Friday, June 04, 2004


your words just seem to struck me directly to the heart somehow.
the ones i love to hear.. and also the things i wish not to.
amazing yah? no?

okay.. i am losing any appetite for ANYTHING what so ever.
rase nak melekat kat sofa and do nothing AT ALL for at least two days.
feeling sad, to be honest.. so you should expect me moping around with stupid things to say..

lallalallalaaaaaa! BOSANN!! dan sakit kepala..
effect 'kenakalan' dah wear off and i get scared all over again. tadi cam dah berani dah.. skali takut balek.. haiyyohhh!

it hasn't been my best week, hasn't it? grrr.
but i'll have prisca and rosie with me here for the weekends!! hoyehh!
if only lily was here as well.. and you! yeahh you...


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