Wednesday, June 30, 2004


i hate the way i am feeling right now.
and i also hate the song that is currently playing on my winamp.
tak guna btol!!!!

is it possible to have a constant wind blowing to your torso no matter where you go?
i feel no wind, but i feel the effects of it - a painful, achy, hurting chest. a bit hard to breathe.

how can i make this better?

i wanna go home. right now if it's possible.
but it's not!!

i still hate the way i am feeling.


dia kate aritu dia tak kesah wanie sebarkan nombo tepon dia so inilah!

okay fariz, dah mention dah.
ade upah tak?

meet encik kusub!

had the most fun class (if that's possible) today. we only had to play with our colors and color the doraemon provided to us. :D

but of course, we then had to name our doraemon and present them to the class (which only lasted about one minute per person!) and posed(?) with our character. ekkeke! yeahh.. the lecturer has a pic of us with it. :P

"encik kusub has a lot of other intentions. (just look at his eyes!) when you're not looking, he likes to fart around. he stinks. really." Posted by Hello

bosan aku dengan penat

i guess it's just plain stupid trying to say about everything and having to explain about it as well.

wanie penat laaaa!

mampos la sumer!
ehh.. ramainye mati camtuu. okay, rephrase.
mampos la wanie!

by the way, i know what i'm going to do for my next layout update.

the end.


just got back from the loo - akibat drinking one large + one regular sized plain sirap/syrup. hahahha!! was out with lily to meet ilsa and somehow we end up practically touring subang's hotspots(?) for some hanging out in the night. heehee.

still sleepy. should've gotten some shut-eye in the afternoon but i was distracted by the movie prisca's computer was playing - kill bill 2; which i didn't see the first half of it(?). tapi ade one part tuuuuuu.. ADOI!! in the "elle and i" chapter.. that's something that i'd hate to happen. bukan hate laa.. more to a nightmare, really.. :-S

ape nak cerita ni aa? this is more like wasting my time laa.. drogo's with prisca in the room so and i don't think i can get any sleep, anyways! rosie's busy finishing up her assignment, and lily's in front of the computer lah!
maaaan, i NEED to get a life away from this darned computer! i wonder what my sisters did to kill time when they were at my age. *sigh* i doubt they think about their feelings as much as i do! *sigh* hopeless lahh, me.

i want life, please! a real one.

Am I really chasing? This felt like I am only running TOWARDS him, not directly TO him. Well, that could just be one of my lame excuses but I really don't feel like CHASING 'coz I shouldn't be this slow..

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

*rolls on floor laughing*

*giggle giggle*

i can't help but laughing to myself. no one's made a joke but i am laughing for the things i find. :D (tak faham? takpe... :P)

just got my computer turned on since trying this morning! it's crazy.. this computer ought to be thrown out from this 9th floor! computerr, kamu gilokkk!! grrr!
pagi ini.. woke up so early (8 am!!) even when i went to sleep at 4 something! grrr. (i am feeling nauseas now) at 9 something tagged lily along to maybank. got shower at 10 something, went to mmu at 10:30 but went back here 'coz lily and prisca wanted to change clothes after seeing a well-dressed dar and this other MI people. (hahhaha!! yeah, even if i know their names, i don't really care putting them here! hahaha!!)

that's why i could've been an american.
aside the fact that i've been spelling things and pronouncing them in the american way, mr. tom steward described some things on the americans (kutuk sebenarnye!) which was somewhat similar to me. ekekkeke!! (honestly, i shouldn't be proud!)
ID students get to go to that NMES (networked multimedia education system)lab again today, listening to this person, tom steward gave his lecture titled; ergonomics user interface standards: more trouble than they are worth? ekkeke! does it sound boring? amazingly - NO! :D (honest!)

today's thanks goes to encik harris for guessing along the nationality/race of 'that other person' during our lecture and made ourselves pretty deaf to his weird-accented speaking. ekekke! *gedebikk*
also to encik azrin for showing me where to get that "tee-teet" card. (i don't know what i should call it, thus - teeteet! it's that white card that you should touch to that electronic thing at the door of cyberia units to enter)
but since my card isn't activated yet, when i got to the door, there were 6 people (including myself) stranded at both sides of the door. yeah, amusing! ekkekeke!


Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Empathy
In a survival situation, you:Outsmart your attacker
Your hidden talent is:Courage
Your gift is:Artistic talent
In groups, you:Feel uncomfortable
Your best quality is:Your insightfulness
Your weakness is:Your jealous nature
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

empathy: i wish..
outsmart: i'm stupid lahh
courage: it's well hidden!
artistic: maybe.. sometimes
uncomfortable: humm...
insightfulness: ahhahaha! yeahh riiiight!
jealous nature: if it's in my nature, that kinda makes it okay, right?

lightnings and moon

funny feeling inside. unexplainable though i want to.
dirundung kesedihan yang tiada batasan, tapi apakan daya.. wanie dah tak mampu nak start. penatlah bergaduh ngan diri sendiri, mengada - tidak - mengada - tidakkk!!
tidak tidak tidakkk!! you always seem to know where to find me when you want me lahh.
i don't understand about so many things and i will stop trying to pretend like i do.
so.. you start lah if you like.

i got the same results as lily did, but i doubt it's talking about me!

You Are Right Brained In Love

Bit of a drama queen (ohh?)

Peacemaker, first to end a fight (hahhahha!!)

Good at thinking up creative dates (i doubt it)

Tend to fall in love and get hurt easily (ping pong!!)

Going with your gut instead of your head (another ping pong!)

Emphathetic and caring, sometimes to a fault (humm?)

Good at recognizing patterns in relationships (hahhh!!)

Been in love many times, perhaps too many to count (ahhahahaha!!! yak~)

Wildly passionate and intense when falling in love (oOokie)

Spontaneous with relationships, going with the flow (go with the flow ke, tak tau nak buat ape? ekkeke!)

Overly visual - can play back past dates like movies in your mind (ping pongg!!)

Roses, love poems, and stuffed animals are a good start to winning your heart (ekkekeke!! who doesn't?)

Are You Right Brained or Left Brained in Love? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

dahh.. i am stopping this madness (for the time being!)
nak kemas my stuff. been leaving them in the bag since i got back.

i saw some lightnings not to far from the moon. just thought i'd let you know..

Monday, June 28, 2004

beating my own head.

man, i hate being stupid like this.

okay.. so here's how i spent my hours since i got back;

1. feeling guilty for something i couldn't do.
2. feeling very lame for something i wouldn't do.
3. stayed in front of the pc.. typing crap in here and to people.
4. searched for some malay song which thankfully, i found.
5. listening to my most-missed songs during the short break.
6. watch rosie and lily sleep.
7. see prisca off to go straighten back her hair.
8. googled for jem's guitar tab (which was unavailable.. AT ALL!) since rosie brought her guitar and prisca played a bit of it for me to listen.
9. holding the guitar (since months i haven't!) and stupidly strum to the songs i USED to know or trying to pluck, only to realize that i can't even remember how C is!!!
10. hating myself. undeniably.

i've been hitting myself in the head all along the school break trying to decide what do i want the most. i was thinking a guitar, new pair of specs or contacts! and nina said my eyes looked tired, so better not contacts. (though i am still itching for it!) so that leaves out the two, but then dida said, "jangan nak menggatal beli gitar!"
but i wanted a guitar soooo (soo soo very VERY) much that somehow i don't feel like getting new specs anymore. (sacrifice kot?)
but nowww.. aiyohhh!! bodohnye saye ngan gitar nih. sedihnyee laa! :( can't even play the stupid stupid songs i made! apekan lagi widely-known songs. :( bencinye bodooohhhhh!!!! :( i guess i'd be even more stupid if i buy a guitar now.. i doubt that i have the time to start from scratch again. :(
it's sad to wish for things you'd like to do only to be hit in the face that you just couldn't.
probably it's better this way.. i probably wanted the guitar just to "impress" people. some people. one person. what ever! i couldn't anyways!! end of story.

bencilah. grrrr!!!!
dahlaa kebosanan!! tolol tolol tolol!!!

Ku Menunggu by Siti Nurhaliza

music: Aidit Alfian
lyrics: Habsah Hassan

Ku begini seperti selalu
Membilang waktu berlalu
Entah berapa lama aku tak sedarinya
Berapa lama harus menunggu?

i'm baackkkk!!
missed me? :D he probably didn't, but anyways!!
i had quite a good school break that i just HAD to stay home for as long as i can!! thus, i only got back this morning. heehee :D (plus, the fact that i finally had the chance to watch EURO! woo~hoo! i'm rootin' for GREECE now that england's gone.. who's with me? :D :D)
yesterday was exceptionally.. entertaining?
'coz nina came with IZZATI!!! weeeeeee~! is it actually possible to see someone who gets even cuter the next time you sees them? ekkeke!! 'coz izzati IS getting more and more ADORABLE!! :x :x

Aku mimpikan suram cahaya
Bertukar cahaya indah
Semoga tiba hari bersinar ruang hati
Menyuluh arah jalan kembali

sleepy sleepy..
should be sleeping now that i am skipping my only class for the day, but noooo~ i just HAVE to type this out! ekkeke! been lacking sleep since i kept on getting to bed around 4 to 5! (EURO!) heehee! i miss tv lah! :D
the break has been.. GOOD!

Ku tunggu angin perubahan
Barat utara timur selatan
Meniti doa malam dan siang
Teranyamnya semula ikatan
Sayang semua hanyalah mimpi
Kenyataannya langit dan bumi
Aku di sini engkau di sana
Sayup jauh terpisah

it's amazing what you can find from looking at your old friends and new friends. :) it's amazing that i didn't have to tell 'that old friend' what i was doing at that time of night and 'that old friend' just knew. heehee.. probably just a guess but it was a good guess! :D
ohh! i also got a new book for my diary! hoyehh! :D

Entahkan kerana sayangku
Ataupun kerana sabarku
Ku menunggu

what i learnt from this time of school break??
i still feel the way i feel lahh.. haihhh~
knocking on a closed door when there's one open right next to it. uncontrollably stupid, yess!

Airmata dan senyuman
Antara mimpi dan harapan
Adalah rindu semilu menghiris kalbu
Yang terlalu menyayangi
Di akhirnya terkorban diri
Menyedari itu aku putuskan
Pasrah segala kepada Tuhan

ohh.. been 'layan-ing' cik Siti kita through the break everytime i get into the car. :D apparently dida gave the new siti album to papa for his birthday! ekkekeke!! funny yah? but i did that once.. gave hanis arashi's (j-pop boyband if you've never heard of them. arashi=storm i think! lupa dah :D) album.
encik shahnon! layan tak the new album? heehee!
i think it's a bit weird.. but when you get the hang of it, you'd get the hang of it lahh!! hahahahha!

Masih lagi seperti selalu
Membilang waktu berlalu
Semoga tiba hari bersinar ruang hati
Menyuluh arah agar kembali

isn't this song sad, or what????
heehee < gelak ade maksud? :P

Friday, June 18, 2004

Flying High

by Jem

You can’t know, oh no
you can’t know
how much I think about you, no

It’s making my head spin
Looking at you
and you are looking at me
and we both know what we want
hmmm, so close to giving in

Feel so nice
oh yeah you feel so nice
wish I could spend the night
but I can’t pay the price

oh no, no

But I’m flying so high
high off the ground
when you’re around

And I can feel your high
rocking me inside
it’s too much to hide

I know, oh yes
I know that we can’t be together
but, I just like to dream
It’s so strange
the way our paths have crossed
how we were brought together
hmmm, it’s written in the stars it seems

Feel so nice
oh yeah you feel so nice
I’d love to spend the night
but I can’t pay the price
oh no, no

And I’m flying so high
high off the ground
when you’re around
And I can feel your high
touching me inside
and it’s too much to hide

Back to earth
where did you take me to
I know there’s no such thing
As painless love

well it’ll catch us up
and we can never win
But ohhh
I feel so alive
Just wanna hold you
hold you so tight

And I’m flying so high
high off the ground
when you’re around
And I can feel your high
touching me inside
and it’s too much to hide

And I’m flying so high
high off the ground
when you’re around..

i still sing for that same person though it might be yet another stupid act.
awak merepek, tapi saye lagi merepekk! *gedebikk*

cuti satu minggu.

my so called "hiatus"!

ekkekeke! i am hopeless! really can't resist myself. been saying over and over again to stop but it's just hopeless! (not talking just about blog, now)

okay.. would probably be going home tonight since i won't have anything much for me here. huhuuu. (still needing a good kick)

yesterday, i was SO close to do something that might turn out to be VERY stupid. ekkeke! rase nak menjerit. and i was a bit shaky coz i was soo scared i might actually do it. haaihh~ good thing i wasn't provoked, or i would probably be more unfocused as i already am today.
why unfocused? 'coz i still need to do my assignment (didn't get any sleep, mind you) and yet i am here.. typing out this entry! ekkeke! (kick!)

quiz yesterday was entertaining. i hope so will the lecturer who will mark my paper. heehee. then the lecturer let us go 30minutes early, and hobbitses decided to skip their next class.. which left me about 5-10minutes ALONE boringly! (before lily called me saying that they were having lunch in hb3! ekkekeke!) haihhh! so i FINALLY called that friend i said i wanted to call few days ago. heehee. amusing, as always. :) tengkiu encik for helping me waste some time! :D

human factors, we were shown this movie, paycheck which was.. kinda okay i think, but i couldn't get to concentrate on some parts since we were given a homework referring to that movie. hehhe! rase klakar.. but okay lah! then i think i could've been an annoyance to my groupmates 'coz i kept asking if i can leave for home. (we stayed back a bit so we could discuss for today's presentation) haaihh~ i don't know exactly why i wanted to leave so much..

ohh! yesterday adam asked me if i "still have that cute angelic face"!!! ahhahahahaha!!!! MEREPEK APE KAU NI WEHH?! tak tahan btol.
i don't know laa.. agaknye these days, (i think i am having my pms, by the way) i've been producing more pheromones kot! logik tak? ekekkekeke!! this week alone ade berape entah yang tetiba say nice things to me. PELIKNYEHH! kamu sumer sudah nyanyukk?? :))
dah.. i better get on with my drawings.

arep and musz, welkam back to skool! adam as well!! blaja rajen rajen, yahh!
maybe i'll see you dudes during my break? jom jomm!
ohh! wish me luck for this afternoon! yikes!

6:29 pm presentation went.. i don't know! quite poor lah to put it nicely. but i amazed myself for keeping cool even though i actually had more than 15 words to say right there. (wahhh!) but maybe 'coz the class was almost empty! ekkekeke! ID is good for my confidence boost lah. :D

missing bahijah already. hehhe! (i love the fact that you like to leave notes on those post-its for meee! :x) and i haven't seen ana since last night. asha is sleeping. :D should start packing my things. :) (i'm going home!! hoyehhh!! TV!!!! ahhahahha!) gonna miss those favorable gits i call "friends" even for just a week.. :)

it's been quite a good first half of term, yahh?

Thursday, June 17, 2004

wanie yang bongok.

-- menyanyi nyanyi lagu Sophie Ellis Bextor; I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want --
sebab memang.

leviu bahijah. :D
lev ana, lev asha dan dzayed juga.
dan majin? :D

lucky nye wanie dikelilingi oleh orang orang yang kesahkan wanie. thank you korang.
you guys are priceless! really really priceless.
though i am feeling quite hollow right now.. i do realize that my feelings for you peeps are true. hehhe! you guys are REALLY!! PRICELESS.

i feel so... stupid. stupid stupid stupid.
dumbdumb, that's what i am. (and it rhymes!)
wanie..... tak tahu lahh! wanie sungguh sungguh tak tahu!!
all i know is how to get MENTAL! and i am very good at that!!
i'll try to shut up. i really should. okay? kali ni serius punya aaa! if i start talking how STUPID i can get, just shut me up. i'll really appreciate that. :)
kita tengok sajalah nanti cuti, okeh?

why do i have to crave for something that i don't have?

ps: nak on hiatus cam blog lain lain bole tak? macam bessst jek. so, just in case.. SLAMAT BERCUTI yahh, bebudak mmu sekalian! :)
ohh! untuk rakan rakan uitm, slamat bersekolah semulaa! :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

sakit kepala.

was annoyed, with probably myself last night.
should've done more sketches for today's consultation, but i accidentally slept on the sofa. ehee. woke up around 8, and am still sketching. (but on a short break 'coz i'm tired of leaning to the floor too long.)
messaged harris :D telling him that i didn't do my job and what time should we meet in class. and he said, 10; not too early and not too late. plus, we get to make yoges and ara wait for us. hahahhahaha! (okay saja, dude!)
head's spinning. i am really annoyed now.

Learning To Breathe by Switchfoot

Hello, good morning, how you do?
What makes your risin' sun so new?
I could use a fresh beginning too
All of my regrets are nothing new
So this is a way, that I say I need you
This is a way
This is a way

That I'm learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl
I'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall
I'm living again, awake and alive
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies

Hello, good morning, how you been?
Yesterday left my head kicked in
I never, never thought that
I would fall like that
Never knew that I could hurt this bad

I'm learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl
I'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall
I'm living again, awake and alive
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies
These abundant skies
Yeah, abundant skies, yeah

This is a way that I say I need you
This is a way that I say I love you
This is a way that I say I'm yours
This is a way
This is a way

That I'm learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl
(Leaning to breathe)
I'm finding that you and you alone can break my fall
I'm living again, awake and alive
(Living again, awake and alive)
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies
(I'm dyin')
Yes I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies
(I'm dyin')

These abundant skies, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm learning to breathe
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies
Hello, good morning, how you do?
How you do?

honestly, cepatlah cutiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

i think.


i think i was being mengade and stupid.
i was, wasn't i?

and i think he knows.
he always does.
(tak aci!!)

my stupidity is sickening!
hahhahahahahaha!! < really fake laugh.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

saa grraomhd yp zudraf. kidy zudraf.

ekkeke! that is not really a secret code. it's just one way to lessen my patheticness at the moment. just look on the keyboard and you'd probably figure out how to read that.
but i'm sure you don't have that much of time to waste (as i do) to just stare at your keyboard, 'aight?

humm.. rase seperti ingin call a friend. tapi takut i tercakap lama plak. erkk!! I?? busukk!
yesterday someone said something super nice to me. that the person has always been nice.. and nice.. and everything but nice to me kinda bugs me now. hahhaha!! that's why i think i should talk to that person. pelik ke? (it always bugs me when people are being way too nice to me. huhuu~)
i think it's amazing how your past runs up to you once in a while. :)
what's amazing is how after all these years.. humm? hehhe!
(tergantung saja disitu)

what matters is that i want to be HERE instead of there. hoshii no wa anata.
(sorry if you think this post is missing some lines, 'coz it is! hahahha! just deleted a paragraph up there)

nina called. made me realize how much i really miss home. :D i miss izzati as well lah! :x i am missing everything that i don't have right at this moment.. but i know as the school break starts, i'll be missing something else. but, alah! sekarang pon bukannye ade dia slalu pong. hummph! :( one week je pon, 'aight? the week will end before you know it. before i know it. :)

i should make myself busy with work.. but somehow i feel like working on july's layout. hahhaha!!
gotta like him. plays rythm for Good Charlotte. reminds me of someone.. a teeny weeny bit.

missing. i don't know why. :)

i am feeling a bit jealous.. but not THAT sort of jealous. (THAT= as shown on image) huhuuu~ it's complicated. :P so let's just leave it at that, yah?

*picture was taken from Daxon Publications Sdn. Bhd.'s "The Sagittarius Book"* Posted by Hello

Monday, June 14, 2004

heehee! rindu skolah!!!

today is such a weird day.
i'm having the biggest flashback that i've ever had in my entire life!!
kept being reminded by my ex school mates all through today!
i feel like barfing 'coz i have too many thoughts! ahhahahaha!
but all's good.

rindu merengek ngan hanis. rindu jalan ngan muz. rindu gelakkan dayat. rindu gado ngan rai. rindu kasi notes kat arep. rindu apek mintak singgit. rindu husni bising bising. rindu bual ngan adam syah. rindu buat muka kat haikal. rindu sumer budak kelas duluu. rindu main lastik duluu. rindu menjerit dalam kelas pasal bola. rindu bual bual pasal F1. rindu ponteng kelas. rindu rehat lama lama. rindu jalan pusing pusing skolah. rindu pegi toilet pastu menyimpang. rindu curik kertas turas. rindu main air paip dalam lab. rindunye rindunyeee. haaihhhh!

nihon go

notice that i've been posting plenty of japanese words these days? well, somehow these days i keep listening to my japanese songs, and i am really enjoying them! i mean, if you knew me quite well, you'd probably know laa why i like them in the first place.
so anyways! liking this song. it was the theme song on yamato nadeshiko. it has this sad but strong sort of vibe that i just love. i've also found the translation for the song. the link is at the end of this post, okie! :)

Everything by Misia

Surechigau toki no naka de
Anata to meguriaeta
Fushigi ne negatta kiseki ga
Konna nimo soba ni aru nante

Aitai omoi no mama aenai jikan dake ga
Sugiteku tobira surinukete
Mata omoidashite ano hito to waraiau anatawa

Itoshiki hito yo kanashimasenaide
Nemuru yoru mo aru kara
Kako wo minaide mitsumete watashi dake

You're everything, you're everything
Anata ga omou yori tsuyoku
Yasashii uso nara iranai
Hoshii no wa anata

Dore kurai no jikan wo
Eien to yoberu darou
Hateshinaku tooi mirai nara
Anata to yukitai
Anata to nozoitemitai sono hi wo

Itoshiki hito yo
Dakishimeteite itsumo no you ni
Yasashii toki no naka de
Kono te nigitte mitsumete ima dake wo

You're everything, you're everything
Anata to hanareteru basho demo
Aeba kitto yurushite shimau
Donna yoru demo

You're everything, you're everything
Anata no yume miru hodo tsuyoku
Aiseru chikara o yuuki ni
Ima kaete ikou

You're my everything

You're everything, you're everything
Anata to hanareteru basho demo
Aeba itsumo kiesatte iku
Mune no itami mo

You're everything, you're everything
Anata ga omou yori tsuyoku
Yasashii uso nara iranai
Hoshii no wa anata

You're everything I am
You're everything I am
My everything

err.. my nihon go is honestly crappy so i might have bolded out the things i didn't intend to.. but that is not so likely. :D (still quite confident with what i know lah! :P)
translation here!!

aishiteru ottosan. hontoni.

:D cayang papa.
i'll get to that in a bit.

okay.. spent the night sleepless, trying to finish up that darned ugly website. (which i can't wait to put down once i'm certain that the lecturer have seen it!) but i did slept a bit after 6 until around 9.
huhuuu~ sempat mengigau dan sebagainye, disaksikan oleh si asha. 8-} (papa laughed when i told him about it)
got to finish my short report. and then i got a message from arep on friendster! heehee! kinda missed him a bit, so i checked the message straight away. sempat macam short chat lak! :D

left home at 1130 and walked towards mmu. straight to hb1 to get our reports printed, but lucky for prisca, only hers got printed. dahlaa kene tunggu lembu mana print, lamaaaaaa!! mine and rosie was unable to be printed, and we got to class SO late that it has already ended!! hahaha! of course, that was 1230!! ekekke! managed to see hanafizan in her room, though.. so she lets us to send the report through her email. :)

adoi. i am SUPER sleepy but i am going to go on about today anyways. humm..
afterwards. 130. reloaded my phone, (yes, second time for this month alone!!) gila.. i know.. it's crazy. it took me less than 2 weeks to finish my rm50!! (i know i should have more resistance... but i DON'T! lalallaa~) ekkeke!! after reloading another rm30, called up papa who's on the way to meet me up and bring me to printgate! :D (yah, sort of an alasan just to see him juga!) :D
o yeahh! while walking towards hb3, i bumped into izrul! ahaa! :D funny to say that through all my years in school with him, that was the first time we ever waved at each other! hahhaha!!
ohh.. and i have 6 boxes of fresh & white. wanna trade with something? ekkeke.

arrived in restoran jaring in sunway (papa likes the place 'coz it has a huge choice of veggies!) around 215. after a good lunch, (and a good dose of gluttony at that!) we got to printgate, and that mamat person was as friendly as always. (me like friendly people!) :D he asked about why i am printing it late.. where's lily.. blablablaa.. and then guess what! guess who was standing beside me at the cashier's?! HAZAMI - the sonata musim salju guy!! ahhahaha!! no nooo.. not star-strucked at all! he's very.. soft, yahh?? and err.. short! we exchanged smiles, by the way.

drive back here.. i don't know how we got to the subject but i asked papa one question that i KINDA wish i hadn't ask. gomen ne ottosan! wish i hadn't look at your face at that time. haaihh~ made me wanna cry. sorry! didn't mean to brought up that subject at all.. but it all just blurts out. heehee! sori soriiiiiii!! heehee! i was really curious! sorryyyy!!
and then when he drops me off in front of cyberia.. papa said something sweet! ekkeke! klakarnyee! amused lah.. i was amused. :)

thank you world! today has been okay. sleepy, but okay!

4 hours.. less?

i guess it didn't took me too long to publish my website assignment.
it's SUPER DUPER CRAPPY! but you can see it here anyways! hehhe! i am truly NOT proud of this, okay!
(oh, the requirement for this assignment was to IMAGINE that we've finished studies and to promote ourselves for job)
i think the layout's cute, though. HAHHAHAHA!! at least it's not crowded and looks a tiny bit like a work of a multimedia student lah, no? okaylah.. NO.

anyways, why is it MOST boys are acting like such a.. BOY??? huhuuu~ okay, i know i am missing out much without TV over here.. but alaaaaaaaaa!! jangan laa jumping around and cheering about the EURO when i don't even know who's playing wehh!! sedihnyeeeee!! didaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! nak tengok bolaaaaaaaaa!!!! (i miss staying up in the night watching TV with dida for either football or F1!) :(
takpe! next week school break!! hoyeh hoyehhhhh!!!! rest rest RESTTT!!

rosie: wahh rajennye wanie pegi tengok
me: *clicks through this site*
me: curiosss!
me: patutlah tetiba senyap.. half time! woo~hoo England!
to be honest, i'm not really a football enthusiast. just thought i should keep myself updated.. in case dida would give a pop quiz of some sort! heehee :D

okay. guess i should start on my report? i doubt i can get it done, anyways.. with my thoughts on school break.. ooOooh it'd be SO good!! CAN'T WAIT!!! but of course, i will have to go through some mid term quizzes and all these submissions first lah! :-S

felt like posting a song of somewhat but i can't think of any 'coz i don't feel so sentimental lah. hehhe!
tengah tak fikir much of anyone.. kot?

Sunday, June 13, 2004

how can i almost forget??

you know what day is today??
you see, exactly two years ago.. this blog was created!!! hahhaha!! so,
yesterday i read some of my old posts and it made me realize.. how much i HAVE NOT grown through the years! ekekke!! i seem to be as mental then as i am now! :)) but honestly, reading through those old posts reminds me loads of things. good and bad. some that i wish to forget, some that i've forgotten but glad to be reminded of. it's amazing how much i've babbled through the years. do you know that i've almost posted 900 entries through these years?? i knooowww!! that is LOAADSS!! but of course, dar and rosie did post some things in here.. once or twice. :D heehee. :D

currently doing my website assignment. prisca's background was neat, i tell you! so i decided to change mine. huhuu~ as you've already seen, the first layout i did was not at all like a multimedia student at all, huh? but my current layout seemed kinda.. crowded lah! haihh~ biarlah! malas sungguh rasenye nak layan.
ooh i hate having to do something when i am just not focused to do so.

okaylahh! ini dulu. so, again..
tengkiu for filling up most of my wasted time! heehee!

budak ni comel lah! kecik kecik dah pandai posing! heehee! suka! :x

(ape niee?? crush kat budak kecikk???? haiyohhh! *gedebikk*) Posted by Hello

ps: agaknye sempat tak nak buat shockwave in less than 24 hours? :D

my final design? i know it's SUPER CROWDED but helllllllppppp!! i can't think of any neat-awesome design! huhuuu~ sedih.. :( naseblah?

takde idea. haihhh! Posted by Hello

yeah, it's freaking simple 'coz i'm freaking lazy and sleepy. i think i've been sleeping loads, but i can't help getting dozy again.

do you think it's okay if i let it to be just as that? hahhahaha!!

aren't you going back online? or am i just really waiting on nothing? *sigh* Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 12, 2004


budak yang baju biru tu busukk! (harris) ekkeke! :P Posted by Hello

sangat bosan.

boring la, awak.

agaknye apeelaa yang awak tengah buat ek?
tadi umah ni takde intenet, for a while jugalah. lepas tu, baruu nak amek telepon ingat nak message (mengade) mengadu lah konon kan.. skali tetiba asha cakap intenet dah ade balek!
lepas tu wanie terfikir sendiri.. ini agaknye sign kot. wanie takleh mengade sangat, sikit sikit sebok nak message. okaaay, wanie faham dah. wanie takmo message lah, biarpon skarang ni ade intenet pon maseh boring. :(
tak tahan nyee la kebosanan camni.
tadi asha ajak kuar tapi malas lah! biar dia ngan dzayed kuar same same. saye takde mood pon nak kuar. cam.. humm, takmo ngan diorang. ehhe. hint? :P
tadi pagi terjaga sebab asha tengok shrek. first time wanie! hehhe. cam biasee je, takdelaa best sangat pon sebenarnye ek? pastu cuci baju. tangan saye rase cam ade luka laa.. ganaih beno perah baju agaknye. ekkeke!! mesin basuh kat umah ni klakar.. nak basuh okay, tapi takleh nak spin. ikutkan ati, baik takleh basuh tapi boleh spin! sampai skarang tangan saye still sakit sebab perah baju.


lapa ke ni? rase cam patut makan kot, tapi takde mood lak nak makan megi. nak kuar membeli cam lagi malas pulak. nyesal aritu gi tesco tak membeli bahan makanan. ape yang wanie beli? youghurt drink ngan smarties yang one pack ade 3. heehee. hari ape ek pegi tu? khamis kot, tapi smalam lagi smarties wanie dah habis! ekekekke!! terok betul.
rasenye cam patut start buat keje. untuk yang website tu kee.. or ID punye calculator. tapi takde sleranyeee! rasenye kalo start esok memang akan kelam kabut lah! tapi skarang ni cam kebosanan sangat sampai takde mood nak buat pape pon. mandi pon saye blom lagi. ekkeke! and rasenye lepas ni pon wanie tak terus pegi mandi. nak tido kot.
cam bosan gile!

okaylah. cam merepek aje ni. dahlaa tulis blog, tapi cam ditujukan kat seorang aje. mengade btol. nyampah wanie. agaknye awak pon same. okay.. dah.

ehh nanti kejap, belom lagi!!
nak post satu lirik lagu dulu.. dari tadi tekan next next kat winamp, cari lagu yang sesuai. banyak lagu yang buat saye teringat something, tapi everytime denga lagu ni, nak tak nak, teringat gak kat awak. entah kenape. :D okaylaa.. saye tipu. saye tahu laa kenape. :P
Sway by Bic Runga

Don't stray, don't ever go away
I should be much too smart for this
You know it gets the better of me
Sometimes when you and I collide
I fall into an ocean of you
Pull me out in time
Don't let me drown, let me down
I say it's all because of you

And here I go, losing my control
I'm practicing your name
So I can say it to your face
It doesn't seem right
To look you in the eye
Let all the things you mean to me
Come tumbling out my mouth
Indeed it's time to tell you why
I say it's infinitely true

Say you'll stay
Don't come and go like you do
Sway my way
Yeah I need to know all about you

And there's no cure
And no way to be sure
Why everything's turned inside out
Instilling so much doubt
It makes me so tired
I feel so uninspired
My head is battling with my heart
My logic has been torn apart
And now it all turns sour
Come sweeten every afternoon

Say you'll stay
Don't come and go like you do
Sway my way
Yeah I need to know all about you

It's all because of you

Now it all turns sour
Come sweeten every afternoon
It's time tell you why
I say it's infinitely true

Say you'll stay
Don't come and go like you do
Sway my way
Yeah I need to know all about you

Its all because of you

okehh! baru dah.

kamu kamu kamu

second birthday for the month!
happy birthday majineneekkk!!

this month's layout features majin's back! hehhe! this layout was actually did by himself but was too lazy to create his own blog, and showed me the pic, and so! i put it up here. :D thank you for letting me use it majinenek!
sometimes, everyone just gets dizzy.. :)

what can i actually tell, huh?
oohh.. that kamu title.. well, that's because i'm putting up majin's back on the backgroud, but i'll still be talking about that kamu person. huhuuu~ uncontrollably.

consultation went fine with mr zulkhairi(?). i think he was amused when he saw me and harris had that some sort of sibbling-disagreement in front of him. he was smiling.. very funny, i think! and farizu had migrane.. which looked awfully BAD! and john was like.. i don't know. disatisfied? he kept nagging on how much we should study more. :-S. and mr khong.. merepek as always! heehee.
ohh.. i can only write in english, mind you. when i speak, it all blurts out terribly. bluerghh!

tadi ate garlic cheese nan in bangsar with prisca and drogo! tengkiu fellas! lama benar tak makan situ. and then i broke my hair chopstick while i was there.. dumbdumb! going to get a new one lah, i suppose.

lagi? what else should i talk about. o yeah.. really sleepy at the moment, but i guess i am kinda waiting on something which will never come? i don't know. honestly i am scared. i always get scared when there's only silence. excrutiating, really. half wishing for something.. but that's all i get to do. hummph!
i can't seem to quit wondering. :( sorry.. it's probably not my place.
mengade sendiri sendiri sajalah di tika ini..

okay! nak tido lah. i feel stupid half-waiting like this. so, again..
happy birthday abang besa!
have a guuuuud year, yahh?
(i hope no one gets the wrong idea from the new layout! i simply don't have my own idea to design so i'll stick to this for the rest of june, okay! *girl, pinjam blakang majin kejap! ekkeke!* i'll think of something as we go into july, yah!)


Friday, June 11, 2004

please don't be just a passenger in this ride 'coz i don't drive so well..


:D poetic tak? ehee!

anatawa doko ni iru no daro ka?

kotchi o muitte, please!
anatawa itsumo kokoro ni iru yo.
watashiwa anatao hontoni daisuki.
hontoni hontoni..
itsumo itsumo...
ma, kokoni itte zutto ne!
:D :D :D

tetiba teringat sama itu.. fragnant darjeeling? heehee!

since my friends have been putting up their shopping list, i decided to put up my wish list! :D wish list saja, sebab i am forbidded to shop as much as i wish :P karang kene marah. hehee! (even though the thought of it kinda excites me! hahhahaa!!)

1. :D (money can't buy the best thing in life though. errk! best thing ke? yak~ ekkeke!)
2. portable hd (might be getting it, though)
3. tablet
4. guitar (yah, i don't NEED this, saje gatal list down)
5. flat screen monitor (woooh!!)
6. watch (again, i don't really need this.. saje je!)
7. headphone (saje dengki taknak kasi orang lain denga lagu. hahahha!!)
8. new purse/wallet (nak naaaakkk! nak jugaaakkk!!)
9. baju.. baju yang sangat banyak.. baju yang sangat banyak sampai almari nak terburai!! AHHAHAHAHAH!! (gelak gila)
10. starbucks rhumba or coffee bean's caramel. :D (i love coffee!! i love coffee!!!!)
11. contact lense (ni macam langsung tak perlu laa.. tapi saje suka, kalo ade extra money, nak ade!)
12. kipas! (cemane leh lupa nie?)
13. driving license (yess, you read it right. but as you see, it's at the bottom of my list :P)

dahh! 13 things on my wish list. there used to be over 20 things, but i guess it's too lame to even list down publicly. heehee!
okay.. better get back to my drawings for tomorrow's consultation. i assume harris and yoges are doing their part of job? hahhaha! kalau tak, nanti wanie ketuk diorang!
ohh! there'll be a quiz on internet application in the morning! i doubt i'm able to study on any of it. so, wish me luck? :)

ps: i can hold my hair up with that chopstick thingy!! hoyehhh!! :)) sukaaa!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

wow, hebatnye perasaan.

ekkeke! cam geli tak title? wanie pon rase cam sikit geli.. yaaakkk! heehee!
i was only thinking on how i felt last night and i think it was 'amazing' how scared i actually was. guess my emotions were too strong(?) for my head to contain? hahhahha! (ape wanie merepeks nihh?!)

saye almost nak hang up lepas 5 minit, kamu tahu?
mengade itu best, tapi menakutkan juga. sebab maybe pada kamu, mengade saye tu jadi menyampahkan.. and saye tak tahu. if i am becoming that, would you please tell me? please..?

i skipped 2 of my morning classes today. sebabnye.. errr.. i was sleeping? haiyohh! i don't know what's up with me lately but i've been even more care-less than i already am and i hate it!! i really should work on my homeworks this weekend. SHOULD la kaan, SHOULD. (tengok tuhhh!!!!!) i wanna say HAVE TO but i don't like promises. huhuu~ yes, even to myself. haihhh!

ohh, i think yesterday was kinda funny 'coz mama, papa and dida called. they all asked if i am coming home this weekend. mama was typically mama.. checking on me, papa apparently is on a talking mood with me now since we last saw each other. that was exactly a week ago? :D and dida.. i think she misses me!! ahhahaha!! she called just to talk about how SHE'S doing. ekkeke!! haihhh~ i guess i am missing them as well lah! :) lamanye tak tengok tv!!!!!! hahhahaha!!

okay. it's noon and i haven't even brush my teeth!! (maybe 'coz i only just woke up an hour ago?) so i better do some hygenic stuff now. :D

Shiina Ringo - Koko de Kissu Shite
love this song!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

semuanya kerna kamu.

hehhehhe.. tralalaaa~
i think i'm getting okay now.
turns out that i need less time to myself! hahhaha! and i needed classes more than i thought.

class today was nothing much. it's now turned into consultation hour.
me, harris and yoges finally got together to discuss how our calculator should be. (merepek laa, of course!)
but it felt nice to be able to THINK rather than to FEEL alone. tengkiuu harris dan yogess!!!!
rase cam budak kecik though, while we were discussing. heehee! but all is fine! :D

so our class ended early and somehow i end up in lily and prisca's MI class! :D i think i still like my class better though i WHINE and WHINE about it everytime i get an assignment. ehhe!
speaking of assignments, i still have LOAAADS to do!! big thank you to procrastination!
maannn, i really need my concentration!!

cool yah, it's wednesday already! cepatlah weekend!!!!
may not be going back home again. tapi tak sure untuk merepek atau kerja! hahhahahha!! *gedebikk!*
ohh!! this song is AWESOME! just the perfect song for now. :D

The Good Life by Weezer

When I look in the mirror
I can't believe what I see
Tell me, who's that funky dude starin' back at me?
Broken, beaten-down can't get around
Without an old-man cane I'd fall and hit the ground
Shivering in the cold, I'm bitter and alone

Excuse the bitchin' - I shouldn't complain
I should have no feeling, 'cuz feeling is pain
As everything I need is denied me
And everything I want is taken away from me
But who have I got to blame?
Nobody but me

I don't wanna be a no man anymore
It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor
Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night
It's time I got back to the Good Life
It's time I got back, it's time I got back
And I don't even know how I got off the track
I wanna go back, yeah!

Screw this crap, I've had it! (I've had it!) I ain't no Mr. Cool
I'm a pig, I'm a dog, so 'scuse me if I drool
I ain't gonna hurt nobody, ain't gonna cause a scene
I just need to admit that I want sugar in my tea
Hear me, hear me? I want sugar in my tea!

I don't wanna be a no man anymore
It's been a year or two since I was out on the floor
Shakin' booty, makin' sweet love all the night
It's time I got back to the Good Life
It's time I got back, it's time I got back
And I don't even know how I got off the track
I wanna go back, yeah!

wish i didn't have to feel so much about things, but i guess that's what i get for signing up to it.


i just realize that i'm doing all the things i've been doing for some other else.
the fact that i didn't even know what i really want doesn't help a bit.
do you notice that i've been a spoilt whining person? (i'd like to say b*tch, but then again i'm afraid of dogs..)
please tell me if i should stop.. anything!
just tell me something!! i need guidance, please!!

'coz what i do know right now is that i want a good long rest.
do you think a year's rest would be a too much waste?
i need rest.
i need assurance.
which i don't think is coming anytime soon, and that's really burning me out.

can't wait for the weekends when i have the time to actually cry my heart out.
even now i have to hold it 'coz i have too much work. too much!
please please tell me something so my head would stop thinking too much!
please pleasee..

i just can't understand why i have to wake up each morning to get myself sad all over again..

insecurity is the road to insanity

lily was right after all.. i was looking for security..
'coz right now i feel like i'm going insane.

i don't know why or how.. but things are unbearable these days.
you know that feeling you get when you ate something foul, you feel like throwing up? i feel like i should, but somehow i couldn't!
so i am left here to swallow that everything foul.

bodohkah saye?
gile kah saye?
bermimpi sajakah wanie?

kamoshirenaiyo ne. (maybe)
i never knew, i say..

rase sangat alone pula di malam ini.
i was only looking for someone to talk to.. even for the slightest moment, i wish to be happy to be talking to someone.. but that never happen.
so i must have been into a very deep slumber,
that simply drown me with beautiful dreams...

until i wake up.

still have loads to do, and i'm right here typing this crap feeling out.
i must be really stupid.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

you DO know that nothing is NOTHING, right??

not that i'm telling you to see it the way that i do..
but i can't win over nothing, and i never knew if i'm something.. or even anything..!
i guess that kinda bugged me through the day.
not that i really NEED to know, but no one is telling me ANYTHING to make me feel any better. and that REALLY bothers me.

sorry.. sorry!!
(been saying this soo much these days!)
not trying to make you sound bad 'coz you're NOT! really, you're not.
haaiihh~ it's me yang always mengade lebey. hummph!

it's like.. since i haven't been talking to you since.. when? 11 hours ago? (idiot me!!) i've at least thought of calling for what.. 6 times, maybe? (really!!) and i'm beginning to think how ANNOYING i can really be!!! and i don't want to be annoying or nauseating, for that matters!!
i mean.. COME ON!!!!!!!!! mengadenye wanieeeee!!! bukan ade pape poonnnnn!! aaAaAaAaAAaaAAa!!! *menjerit seperti gila*
thus, concludes to this post since i think rosie is NAUSEATED by my rantings. (sorry rosie! thanks, though!)

yes.. yesss.. i AM crazy. i don't know when this all started but i am getting VERY crazy lately. aaAAaaaAaAaAaAA!!
that would be why i just need a good KICK.

i really need something to distract my mind from thinking about you so much. or better yet, flush out the rest of my airtime credit of rm15 so i couldn't possibly be considering to call you up after enduring an hour and half of Alien 3 just because i was scared. (i think i was lame.. wasn't i?)

sorry.. sorry..
it wasn't my place to talk like this.. or even feel like this.
i just happen to be a silly little girl that crossed your way, i suppose...

okay! can't think of any song that relates best to this post other than this one.
Dream Of Me by Kirsten Dunst

Let me sleep
For when I sleep I dream that you are here
You're mine
And all my fears are left behind

I float
On air
The nightingale sings gentle lullabies

So let me close my eyes

And sleep
Perchance, to dream
So I can see the face I long to touch
To kiss
But only dreams can bring me this

So let
The moon
Shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams
He'll dream of me

I hide beneath the clouds
And whisper to the evening stars
They tell me love is just a dream away
A dream away

So let
The moon
Shine softly on the boy I long to see
And maybe when he dreams
He'll dream of me

Oh...dream of me

..and sorry for publishing this lame post anyways! i can't remember why i started typing on the first place. feel free to delete it if you please..
gudnite, yahh?

Monday, June 07, 2004

(nauseating/annoying) non-special girl-friend


sorry.. i was only adding some verbs to the word you used yesterday..


kinda hating myself right now. felt like i should give myself a good kick.


i'm not doing any of my homework, and i feel like crap somehow.
pretty much having a bad day, really.


i'm sure many would disagree with the things i did to spend my time with the whole day.


ohh.. i haven't munched on anything since morning.
haven't drink any liquids as well!!!
amazing, bukan?


wanie menjengkelkan, kan?
no one have to even say it.. i can answer it myself, thank you.

wish i have a crystal ball

0comments show me if it's worth it all.

mixed emotions.. sekali lagi.
sakit dada dan kepala. (read: sakit hati dan otak)

rase nak bercerita dan tak cerita dalam masa yang sama. cemane ekk?

it's like this..
i always ask for the wrong questions that i thought i wanted to know so much, but when i get the answer, it gets me so frustrated and half-wishing that i didn't ask it on the first place.. coz honestly! it was i who was bongok enough to ask it on the first place, kan? nak salahkan orang lain pon takleyy...
wanie nak tahuuuuu! tapi wanie tak suka bila tahuuuu! and wanie tahu wanie tak patut pon rase tak sukaaaa!!
aaaaaaaaAAAAaAaAaaAaAaA!! (menjerit seperti gila)

what annoys me the most would probably be my nerves..
'coz whenever i feel this way, my hands would tremble and there'd be a numbing pain on the chest.


emotion sickness

*sighing endlessly*

spent a wonderful day yesterday outside.
all thanks to encik bucuk!
you've never failed.. make it never ever, yah? ehee~
(am i counting my chickies before they hatch? ..sorry!)
but, thank youuuuu!!
(even though at times i feel like one silly git)
hope you had a good time as well.. :P
akhirnye dapat juge wanie kasi that silly thingy. uhuu~ kalo wanie merepek sangat harap maaf ye, kinda wish i can open them with you to be honest 'coz i can't remember what i put in them anymore. aihh!

though, sekali balek umah, my computer buat hal pula.
sangat sedih. all my files on Desktop and in My Documents.. GONE?!!
my assignments.. encik bucuk-related stuff jugek. :(
bencikk! tak tenang wanie tido smalam.. dreamt about stupid stupid things, but also something about that my files weren't really gone and i was able to find them somehow.

so in the morning.. i searched through the pc.. and yahhhh!!!! they weren't really gone! but.. i don't know why the computer won't show my files and folders! grrr!!
so anyways, right now i'm gonna try restart my computer, in hope that the folders i've transfered in still where i put it.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

jangan marah, pliss!

spent the day with rosie and prisca in midvalley!
felt like my legs are about to fall off, now.

so, a day in midvalley...
i am obviously guilty for spending some bits of money! no lie there.
but i was strong enough to indulge myself to only one unpractical thing tau! yang lain i bought was something i need to have! :D or buy..! ekekke!
tapi macam banyak juga duit keluar.. pelik. barangnye sikit jek!

i'm sleepy.
i have butterflies in my tummy.
thank goodness i'm not hungry!

Friday, June 04, 2004


your words just seem to struck me directly to the heart somehow.
the ones i love to hear.. and also the things i wish not to.
amazing yah? no?

okay.. i am losing any appetite for ANYTHING what so ever.
rase nak melekat kat sofa and do nothing AT ALL for at least two days.
feeling sad, to be honest.. so you should expect me moping around with stupid things to say..

lallalallalaaaaaa! BOSANN!! dan sakit kepala..
effect 'kenakalan' dah wear off and i get scared all over again. tadi cam dah berani dah.. skali takut balek.. haiyyohhh!

it hasn't been my best week, hasn't it? grrr.
but i'll have prisca and rosie with me here for the weekends!! hoyehh!
if only lily was here as well.. and you! yeahh you...


sleepy.. dizzy.. forgetful.. strained shoulder.
annoyed!! (with myself)
somehow i've forgotten all the ways to relax. 'coz if i'm not doing any work, i'll be THINKING about it. grrrr!!

you know the feeling of wanting to talk with someone, but only to a particular someone?
yess... exactly.. what ever!

i'm very dizzy right now, so please just bear with me.

i think the dream i had during school-break is making much sense now, since dar interpret it for me. hehheh! hebat! not that i am just believing what ever he said, coz parts of it were absolutely merepek! but, most parts are being untangled now..
so what am i to do with it?
well... nothing yet! i am still sitting in my room, just happy to see that someone's presence..

wanie takut sangat ke sampai tak mampu nak buat ape ape pasal ni ek?? wanie pon tak pasti lah.. nanti lahh!
what i'm sure of right now is that i am still amazed with you after all these while. just thought you ought to know. ehhe!

nanti ade kelas! nak nap kejap boleh?

prisoner of azkaban.

was a disappointment!
i'm sorry for that whatzitsname-mr director. i think he did an awful job adapting my favorite book out of the 5!!! grrrr.
everything just seem to rush over, doesn't it? one moment it's autumn, then it's winter - spring - back to summer! hello??? i know he had to put things in that 2 hours period but hello?? how much information can a person actually take from that short scenes??


saw the movie with lily, on our way to the lobby i saw this familiar dude.. "ehh abang ablen!" ekekke! and ablen, of course. (hello? they're both ablens! ekkeke!)

back to the movie now...
better stick to the book. i love the book more. i guess that's just as expected.. after all, i did love the LOTR book than the movies. the movies helped, yess.. but the book was more satisfying. :D
what's neat about this thrid installment is the CASTS!!

i'd give.. daniel radcliffe, emma watson, rupert grint and tom felton a BIG THUMBS UP for growing up beautifully! ekkeke!! very nice to the eyes.. :x :x me and lily was like.. half-drooling over those kids. dan especially. i love that moment he paused at the stairs of leaky couldron, looking at his two mates. someone should take a still picture of it so i can put it on my desktop!!!! :x :x hahhahha!!
i also like the editing. awesome! and camera angles. awesome!! :D harry and ron with neville, dean and seamus goofing around in their dormitories. AWESOME!! rupert's cute. i think harry should be with hermione and leave ron just to me. :x hahhahahaha!!

thanks lily!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

everything just goes down from here

i am weak.. i know.
i can't help it.

just realized that my life is not going to be the way as i want it to be..
that i can never control anything about my life..
that my life was never really mine...

yeah, i'm stupid.. that's why i need someone else to lead me.
and yet, i'm still a useless chopstick without it's pair.

buat lah ape korang nak buat.
time kaseh for making me believe that i had my life once.
so here i'll be.. just tell me what to do next, okie.

i wanna be with you if you wanna be with me..

okay.. let's just say that i am having quite a major conflict of feelings at the moment.

macam... hehhe.. i know i have a bunch of cheerleaders on my back, i know they meant well.. tapi.....
i don't exactly know what i want.. and i don't intend to make mistakes. what's more is i really like what i have right now, and yes, sometimes i wish i have more of it but i also know that i can be stupid enough to throw everything away.
just what anna said to seth.. (the OC) "once you get what you want, you've got something to lose"
i know you girls meant well.. i really do. sometimes i wish i would just do the things you girls suggested. but the last two things i started didn't end as well as i planned. so, i just can't. i can't do more than this...

if i am forever destined to be a glass door; transparent and ignored.. so be it.
maybe later i'll just break myself.

Falling For You by Jem

Said there'd be no going back
Promised myself I'd never be that sad
Maybe that's why you've come along
To show me, it's not always bad

Cause I can feel it baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to let go
I'm scared cause my heart has been hurt so

It's true I've become a skeptic
How many couples really love
Just wish I had a crystal ball
To show me if it's worth it all

Cause I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to let go
I'm scared cause my heart has been hurt so
Yeah I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to let go
I'm scared because my heart has been hurt so

And I've got to be sure cause it's been so long
And I cannot take the pain again if it all goes wrong

Cause I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to let go
I'm scared because my heart has been hurt so
Yeah I can feel it, baby
I feel like I'm falling for you
But I'm scared to let go
I'm scared cause my heart has been hurt so

I want you so much
I need you so much
I want you so much
I need you so much

(believe me my love, believe me my love)

that's all i can say

oops! i DO have more things to say!
7:09 pm :

so i am emotionally instable.. stressed with MORE assignments.. (breakouts, cramps, sleeping problem.. i have it ALL!)
- i have 5 assignments to work with at the moment!!
and mr john didn't like my chopstick. grrr.


my ptptn dah masokkk!! so i probably won't have to whine about money for a bit while now! hahhahahahaha!!
and our group went into the top 10 for the video clip we did last semester!! 6th, to be exact!! hoyehh!! (tapi gue maluuuuuuuukkkkk!! huwaaaaaaaaaaa!! malunyeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!!!!!)
and harris completed my group of three with yoges for our ID assignment!! hoyehh!!
and my family are coming to see me (when i told them about my loan?) ekkeke! and to top it off, will be seeing harry potter later tonight!!!

thank you! thank you! to those who've made my day.. better? :D

9:53 pm :
i take my words back.
the end.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Stressed Out

apparently the happy lingering feeling didn't stay too long.

i guess i just need.. more than what i got last weekend. *sigh*

sleepy. (of course!) and still loads of things to do.

o yeah, today is
56 years old lah my papa. still haven't talked to him this week. haihh~

just checked out the blogger website since a while. (been using w.bloggar to post my blogs for months, now) and discovered that i can easily upload photos with this thing called hello! (read: hoyehh!!)

as you can see the picture above is actually my first assignment for ID. ekkeke. yeah, we created a matchbox with 3ds max. it might seem lame, but it's NOT!! :P

okay.. should get my shower.
hungry laahhh!! but i'm money-less! bencik!

i guess the only thing that annoys me about hello is the fact that the interface is like a chat window (which confuses me!!) and that it's ABSOLUTELY useless for a real post. (better stick to posting pics with short descriptions) ohh, another thing that annoys, that icon after each postt! >>> Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

it's JUNEE??!

can we rewind time, pleasseee??
somehow i am not ready for june. i don't know!! time just.. flies, doesn't it?

i tend to forget plenty of things lately, so i've been listing out dates i should remember in june! huhuu~ somehow i am not that confident that i'll remember to even look at the list.
tengah rase cam nak mama papa datang sini somehow. my reason was for them to send me my chalk pastel, which they couldn't find, so they told me to buy a new set, which i didn't even check if there's any in stores - so they'd come over whether they like it or not! *hopes* hahahhaha!! i am SO self centered! :))

really sleepy at the moment. woke up at 6 to accompany lily to KLIA to send off ilsa to ireland for a vacation with his family. then she treated me whopper junior! hoyehh~ makan free! :)) i'm getting very.. money-oriented lately.. and it's all mmu's darned fault!! grRrRrRr! X(

MPD class this morning was boring, but i was pre-occupied by my homework anyways. all i know that we've been given our assignment already. may be checking it out on friday. jom meeting!!!! ekkeke! *thoughts wandering*
and in Human Factors, we go into metaphors again and we were told to draw out a metaphor that represents ourselves and i drew a water jug with a single ant in it. (we were required to draw a inanimate object and a natural life-form) hehhe.. you think you could try intrepet that out? :P

sleepy!!! good thing i have no class this afternoon! weeee~! mr john and mr khong are awesome! *bodek bodek*

wondering why he didn't say anything at all to me this morning.. tak sudi agaknye?

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