Monday, June 14, 2004

aishiteru ottosan. hontoni.

:D cayang papa.
i'll get to that in a bit.

okay.. spent the night sleepless, trying to finish up that darned ugly website. (which i can't wait to put down once i'm certain that the lecturer have seen it!) but i did slept a bit after 6 until around 9.
huhuuu~ sempat mengigau dan sebagainye, disaksikan oleh si asha. 8-} (papa laughed when i told him about it)
got to finish my short report. and then i got a message from arep on friendster! heehee! kinda missed him a bit, so i checked the message straight away. sempat macam short chat lak! :D

left home at 1130 and walked towards mmu. straight to hb1 to get our reports printed, but lucky for prisca, only hers got printed. dahlaa kene tunggu lembu mana print, lamaaaaaa!! mine and rosie was unable to be printed, and we got to class SO late that it has already ended!! hahaha! of course, that was 1230!! ekekke! managed to see hanafizan in her room, though.. so she lets us to send the report through her email. :)

adoi. i am SUPER sleepy but i am going to go on about today anyways. humm..
afterwards. 130. reloaded my phone, (yes, second time for this month alone!!) gila.. i know.. it's crazy. it took me less than 2 weeks to finish my rm50!! (i know i should have more resistance... but i DON'T! lalallaa~) ekkeke!! after reloading another rm30, called up papa who's on the way to meet me up and bring me to printgate! :D (yah, sort of an alasan just to see him juga!) :D
o yeahh! while walking towards hb3, i bumped into izrul! ahaa! :D funny to say that through all my years in school with him, that was the first time we ever waved at each other! hahhaha!!
ohh.. and i have 6 boxes of fresh & white. wanna trade with something? ekkeke.

arrived in restoran jaring in sunway (papa likes the place 'coz it has a huge choice of veggies!) around 215. after a good lunch, (and a good dose of gluttony at that!) we got to printgate, and that mamat person was as friendly as always. (me like friendly people!) :D he asked about why i am printing it late.. where's lily.. blablablaa.. and then guess what! guess who was standing beside me at the cashier's?! HAZAMI - the sonata musim salju guy!! ahhahaha!! no nooo.. not star-strucked at all! he's very.. soft, yahh?? and err.. short! we exchanged smiles, by the way.

drive back here.. i don't know how we got to the subject but i asked papa one question that i KINDA wish i hadn't ask. gomen ne ottosan! wish i hadn't look at your face at that time. haaihh~ made me wanna cry. sorry! didn't mean to brought up that subject at all.. but it all just blurts out. heehee! sori soriiiiiii!! heehee! i was really curious! sorryyyy!!
and then when he drops me off in front of cyberia.. papa said something sweet! ekkeke! klakarnyee! amused lah.. i was amused. :)

thank you world! today has been okay. sleepy, but okay!


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