Friday, June 18, 2004

my so called "hiatus"!

ekkekeke! i am hopeless! really can't resist myself. been saying over and over again to stop but it's just hopeless! (not talking just about blog, now)

okay.. would probably be going home tonight since i won't have anything much for me here. huhuuu. (still needing a good kick)

yesterday, i was SO close to do something that might turn out to be VERY stupid. ekkeke! rase nak menjerit. and i was a bit shaky coz i was soo scared i might actually do it. haaihh~ good thing i wasn't provoked, or i would probably be more unfocused as i already am today.
why unfocused? 'coz i still need to do my assignment (didn't get any sleep, mind you) and yet i am here.. typing out this entry! ekkeke! (kick!)

quiz yesterday was entertaining. i hope so will the lecturer who will mark my paper. heehee. then the lecturer let us go 30minutes early, and hobbitses decided to skip their next class.. which left me about 5-10minutes ALONE boringly! (before lily called me saying that they were having lunch in hb3! ekkekeke!) haihhh! so i FINALLY called that friend i said i wanted to call few days ago. heehee. amusing, as always. :) tengkiu encik for helping me waste some time! :D

human factors, we were shown this movie, paycheck which was.. kinda okay i think, but i couldn't get to concentrate on some parts since we were given a homework referring to that movie. hehhe! rase klakar.. but okay lah! then i think i could've been an annoyance to my groupmates 'coz i kept asking if i can leave for home. (we stayed back a bit so we could discuss for today's presentation) haaihh~ i don't know exactly why i wanted to leave so much..

ohh! yesterday adam asked me if i "still have that cute angelic face"!!! ahhahahahaha!!!! MEREPEK APE KAU NI WEHH?! tak tahan btol.
i don't know laa.. agaknye these days, (i think i am having my pms, by the way) i've been producing more pheromones kot! logik tak? ekekkekeke!! this week alone ade berape entah yang tetiba say nice things to me. PELIKNYEHH! kamu sumer sudah nyanyukk?? :))
dah.. i better get on with my drawings.

arep and musz, welkam back to skool! adam as well!! blaja rajen rajen, yahh!
maybe i'll see you dudes during my break? jom jomm!
ohh! wish me luck for this afternoon! yikes!

6:29 pm presentation went.. i don't know! quite poor lah to put it nicely. but i amazed myself for keeping cool even though i actually had more than 15 words to say right there. (wahhh!) but maybe 'coz the class was almost empty! ekkekeke! ID is good for my confidence boost lah. :D

missing bahijah already. hehhe! (i love the fact that you like to leave notes on those post-its for meee! :x) and i haven't seen ana since last night. asha is sleeping. :D should start packing my things. :) (i'm going home!! hoyehhh!! TV!!!! ahhahahha!) gonna miss those favorable gits i call "friends" even for just a week.. :)

it's been quite a good first half of term, yahh?


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