Monday, June 07, 2004

wish i have a crystal ball show me if it's worth it all.

mixed emotions.. sekali lagi.
sakit dada dan kepala. (read: sakit hati dan otak)

rase nak bercerita dan tak cerita dalam masa yang sama. cemane ekk?

it's like this..
i always ask for the wrong questions that i thought i wanted to know so much, but when i get the answer, it gets me so frustrated and half-wishing that i didn't ask it on the first place.. coz honestly! it was i who was bongok enough to ask it on the first place, kan? nak salahkan orang lain pon takleyy...
wanie nak tahuuuuu! tapi wanie tak suka bila tahuuuu! and wanie tahu wanie tak patut pon rase tak sukaaaa!!
aaaaaaaaAAAAaAaAaaAaAaA!! (menjerit seperti gila)

what annoys me the most would probably be my nerves..
'coz whenever i feel this way, my hands would tremble and there'd be a numbing pain on the chest.



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