Monday, June 07, 2004

emotion sickness

*sighing endlessly*

spent a wonderful day yesterday outside.
all thanks to encik bucuk!
you've never failed.. make it never ever, yah? ehee~
(am i counting my chickies before they hatch? ..sorry!)
but, thank youuuuu!!
(even though at times i feel like one silly git)
hope you had a good time as well.. :P
akhirnye dapat juge wanie kasi that silly thingy. uhuu~ kalo wanie merepek sangat harap maaf ye, kinda wish i can open them with you to be honest 'coz i can't remember what i put in them anymore. aihh!

though, sekali balek umah, my computer buat hal pula.
sangat sedih. all my files on Desktop and in My Documents.. GONE?!!
my assignments.. encik bucuk-related stuff jugek. :(
bencikk! tak tenang wanie tido smalam.. dreamt about stupid stupid things, but also something about that my files weren't really gone and i was able to find them somehow.

so in the morning.. i searched through the pc.. and yahhhh!!!! they weren't really gone! but.. i don't know why the computer won't show my files and folders! grrr!!
so anyways, right now i'm gonna try restart my computer, in hope that the folders i've transfered in still where i put it.


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