM50 for deposit though -- now that's making an obvious hole to my purse.)

We made our way back around 5 since I needed to be someplace else. Alia had to drive through some awful traffic jams -- thanks Alia!
Met up with Dida in section 2 where we part ways with Alia as me and my sister made our way to Bukit Kapar; where the children wouldn't sleep.
main apentah bebudak ni
Got back in Shah Alam at about 11pm but Dida and I didn't feel like coming home just yet, so we just dropped our parents off and the two of us went for a drive around -- for two hours! We ended up driving in quite a big round.
UFO sighting!
We got back just in time to catch the FA Cup semi-final between Watford and Manchester United. We won, o'course! hahha! 4 goals to 1. I honestly don't understand Van De Sar and his incapability to let the other team remain score-less!

Oh God, I SO need to get a more exciting life. These lame entries are seriously boring me.


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