Wednesday, June 30, 2004


just got back from the loo - akibat drinking one large + one regular sized plain sirap/syrup. hahahha!! was out with lily to meet ilsa and somehow we end up practically touring subang's hotspots(?) for some hanging out in the night. heehee.

still sleepy. should've gotten some shut-eye in the afternoon but i was distracted by the movie prisca's computer was playing - kill bill 2; which i didn't see the first half of it(?). tapi ade one part tuuuuuu.. ADOI!! in the "elle and i" chapter.. that's something that i'd hate to happen. bukan hate laa.. more to a nightmare, really.. :-S

ape nak cerita ni aa? this is more like wasting my time laa.. drogo's with prisca in the room so and i don't think i can get any sleep, anyways! rosie's busy finishing up her assignment, and lily's in front of the computer lah!
maaaan, i NEED to get a life away from this darned computer! i wonder what my sisters did to kill time when they were at my age. *sigh* i doubt they think about their feelings as much as i do! *sigh* hopeless lahh, me.

i want life, please! a real one.

Am I really chasing? This felt like I am only running TOWARDS him, not directly TO him. Well, that could just be one of my lame excuses but I really don't feel like CHASING 'coz I shouldn't be this slow..


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