Friday, June 04, 2004

prisoner of azkaban.

was a disappointment!
i'm sorry for that whatzitsname-mr director. i think he did an awful job adapting my favorite book out of the 5!!! grrrr.
everything just seem to rush over, doesn't it? one moment it's autumn, then it's winter - spring - back to summer! hello??? i know he had to put things in that 2 hours period but hello?? how much information can a person actually take from that short scenes??


saw the movie with lily, on our way to the lobby i saw this familiar dude.. "ehh abang ablen!" ekekke! and ablen, of course. (hello? they're both ablens! ekkeke!)

back to the movie now...
better stick to the book. i love the book more. i guess that's just as expected.. after all, i did love the LOTR book than the movies. the movies helped, yess.. but the book was more satisfying. :D
what's neat about this thrid installment is the CASTS!!

i'd give.. daniel radcliffe, emma watson, rupert grint and tom felton a BIG THUMBS UP for growing up beautifully! ekkeke!! very nice to the eyes.. :x :x me and lily was like.. half-drooling over those kids. dan especially. i love that moment he paused at the stairs of leaky couldron, looking at his two mates. someone should take a still picture of it so i can put it on my desktop!!!! :x :x hahhahha!!
i also like the editing. awesome! and camera angles. awesome!! :D harry and ron with neville, dean and seamus goofing around in their dormitories. AWESOME!! rupert's cute. i think harry should be with hermione and leave ron just to me. :x hahhahahaha!!

thanks lily!


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