Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hello, 32.

And hi, reality. hahahaha!

Well, I've always talked about my grey hair anyway and I do embrace them. Makes me a whole lot like Rogue of X-Men. Unfortunately my job does not agree with the "old and wise" look so I always have to colour them in every few months.
Not my favourite thing to do since all those hair colouring products stink.
Gets really boring when you've done them since you're 25 -- and yes, that's how young I was when I first noticed the grey hairs.

Anyway, I've been really quiet this month, haven't I? My ideas just never made it to the blog unfortunately. Like always, ideas on this and that but time always gets the better of me.

My birthday came and went and I've got nothing to report.
As always I expected more, but at the same time there really is nothing to expect. It's always like that. I keep hoping for something magical to happen, maybe. But what magic is there when it's just one more day, one more year of your life?

Yes, yes, I am blessed and grateful for another day, but really.. I just can't seem to shake off the bad funk that I always feel around this time of year. It's sad and sickening at the same time. I am constantly in this loop that I can't get out of.

So hey!
I bought some stuff to cheer me up. hahaha! Let's call this my birthday haul. Stuff that I truly bought in the excuse of my birthday.

First I made a purchase in Sephora (naturally), and I was happy to see that they carried the holiday limited edition set from Kat Von D! As you may know (if you happen to stumble upon my Instagram, I suppose) I LOVE her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick! I already have eight of them and when I saw this set online, I knew.. I MUST have it!
Perhaps I'll write a specific post on them one day. heh! Don't hold your breath though.

Then I saw a cute lil' onesie by La Senza, and though I've always been apprehensive about bodysuits before -- how does one get out of it when they need to tinkle? -- and against my better judgement, I decided to get it anyway.
Just so you know.. onesie.. bodysuits.. whatever you decide to call it -- if you ever think of getting it, I hope you have the bladders of steel! Because let me tell you, it IS a pain to get out of one everytime you need to pee! hahahaha. But you can't deny, they are stinkin' cute on.

My final purchase was a flashy one. Been wanting to get a new perfume for months now. Been wanting a Dyptique perfume since probably last year even! I guess they're probably just as expensive as Jo Malone but I somehow feel like Jo Malone is a tad more achievable. hahahaha! (They're just as expensive, really.)

I went into the store in Pavilion not really knowing what to get but the sales associates were really helpful. Having Encem there was great too because it's just easier to decide on a scent with him around. After all, he's going to be smelling it of off me so we might as well get a scent that the both of us could love.

Loving my purchases so far. Not enough to get me out of my funk, but I'm pretty happy with my buys.
Year-end is fast approaching and I do intend to have a couple more entries before we enter the new year. So let's hope that happens and not become yet another idea that didn't materialise.

Hope you're having a good December, I'll speak to you again soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I don't know..
I feel like I'm especially super spendy lately.
I mean, "feeling spendy" is pretty frequent for me but for the past few weeks I'd been SUPER spendy.
I blame the upcoming holidays and basically all my favourite brands came out with special edition stuff and "value for money" sets.
I wish I could go through a whole year without spending except for at this time of the year when I know that I'll definitely spend my money.

Suppose I don't feel too bad considering I don't just buy things for myself.
But I do buy a whole lot for myself! bahahahaha!!

I kinda blame my roster too for giving me the access to spend. heehee
I've been flying to Perth in the past few weeks and I LOVE Perth!
I can always find something to buy whenever I'm there. Terrible, but I can't hate it.

Let's start off with Lush Cosmetics.
I LOVE getting bubble baths. Even though I don't really have a bath at home, but a lot of the hotels that I'm staying in has a bath tub.
Naturally I had to stock up on my fave bubble bars and shower products for those times when I do get the chance to have a bath.

So I got myself two of the Christmas edition's bubble bars; Sunnyside which smelled really citrusy and completely covered in gold dust, and Magic Wand which smelled like candy and I honestly got because it looked cute and even has a little bell tied to the stick! hahaha

I also got a couple of Kinky hot oil treatment for hair because I was curious and I've never had any hot oil treatment what so ever. The idea sounded fun and easy enough to do, so yeah..
I repurchased the smallest size of The Olive Branch because it's tiny, good for travel and Encem and I have a holiday-ish coming up.

And last, I grabbed the Happy Daze gift box (and gifted it to MYSELF) because my favourites were in there! I had set my heart on a different gift box before I got to the store but I don't know.. the wrapper for the Happy Daze set looked really fun, I guess. hahahha! I am such a sucker for packaging, I know.

So I've used Sunnyside while I was in Narita the other day, and I was worried that the gold dust might stick to my skin and would be too hard to remove but I had no trouble at all. It made my tiny bathroom smelled really sweet and fresh and the water an almost ethereal orange colour with the gold specks floating around.

I tried out Kinky, but I don't have any real thoughts on it yet. Perhaps I put too much hot water in it or something but it didn't make my really curly hair any less kinked. It felt quite nourished without feeling oily, made my hair kinda heavy.. maybe a little less frizzy, but they were just as easily tangled.
So I don't know.. Not too sure how my hair was supposed to feel anyway, but I do plan on doing the treatment again and then decide whether I actually like the product or not.

Alright, my next purchase was from David Jones. David Jones and Myer is basically equivalent to Parkson or Metrojaya here in Malaysia.
I love going into these stores to look at their home stuff. Appliances, utensils, servingware..  I know, mak-mak sangat, but I especially love checking out the home bits by Kate Spade New York.
fun fact! I love checking out Kate Spade for their homewares and stationeries instead for what they're better know for; bags and clothes, but we don't get much of those in KL..

I did get the yellow journal from the store in MidValley but what I was originally looking for was the one with the pink cover. I figured that it would probably run out of stock before I was able to look for it elsewhere, but lo and behold! It was right there in David Jones.
So I had to have it. Plus they're blank ruled journals. I'll find ways to use the one with the yellow cover somehow so I didn't think I was reckless for spending RM100 on a journal. I mean, all my Moleskines must've costed more than that. I mean.. who are we kidding, I ALWAYS splurge on my stationeries! hahahha

It irked me a little how 'spensive it is compared to the one I bought in KL. I find that American brands in Australia is normally more expensive than they are in KL. I do have a rule to not simply buy things anywhere outside of KL unless they're obviously cheaper and they're simply not available here. And thanks to modern technology, I would normally browse the internet for the prices so I can compare.

So yeah, even if you see me write about all these posts about shopping and stuff, most of them are well planned ahead and calculated. Also, most times I have a shopping list that I carry in my back pocket.

Back onto the Kate Spade journal though, I had a specific idea, a writing project that I want to start with the one with the pink cover. I've been going in and out of Kate Spade stores here for months hoping to find it. Getting it online, paying for shipping just for the one thing would be reckless so when I actually saw it on display -- HAD to have it.

I didn't have to get the Initial Card Set though.. that was a splurge. heeheee
I'm also a sucker for personalised shit, as you should figure out by now.

Then my final shopping spree happened once I got back to KL. Origins had came out with their holiday gift sets so I was basically stocking up on my faves and setting myself up for the year. I've tried a bunch of skincare products from a bunch of brands but I always come back to Origins.

The first one I got was the Radiance Ready set (RM200) which has a scrub cleanser and moisturiser from the Ginzing range, and a serum and mask from the Original Skin range. I've tried and loved three of the products so I am looking forward to trying out the scrub which is the only product I've never tried before.
The second set that I got was the Moisturize and Be Merry gift set (RM280) which includes a serum, moisturiser, treatment lotion and cleansing milk from the Make A Difference Plus+ range, which is another line that my skin loves.Now, if you've never tried Origins products before, the GinZing line is catered for normal skin while the Make A Difference Plus+ is for dryer skin. They do have a bunch of lines targeting specific skin concerns but I just mostly need hydration so these two lines are what I usually go after.The last set I got was the Prep & Mask set (RM 165) because I've been meaning to try the Maskimizer which was advertised to make your masks works better. May be gimmicky but it's basically a deluxe sample size so at least I'm not spending too much money on a bottle of spray water. It also has the Clear Improvement mask which is a standard charcoal mask, Original Skin mask that I've mentioned, I LOVE and don't mind having back ups of, and the Drink Up intensive overnight mask which is one that I currently have in my travel toiletries bag.I now just basically use that as my night cream instead of an actual night cream whenever I'm on a night stop somewhere. Smells delicious and really hydrates the skin. Pretty perfect after spending the day in an aircraft, really.So that's it! Everything that I've bought recently in an almost carefree manner. hahahha! I'm especially excited on the skincare because I'm close to finishing the day cream that I am currently using, and it's not by Origins so I've been missing my usual favourites.I did go back to Sephora last week to get some bits of things that weren't available during the sales. Also got a small present for Mama's birthday that is coming up this weekend. Also some bits and bobs I might need for our holiday-ish.Honestly.. just.. super spendy somehow.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

JPO Haul!

You know my love for bargains..
And perhaps you know my love for outlets too.. heh!

It's been a while since I've been to any factory outlets. I have not stepped foot in Citygate (Hong Kong) for God knows how long. I missed out on Rinku (Osaka) earlier this year because I was unwell. Can't remember when I last went to Watertown (Perth) and since Rebecca Minkoff left Shisui (Narita), I just didn't feel like paying the ¥700 bus fare to get there.
I did have a look around in Mitsui (Sepang) in January but there wasn't anything much to get then.

So when I'm rostered for a day off in JHB, all I could think of was Johor Premium Outlet!
And the hotel we're staying offers free shuttle to and fro the outlet so, hooray!

Apparently the last time I was there was May of 2014! A lot has changed. The place seemed a lot livelier and there were a lot more interesting brands on offer!

My first purchase was from Kate Spade New York. I'd been coveting the Zodiac Pendant Necklace since I first saw it sometime last year, but I really couldn't justify the price. So as all of the Kate Spade accessories that I own, I only get them on sales. It was luck really, that they had my sign!
It was originally RM230, but after 60% discount I paid RM92!

Then I went into The Cosmetic Company Store where I got the Origins Superstar Minis which was a 2014 gift set. I am quite critical when buying beauty products to be honest. I mean, I am well prepared to wait for the gift sets coming up in the next few weeks but I love Origins. And I love minis. Plus products manufactured two years ago didn't seem TOO bad, in my head. I mean, they are unopened! But that's where I set my limit; no more than two years.
Anyway, I paid RM116 for the set. I'll probably chuck some of these minis into my emergency toiletries kit.

I also got a Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick in the shade Greige from the same store. I think it's RM110-ish(?) from a Bobbi Brown store, and CCS sells them for RM88.
Pretty good, I think. You know how I owe my lazy days to cream eyeshadow sticks!

I also went to the Levi's, GAP and La Senza outlets, but I really don't need anymore denim and I'm all stocked in the lingerie department all thanks to the Independence Day Sales almost two months ago.

So next I headed to the Bath & Body Works outlet. They mostly had their normal priced items, but a few off-season scents that were half-priced!
Which was PERFECT and annoying at the same time.
Side story; last month I ran out of my favourite wallflower scent, Watermelon Lemonade. So I purchased some other scents for the rooms in my home. Last week Bath & Body Works had a sale where you get "RM50 off with RM150 purchase, RM100 off with RM250 purchase." Knowing that I'll probably only see my favourite scent next summer (B&BW changes their scent range according to the seasons, in case you didn't know) I decided to stock up on the scents I like now.

Since the B&BW outlet in JPO has off-season scents, guess what they have at 50% off..
Watermelon Lemonade wallflower refills!
Of course I got a few of them.
Of course I got some other things that were half-priced as well; Leaves in the Scentportables refills and Concentrated Room Spray.

Just as I thought I was done and was heading to Coffee Bean to wait for my shuttle back to the hotel, I saw the Cosmetics & Designer Fragrance store.

Said I wasn't going to repurchase Giorgio Armani Si perfume. (Well, technically.. I didn't.) Then I saw it in deodorant spray (n.p. RM233.20 - crazy!) on display. On its right was Si shower gel (n.p. RM169.60), while on its left was the body cream (n.p. RM349.80 - nuts!).
I caved like I never caved before, I was such a sucker! hahahaha
My actual total was RM335 but I got an extra 10% off so I paid RM301.50 for all three items, which was cool!

That was a total splurge so I feel kinda bad for that one. At the same time, I'm also SO excited to start using them! My armpits are going to smell oh-SO-good! HAHAHAHA

All in all I had an awesome shopping trip in JPO! Clearly I was feeling spendy, but I think I made pretty awesome purchases there!

Not looking forward to work tomorrow though. Wake up call is at 0400!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Honestly I'd say that I'm quite depressed.
A friend once said that I was brooding.
Years have passed, and apparently I simply couldn't stop brooding.

I suppose I shouldn't really diagnose myself as being depressed.
Or even talk about it when I haven't really seek help.
Like I never seek help for my trouble sleeping.
As this suffocating feeling of sadness and hopelessness.

Every once in a while it gets like this for me.
My head gets heavy. Then there's like an invisible force pressing on my chest. Every laughter feels like an elaborated act. Every smile feels like an effort.
When I'm alone in my bed, I'd just cry my eyes out. Didn't need to be over anything. Sometimes having to do the laundry triggers it. Basically nothing, really.

I'm feeling unimportant.
I'm feeling worthless.
And I'm quite a feminist myself, so feeling these sort of feelings is also making me feel stupid at the same time. I'm angry at myself, I'm angry at the world.
I'm angry with life.

I'm questioning my part in the world.
Questioning my purpose in life.
How can I love my family, and know that I'm loved, but still feel excruciatingly alone.

Anyway, this will pass.
It may not sound normal, but it's pretty normal for me by now.
I may not keep my chin up, but I'll carry on. I'll wander around this earth in the attempts to fill up the emptiness inside of me.
Pray that perhaps one day I can be done with writing such sad entries.
Confident that when I say that I'm happy, I truly am and contented.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Time wasted.. or time well spent?

I came back from Mumbai today wanting to do a whole lot of stuff.

Do a load of laundry..
Sort the pile of clean clothes into the wardrobe..
File my nails.
Clean my travel makeup bag, because my Nars tinted moisturiser exploded in it and made a mess onto everything else in that bag.
Do an inventory of all my personal care back-ups so I know what I need to get the next time I go shopping thus avoiding unnecessary spending.
Pay the bills.
Water the plants.
Sort my makeup collection, and switch up the contents of my travel makeup bag.
Replenish what that is lacking from my toiletries bag.
Throw out the trash.. because no one else bothered to do it before I get back.
Wash my hair.
Colour my hair.

I got home at noon, and after a little chill out with YouTube while I was filing my nails, I shut down around two thirty because I barely had an hour of sleep before my flight back. I managed to set the alarm to wake me up at three, but after a couple of snooze, I just turn it off and finally woke up at seven thirty in the evening!

So much for wanting to be productive.

It's time like this when I get so upset for wasting daylight and the chance to get things done.
At the same time, I also believe that I needed that time to just rest and not worry about all my "plans".
I'm not great at sleeping, so when I do sleep, I should appreciate that time more, right? I still feel like I've wasted my time, though.

I am still chilling and haven't quite muster the energy to carry out my chores. Paid the bills, since I'm in front of the laptop anyway. It is almost midnight and I do feel the need to wash my hair so it needs to happen tonight.

Wish I am not feeling so discouraged to do all the houseworks honestly.
I've been feeling like I'M the only person in this house who ever gives a shit. I'm tired of feeling so alone. Bored of having to be the responsible one. Am I not allowed to be lazy once in a while?? Pfft!

Ranting isn't doing any good, so I'll stop.
I need a good long holiday, really. I just need to get away.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Sephora Black Card Members Sale; October 2016

Dear God, I spent a LOT!

Doesn't look like much, but if my shopping bag were stolen yesterday, I would run after the thief! Or cry. Probably run after the thief first then cry because I am so out of shape!
To think that I had wanted some other things but they were all out of stock in store..

Now if you're not familiar with Malaysian Sephora, they normally have their member's sale every May and October with 20% discount on everything. So if you have something 'spensive you'd like to try, it's the BEST time to get it!

I got four things from the Sephora brand itself;
First, is a box of the Express Eye Makeup Remover Wipes. I've never tried this before, but I love the portability of their Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes so I decided to chuck it in my basket.
When it comes to makeup removing wipes, I trust in the Simple brand, but the packaging is quite large and would take up some space in my toiletries bag.

So I plan on putting some sachets of these Sephora wipes in my "emergency toiletries bag". For times when Encem tells me that we're going to see his mom in Puncak Alam where the drive takes forty minutes to an hour. And we'd stay there for hours, and he'd be too tired or sleepy (from the awesome meals) to drive back home.
Which reminds me, I should put together that emergency toiletries bag soon.

I also got a loofah (or as they call it, Bath Flower! pfft), because as it turns out I like the one from Sephora! It gets the job done and has held its shape. I've had mine for months now (which is why I should replace it) and it is still well intact.

Then there's the Glass Nail File which I bought because Cristine from Simply Nailogical said that clipping your nails is bad. hahahha.

Last from the Sephora Collection is the Mini 4-step Buffer that I bought because Encem uses them. Simply. I do think of him sometimes when I shop, see! hahaha

Now on to the more fun part;
I got the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder on a whim. As mentioned in the previous post, I am not a powder-girl but this setting powder has so many good reviews and I've always wanted to try baking. I don't know.. Felt kinda bad for getting it when it wasn't on my wishlist/shopping list (as the rest of the things I purchased were) but thinking it was on sale (RM189 n.p.) and I'd never get it otherwise.. purchase -- happened.

I mean, I could bake with my Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder that Mami got me a couple of birthdays ago but you never see any of those YouTubers talk about it! huhuu.
Anyway, no excuses really. I told you I got the powder on a whim.

Another sort-of-whim, sort-of-not purchase is the Too Faced Hangover Primer. I also don't normally prime my face because I have yet to find one that I can say I love. I've tried Benefit The POREfessional, Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Nars Pro-prime Light Optimizing Primer and I have no particular thoughts on them. They all made my makeup stay longer (I think?) but I always feel that it's a hassle to put on. Truly, just another extra step to do before I put on my makeup. And, I can always feel them on, which I don't particularly enjoy.
Apparently the Hangover Primer is suppose to hydrate the skin as well, so we'll see how I get on with it. I did try it on once I got home yesterday and it is lightweight, so that's a good sign.

I repurchased the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. I do love it. My under-eyes loves it. I mean, I am quite sad that it's taken the number one spot, replacing my old time fave Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer but it's what my skin loves at the moment.

Then I (re)purchased WEN by Chaz Dean Healthy Hair Kit. I've used one up a couple of months ago and loved it. But spending RM 136 on a 480ml shampoo is.. terrible, really. (Pretty sure it didn't cost that much when I first bought it, though.)
This set is RM 198 n.p. (yikesss!!) but you get the full size cleansing conditioner, a hair masque and a treatment mist. The product is basically a lazy-girl's shampoo; a cleansing conditioner. One that mostly hydrates your hair but leaves it feeling squeaky clean.
I would normally use this when my hair feels disgusting, but I still have work the next day so it's a waste of time to do the whole hair care shebang when I know it's just going to get disgusting again. heh. It's great for days like that.

A new purchase is the Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel. Believe it or not, it has been on my wishlist ever since it first came out! But for the life of me, I cannot justify the price for a friggin' brow gel. Still had doubts about getting it. But yesterday I just took it off the shelf and chuck it into my basket.
The thing about having a wishlist, while the thing you wanted is still on that list, it just keeps on haunting you. Even when you KNOW that you're not supposed to get it. You KNOW it can't be that magical to have such steep price. Still, it haunts you.
The heart wants what it wants. hahaha

I've also repurchased a full size Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light. Now, that's a commitment. And yes, I've just bought a loose setting powder. Whatever.
Dim Light was sold out everywhere and all the other shades were too shimmery for what I intend to do with it. Plus Dim Light can sometimes make my foundation seem a bit warmer since it has a peachy-beige tone to it. I'm hoping the pinky tone of Mood Light will keep things neutral on me.

The final thing that I bought on this sale (also the one I am most excited about.. also the most 'spensive. huhuu) is the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. It has great reviews from my favourite YouTubers so naturally, I had to try it out.
I don't know why I like to hover around Hourglass honestly. They're damn expensive!!

Anyway, I tried it yesterday and liked it so far. I mean, I can't say much when I've only used it for a couple of hours. It does have a huge selection of shades, and it is high coverage. Quite creamy, blends easily and I didn't use much at all. Really looking forward to using it again and have a true test of its staying power.
It's my first time ever owning a stick foundation by the way, so I'm excited!

So that's what I got during the Sephora Black Card Members Sale this time around. I don't think I've ever spent this much on makeup.. thanks, Hourglass!
If you're looking to get anything from Sephora, the sale is still on until tomorrow, Sunday October the 9th, in stores and online!

*Some of the products mentioned are linked to the product page on Sephora.COM as the products are only available in the physical stores.
**Not all Sephora stores are stocked equally, Hourglass products are only stocked in Starhill and KLCC, Laura Mercier is not stocked in Starhill and Pyramid.. you may want to call them up and check if the store you'd like to visit has the brand that you're looking for.
***Random story: I visited three Sephora stores yesterday, started off in Starhill, had lunch in Pavilion, walked towards KLCC then checked the one in Avenue K before I headed home on the LRT.

Friday, October 07, 2016


Let's get this one thing straight.
Keeping aside all my empty bottles and tubes feels really unnatural. And having to put them all on the bed for this picture.. feels kinda yuck! hahahaha

But anyway, thought I'd talk about some of the things I've finish up in the past few weeks.


I've finally finish up my NARS Sheer Glow foundation! ..and you know that I've got a new bottle of it! I love this stuff, and the only reason that I hadn't finish it sooner is because I don't travel with it. A little horrified by the thought of leaving it in some hotel, rather than the bottle breaking really.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is the bomb when it comes to brow pencils, honestly. I am still using that one as I always buy back-ups. But as I am now using the back-up, I need to order some more because not having a spare is making me rather nervous.

Benefit They're Real mascara is one of my faves. This is my second tube of it, but I'm quite fickle when it comes to mascaras. Not too fussy about it so I am currently using one from Urban Decay (at home) and Tarte (while travelling) but I know if all fails, I can always go back to They're Real.

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer was pretty good. It might even be better than my old fave NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I don't know, perhaps the skin under my eye has been even drier than normal and the consistency of the Urban Decay concealer is a tad lighter and feels nicer under my eye.

I've also run out of my travel size Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. It seem like I have a wee bit more on the pan but everytime I try to powder my face with it, it doesn't seem to give me anything really.
Now, I'm not really a powder-girl, but this I LOVE. It made my skin seem smooth and luminous.


Liese Juicy Shower refill.
Okay. I've used this stuff for YEARS and I still don't know what it really does for my hair! hahaha! But I love the way it smells. And it's really handy to have while I'm doing my hair for work. Since I don't wash my hair everyday and it's easier for me to put my hair up in a bun when it's slightly damp.
This is one of those things that I'll ALWAYS repurchase but probably won't talk about again because as mentioned, I don't really know what it does apart from being a good smelling water for the hair.

Now for the first time ever, I don't have a back-up of the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque. Kinda bothers me a bit. It's been a favourite for SO long, but I don't know.. I feel like branching out, trying out different things.
Suppose I'll repurchase if it's on offer or nothing else works out.

Loreal Studio Line Fix and Shine hairspray.
I used to always use this when I started flying. Bought it again because I ran out of hairspray and the brand that I was using was not available at the drug store at the time I had to repurchase.
Reminded why I hadn't use it for so long.
I hated it.
I hate how crunchy it made my hair feel.
HATE how it smells like.. hairspray. hahahha! I feel like getting sick everytime I do my hair for work.
So yeah.. I definitely won't buy this again. SO glad I manage to use it up.


Bath and Body Works Body Scrub in Wild Madagascar is yet another favourite. This was my second tube of it, and I'm going through the third. That's all I have to say about that.

Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Handwash in Fresh Watermelon Lemonade is the handwash that I have in my bathroom. LOVE the scent of it, and yet another product I've repurchased.

Bath and Body Works Deep Cleansing Handwash in Pink Grapefruit Pop is the handwash I had in the kitchen. Perhaps it's the word "deep cleansing" that made it fitting for the kitchen. Basically what made it "deep cleansing" is the presence of beads in the liquid soap. It's a mild scrub for the hands! I've also repurchased this handwash, but in a different scent this time. Now the kitchen area sometimes smells of pineapple!

I've almost run out of the Lush Cosmetics body wash in The Olive Branch but I decided to include the bottle in for this entry because there's probably just enough for one shower left. It is unlike any other body wash I've used. It's very thin in consistency, very liquid-y. But I like the scent, and so does Encem. I don't really know how to describe the scent, but it doesn't smell like olive oil that's for sure. It smells fresh and pleasant. hahahaha! So descriptive.

Another body wash I've used up is the Original Source in Vanilla & Raspberry. Now this, I can say, smelled divine! It's like the yummiest, sweetest cake you've ever smelled! Loved it while it lasted, but I don't think I'll repurchase anytime soon. I like changing things up when it comes to body wash. A shame really, to keep buying the same scent when there are SO many options out there.
I might try a different scent from the same brand though. I love it when things are labelled "vegan" or "natural". Hipster much? hahahaha!
I just love the idea of having less chemical in my products really. (Which is why I tend to splurge on the "good" stuff. heh)


Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm is amongst those things that I'll keep repurchasing. I can't find a bad thing to say about it. It does what it said it would without irritating my eyes or skin. Even though I am currently using Boscia's cleansing oil for when I'm home -- which is just as good, still I repurchased the cleansing balm for me to transfer into a smaller pot for when I'm travelling!

I've also used up a generous sample of Origins Mega-bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser.
It's a foamy cleanser. It washes my face squeaky clean. What else can I say? Suppose I won't repurchase because I'm really not that fussy about foaming cleansers, so I like to try out different things.

I've repurchased Lush Cosmetics Eau Roma Water because I am such a lazy person. Of all the skincare steps, I am most lazy to use a toner. So, a toner water in a spray bottle? Perfect!


I am SO proud (and excited) to say that I've used up TWO perfumes; Taylor Swift Wonderstruck and Georgio Armani Si EDP. Seriously. It is SO rare for me to finish up a bottle of perfume, let alone two! I loved these two scents. Would probably buy Wonderstruck again as it was my work-scent for the longest time. Maybe not Si, because Bestie uses the same scent in Intense sometimes.
I don't know about you, but I always find it weird to smell the same as someone close to you.
Or someone random uses the same perfume as someone close to you.
Scents are just too personal for me, I guess.

Anyway, excited to get a new perfume in the future!
Not too soon though, because I still have a bunch in my collection. Well, four. Five if you count the one that I keep for sentimental value. hehehe


Colgate Optic White toothpaste! hahahahha. Everybody should brush their teeth and this is my toothpaste of choice. I've used up tubes of it. Still not sure if it actually whitens my teeth, but I'll keep on using this -- just in case if it does help with my coffee and cigarette stains.

Lastly, I've finished yet another Bausch & Lomb Renu Fresh Multi-purpose Solution in the 120ml. I only buy the smaller size actually. Read or heard somewhere that you're not supposed to keep an opened eye-solution for too long. Made sense to me since it sits in my bathroom anyway, and it's something that'll end up in my eye. (Should probably not leave it in the bathroom, I know..)
I used to buy the larger bottle as they are more value for money but I am the only one in this household who wears contacts, and I remember that the large bottle lasted me for close to a year!
I doubt that's a good practice.

And that is it! Thank you for staying strong and read through my crap about my trash. I know it sounds kinda stupid but I do feel a deep sense of accomplishment seeing this bundle of crap I've collected. I mean, I know I shop a LOT, but I do go through them!

So yeah.. I can finally throw out all these empty tubes and bottles!
More room for new stuff! bahahhaha!
..which I might talk about tomorrow. heehee

Thursday, September 15, 2016

One ring to rule them all.

I'm still on the look out for the perfect wedding band.
Seven and a half months in, Encem still doesn't have a wedding ring.
I mean, not that it's necessary.. but I'm sappy like that.
I've always loved rings. And of all jewellery ever created for men, I didn't mind rings the most. (Does that sentence make any sense?)

Anyway, we had a silver couple ring made while we were just dating.
I hadn't wore mine since the engagement as I'm only allowed to wear two rings while in uniform. So I chose to wear the engagement ring, which is a simple gold band that Dida and I describe as "Lord of The Rings ring" on my left hand, and on my right is a white gold ring Encem got me with his first paycheck when we started flying.
Yeah.. he's kinda sappy too.

My wedding ring has a stone on it so naturally, I only get to wear it when I'm off.
Wouldn't want anything terrible happen to it.
But I think it's lovely and I wish I get to wear it more often. Plus, we got it at a bargain so yeah, I adore it! hahahaha

So I've browsed the internet for ideas and was keen on this particular Bvlgari platinum ring..
Even went to the Bvlgari store to check it out in person months before our wedding.
It was over RM 5K!
And as much as I'd like to get it, Encem had already told me not to spend too much for his ring. (Also, that ring is waayy more 'spensive than the ring he got me.. so.. tak aci! hahahahha!)

Damn, why does platinum has to be so expensive?!

The search went on and I was then keen on looking at titanium rings. Read on titanium and got myself worried that apparently, if the ring was stuck tight to your finger, hospitals in general doesn't have the tools to cut it!

I mean, not that I'm expecting Encem to get into an accident. But shit could happen, right?
He might get an allergic reaction to something and his hands swells up then he couldn't get the ring off.

Damn, why does titanium has to be so scary??!

So I've been stopping at those small kiosks in malls where they sell jewellery out of silver.
Silver -- how unexciting.
But even they didn't have the design that I was looking for! I've been looking for MONTHS and I'm getting frustrated.

I really hope that I'll find something by our first anniversary.
I still have a few months to be inspired.
Or save up and get him an expensive one and just not tell him that it's actually expensive. hahahaha! I am more likely to do that, really.

I've been feeling spendy lately but for the life of me, I couldn't justify getting anything at all!
Kinda trying to save up.
We need a good.. loooong holiday.
My leave for this year have pretty much run out so I'm really looking forward to the new year!

Friday, September 09, 2016

I did.. NOTHING!

So much for wanting to be productive.
Suppose I shouldn't have went to bed at 3 AM in the first place. heh
I did woke up just about 10 though, so it wasn't terrible..
But Encem was around and he was sleeping in.. and really, if you have any idea how HARD it is being a crew-couple, you'll understand how difficult it is to do ANYTHING at all when your partner is around, but leaving.

Does that make any sense at all?

While I have the day completely free, Encem was flying out in the evening and would be gone for a couple of days.
So all my hopes and dreams were gone when I saw him still sound asleep yesterday morning.
I just didn't feel like getting busy.
Even after he woke up, and was cool with one of my errands, I really didn't feel like doing anything else than chill with him.

Better luck today.

I probably need to just have a day's rest anyway. Being home with hubs gave me just that.
Slept in. (Kinda.) Did a bit of laundry; our hamper is empty for once in a very long time! Played Angry Birds Friends (ha!), Encem made lunch (God knows I can't cook!) then napped for a few hours! I didn't need to, but hubs will be working overnight so.. I had nothing else better to do. hahahha!

I miss Encem already.
Even though I've been cranky a whole lot this past few days.
Gotta get to bed early tonight if I wanna do anything useful later during the day.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Admin-day... sort of.

Late arrival last night.
Or extremely early arrival today.
MH 2617, STA 0030.
Depends on how you'd like to see it.
But basically I have the entire day to do what ever the heck I want.. on a Thursday.

I enjoy having a free-day during a weekday.
Feels like I can get a whole lot of things done. Theoretically anyway.
Depends on what time I'll wake up later today. I might actually set an alarm even though I hate doing so on a sort of off day.

Kinda keen on the idea of going to the bank.
Or get an appointment with a doctor.
Maybe window shop.
Or catch pokémon. BAHAHAHAHA!!
I should probably call the bank (not the one that I need to go to) to sort my auto-debit for my insurance. Kinda keen on just going to that bank instead of making a call. (ughhh phonecalls!)
I have a list of things that I'd like to sort out but I'm more interested on making that list instead of doing what's on them.

Anyway, I am feeling kinda random.
I hadn't planned on writing this entry for the sake of writing an entry but it seems to be turning out that way. Sorry.

I haven't posted anything girly in a while, and I've been planning for one for weeks now. Just haven't got the time to take the photos that I meant to take for that post.

Enough random rambling.
Suppose I could be all random in my Moleskine next.

Monday, September 05, 2016


I HATE being on reserve.
I understand the necessities; understand the importance of it.
But I HATE it with a burning passion.

Few days ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw a colleague post a picture of herself holding a cup of Baskin Robbins in front of a big mirror in either H&M or Forever 21 or the likes, with a caption that she wasn't called up during her 0600-1400 standby period.
I thought, cool.. I'll be on standby on that period as well! Maybe I too, won't get called up.

Then I looked again at my roster.
My standby starts on a Saturday..
And with my track record -- sure enough, I got called up at 6:02 AM two days ago for four sectors.

I don't know why, but I keep flying with arses.
Sorry, maybe not really arses. They were "nice" enough. But I'd categorise them as "bajet best". Which annoys the hell out of me, and I'd always end up heading home exhausted and cranky. Hating work.. hating life; because I'll nitpick every random things I see.

Yesterday was a good day.. Because I was called up on Saturday, my reserve period on Sunday was reduced so operations didn't bother calling me up.
Encem too, who was on reserve was not called up.
So we decided on family time. Went to see both our parents, and even hung out with my sister at her place.

Today is my last day of standby.
A weekday.
When normally it is less likely to get called up.
But of course.. of course..
They rang at 6 something which I didn't pick up, and didn't call again -- until 8 something.
There should be a bunch of people who starts their standby period at eight, and stiiilllllll.. I'm the one who gets called up to a lousy flight.

I'm trying very hard not to be all negative. Trying.
But I need a loooong break.
I was happy that I am rostered with a little over fifty hours this month. I mean, yes, shitty allowance.. I've got bills to pay. But being this unhappy over a little extra money is SO not worth it!

And I've got another set of standby sometime later this month.

I should be getting ready now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A little pick-me-up.

So my single day off was thoroughly spent by doing some random random things.
That morning I headed out to KLCC to meet up with my insurance agent. I chose KLCC, naturally. Thinking that I could spend any free time catching pokémon. I know -- obsessed!

Anyway, the insurance agent is a friend's of Dida so what should've taken less than an hour went on for around three hours! Chatted randomly. The insurance part was probably just half an hour.
I had not planned for it to take that long since I had some "errands" to run, stuff to buy, while trying to get home before Encem does.

Running from one end of KLCC to the other to get shit done didn't help with my time management though. Kinda sucky that I completely forgot to renew my debit cards too. And I was in the bank too! Just somehow I didn't remember that we're supposed to get our debit cards renewed for the Pin & Pay system that's starting next year.

So finally sometime around five I get to walk around the park to see if there's any new pokémon I could catch when Encem called to ask if I wanted to come with him to Kuantan. My mother in law just went through an operation to her back (not exactly slip disc) so he thought of paying her a visit. May I also add that we hadn't been back to Kuantan since the wedding!
Knowing that I'll be on standby the next day, he even suggested that I took emergency leave. (Sorta love him more for that, hahaha!)

I got home around the time Encem did, we had dinner then decided that I should try for a medical leave before having to resort to an EL.
Now on to the coolest doctor I've ever encountered!

Basically he just asked what was wrong with me, and I honestly replied that I'm not physically ill, just extremely tired. (Honesty is the best policy, no?)
We proceeded to chatting about my work, the company.. I told him about my hours this month. Discussed about coming home late and no longer provided with transportation..

So yeah, I got my second MC of the year from a very chill doctor!
He also prescribed me with multi-vitamins. heh

That was Monday.
We had a good, fatty, almost-two days in Kuantan and we are now on our way back.
Mama J looked good. We had our food cravings satisfied. I mean, now that I think about it, we didn't go looking for kepok lekor or ais batu jagung at all while we're there but honestly they didn't cross my mind at all until just now!
Perhaps another Kuantan trip is in order.. hehe

Monday, August 22, 2016

Lelaki gatal.

I just got home a couple of hours ago and despite having a long list of things I should must do, here I am about to share with you a story about a perverted member of the opposite sex.

A passenger, seated at 2A, let's call him Mr. Idiot; was on my flight to BKI two days ago. He was on the flight with passenger at 2C, whom I assumed he worked for. 2C was a Dato/Dato'/Datuk whom must've been somebody because passenger at 4C worked for them too.

Some time during the flight, Mr. Idiot asked for a pen so I handed him one from my stash of hotel pens. During the flight he didn't say much, didn't ask much, but as we were approaching into KKIA he returned my pen purposefully with a piece of tissue paper stuck to it.
I came back into the galley and had a look -- he'd written his phone number with a short message to call him.
A photo posted by Wanie Idris (@wanieidris) on

As I was collecting loose items around the cabin during descent, he signed that he'd written his phone number on the piece of tissue he'd given me.
I politely smiled and showed him the ring on my ring finger..

So we landed, all the passengers disembarked, the crew carried out the ground duties and headed out ourselves.
Got into the van that brought us to our hotel and lo and behold! Mr. Idiot was in the lobby!
I suppose I was a little stupid myself, after debriefing I stepped outside to satisfy my craving for a smoke. Not surprisingly, Mr. Idiot joined me and made small talks, asked if I'd like to go out for drinks. Asked for my room number which I honestly replied that I hadn't checked.

He waited for me to get into the elevator with him. He'd pushed the button for his floor and only then I checked my room key.
Stupid on my part again.. should've just let him get in the elevator on his own.
He stayed in the box and said he'll accompany me to my room. Even held my luggage hostage by saying that he'll carry it for me.

I just walked on with him on my tail. Quickly got into my room and about to close the door on his face when he said; "kiss sikit!"
My reply?
"Eeeee.. goodnight!" and shut the door.

So my night pretty much ended there. Stayed up 'til quite late because I had access to a Pokéstop from my bed and two people fixed a Lure Module back to back.
I fell asleep around 4AM, completely zonked until wake up call -- or so I thought.

It was Mr. Idiot asking if I was still asleep then asked if I wanted to get drinks. Even said that he liked looking at me.
Told him I was not interested and hung up.
Checked the time at it was 7:44 AM.

What the hell is wrong with people, seriously??
A woman has already refused to give her phone number, clearly said that she is married, and STILL some guy goes ahead to try and get what.. lucky??
The nerve!!
What the hell is wrong with Idiot's brains, seriously!?
Might I add, that he's not even good looking!
As if his looks or moves could swoon any woman who laid eyes on him.

I should probably mention that Idiot was Muslim. Like.. WTF, man!
Have you no sense of respect for boundaries??

Anyway, I am sharing this here because I haven't told Encem about this story yet. Not sure how he'll take it. He's not even the jealous type; a man who is very secure with himself. A man with a very healthy self-esteem, but a man nonetheless.
He won't enjoy this story, yet I won't know exactly what will run through his head.
He's in Osaka and I really don't feel like telling him through texts.
He'll probably think I was a complete moron for letting Idiot come to my door.

I was a moron.
Things could've gone terrible.
But it didn't and I am glad.
Although I had been imagining kicking his nuts if he tried anything funny. He wasn't that big, I really do think that I could take him. hahahha!

That's all for story-time.
I still have a bunch of things to do before I get some sleep.
And I need to be up and ready in a few hours!
Feels like it's always the one day off when I try to do the most things.

Have a good week, everybody!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Work again..

Where did all the hours in the day gone to?
I feel like I keep losing time and trying so hard to get them back.
I need more time!

I'll be heading to BKI in a few hours and here I am just wasting time doing whatever the hell that I am doing.
Three days gone by just like that.
I spent Tuesday totally lazing around the house. Doing absolutely nothing, not even bothered to shower. (Yeah yeah, I'm disgusting. Whatever.) Except that I got some "admin" stuff done. Paid bills, made the calls that I needed to make, paid off my PTPTN -- which made me want to jump around the house like an idiot.
Wednesday was spent doing laundry and waiting for Encem to come home from work. He got home around 4PM and we headed into the city centre because he wanted to "look at" some guitars.

Oh, have I ever told you that he plays the guitar?
Funny that growing up, I've always wanted a boyfriend who could play.
Anyway, we spent a couple of hours looking at guitars, which I didn't mind. I got to catch pokémons in between so no complains there.
We did come home with a Fender Stratocaster in sonic blue that day.. So much for "looking at" things! hahahaha

Thursday, Bestie got us breakfast and we all discussed how to spend our day off.
Decided on a movie so we headed to Midvalley for lunch before watching Nerve -- which was good, really. Loved the concept of the "game" and an overall good film. I only knew the film from Casey Neistat, so I'm not sure how well it compares to the novel.

Then we went to karaoke.. until our throats were sore.. at 1AM.

Now I'm just sitting here. Waiting out until I absolutely need to do something useful. Like shower and pack for my three days trip. My roster is entirely made up of 738 flight so I'm totally relaxed in the flight front. It's the hours that is getting me stressed.
It's the hours that is getting me less and less excited about work. I need a holiday pretty bad but I've run out of leave. Took some off for two weddings in the coming months and a couple for my birthday -- because who the hell wants to work on their birthday?

I'm considering taking a "medical leave" for my airport standby next week. Doesn't seem like I am getting sick anytime soon, but man I hate airport standby! Although to be honest, I hate seeing the doctor as much as I hate being on standby. Mostly because they always make me feel like I'm faking being sick even when I feel like dying.
Well, the last time I took a medical leave was January 25th.. if that makes any difference at all.
We'll see how this will play out.

Think I'm going to put this away and have a lie down before deciding what to bring for my trip. I'll only touchdown late in the evening so most probably I'll just pack my jammies.
SO not looking forward to work!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Home alone.

Finally, THREE days off!
Well, technically it's just two but it's 2 AM and I just got home from my crazy Bangkok nightstop so I have the entire day free to do what ever I want. Btw, I said it's "crazy" because we did KUL/HKT/KUL/BKK on the first day then BKK/KUL/BKK/KUL the next. If that isn't crazy, I don't know what is.
Oh! My hours just went up to 103, by the way.

I'm procrastinating from taking a shower and though I'm not a fan of showers in the middle of the night, I feel that I really should after the long day that I had. My hair is stiff from the hair spray and my legs itches like hell because they are SO dry. I haven't even washed the make up off my face.
Anyone has any recommendations for a good body moisturiser? I feel like everything I've tried just fails on me these days.
I blame the long hours.

I got home all by myself tonight. For the first time, at this hour. Usually Encem would be around or I would call on my parents (teehee!) or Bestie for help. But it's a weekday and my parents are in Bangi looking after my nieces and nephew while both Encem and Bestie are at work.
I was quite nervous getting on the cab to be honest. There's been some horror stories going around lately.

I was SO looking forward to this part of my roster since the beginning of this month, but sadly all I have to look forward to is two serious phone calls and a mound of laundry to do!
I wish I had a more exciting life to type about but all I have in mind lately is just home related stuff.

We've moved to this new place (oh right, I didn't tell you about that!.. did I?) in May and we still have a bunch of things still unpacked.
I might do a bit of clearing out of my clothes. I gave myself six months to determine what I should keep and what I should throw out but I don't think I need that long. I have a full drawer of clothes that I have not opened since we moved. That is a sure sign that I don't need what ever's in that drawer.
Kinda stupid to be holding onto clothes for sentimental's sake.

I suppose I should also colour my hair. Honestly, how can one have so much hair and have the ones up front turning grey?! Sure, genetics.. I suppose I do prefer grey hairs than thinning hairline.

I have two books to read, Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and that new Harry Potter book, which amazingly I haven't even flip open yet!

Anyway, so many things to do with my three days but first, I should wash my face and take a shower.
'Til next time!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Of money.

I feel like growing up not having much kinda makes me bad at handling money. The fact that growing up getting hand me downs, not getting the toys I'd wanted, my need to get what I want gets even stronger as I earn my own money.
Of course I am thankful for having a roof over my head. Thankful to have two sisters.
But growing up in Shah Alam, having friends from upper middle-class families, comparing what they had and what YOU had.. kinda messes up your brain.
I think.

So now whenever I get some cash to spare, I tend to spend them on stupid things. Things that makes me happy for owning it but not necessarily practical or useful in everyday life.
I have seven shades of Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. Who the hell needs seven shades of that when they already own more than a dozen of lipsticks? Seriously. It would make a whole lot of sense if I am actually in the beauty industry. If I'm a serious beauty blogger, for instance. But I'm not.

Even when I do wear a full face of make up to work, owning probably twenty shades of lipsticks is way too much -- considering that they are not meant to be kept for more than two, maybe three years.
Yet I still browse through Sephora.. wondering what other shades that I could add to my collection.
Stupid, right?

Even stupid when here I am, talking about my own stupidity and still thinking about that shade 'Mother' from Kat Von D.
Stupid stupid stupid.

Anyway, if you still remember that post when I listed my mid-year wishlist.. I crossed two from those things that I wanted.

Managed to get that NARSissist Jetsetter face palette as I was flying out from Bangkok a couple of weeks ago. I was SO happy to have found it, but I've only used it once since I bought it.

The second would be this notebook that I am typing on.
Bought this while I was out with Bestie and he had compared what I got with something else that has better specs for what I was spending.
I got the 13" Macbook Air.
I had considered getting the gold Macbook but even I couldn't justify paying the extra 1k just because "I like the colour".
Anyway, I don't think this is a stupid purchase at all. Just felt kinda crazy for wanting a Mac when all my life I've used a PC and what I wanted to do with this is pretty basic.

Obviously switching from Windows to Mac requires a bit of adjusting. But considering the Windows that I'm familiar with is Windows XP (ha!) I'm pretty sure if I get any regular laptop I'd still need to readjust myself. I've seen Bestie's laptop.. I understood none of it! hahahaha
I feel like an old granny.

So recently I've been handed a bit of cash (which is why I'm yapping about spending them right now) and my brain is getting a little overworked about it. I've paid off my cards, going to pay off the loan Dida gave me first thing next month, and I plan on paying off my PTPTN loan.

I'd prefer to pay off that bloody loan first thing, to be honest. But if you know me at all.. I HATE making official phone calls. Hate being all serious on the phone when I hate talking on the phone in the first place. I mean, sure talking on the phone is way easier than having to travel to some official looking office, but most times I feel like my hearing is SO bad or at least my eardrums and brain isn't connected as well as I hope it would. So yeah.. I'm procrastinating. I'll make that phone call when I couldn't put it off any longer. hahahaha!

Maybe Tuesday.
Tuesday should be good.

I'm heading to Bangkok again today. NOT looking forward to it. My roster is SO packed, I'm half-expecting to be sick sometime later this month. 102 block hours, 169 duty hours, 9 days off. Even looking at that is starting to make me feel sick!

Now I should finish up my laundry before I get ready for work.
Between Pokémon Go and the limited days off, I really don't have the time for laundry anymore!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Poke-zombie Apocalypse.

So the game Pokémon Go has hit Malaysia.. hard.
Everyone seems to be so into it, myself included! hahahaha

I say that I am mostly influenced by Casey Neistat on Youtube. Not that he even plays it, but it all seemed so crazy and intriguing that I couldn't help myself! The mere idea of walking around town "catching" all these pokémons seemed fun. The fact that I kinda grew up watching the anime also contributed to my fascination towards the game.

I only realised how crazy it was getting last night anyway.
Bestie and I had spent our free time driving around Bukit Jalil for the past few days, mind you. Started off on Sunday before heading for our flight together.

We touched down just before 11 pm.
Then we walked around the airport, hitting up all the Pokéstops and catching whatever's around.
Before actually making our way home, we headed to Aked Esplanad where we knew had six Pokéstops. We weren't the only ones driving by the shop lots in less than 10km/h.. and there were people just walking around the blocks with their phones in one hand, and a powerbank in the other.
It didn't hit me yet, then.
Oh by the way, we got home at 1:30 am that night.

That next day, Mumu suggested dim sum for lunch.
Naturally I wouldn't pass up the chance for dim sum! And yes, I was curious on what I might catch in KLCC Park. The crowd while I was waiting for Mumu to arrive wasn't bad. I saw a lot of Pokéstops in the park from where I was just chilling -- closer to the mall.
But after we had our meal and a little bit of shopping, we all headed for the park where Mumu became my designated chaperon so I wouldn't walk into things that I wasn't supposed to walk into.
The crowd was MASSIVE. So many people -- in work attires, even -- were walking around with their eyes glued to their phone screen.. whom then suddenly stop in the middle of the path to catch some pokémon, I believe. It was crazy! The reception on my phone was SO bad!
Still it didn't hit me though.

That night Dida came by to see me and we went to NSK to do some grocery shopping. On our way back I persuaded her to drive through Aked Esplanad, since she plays the game as well.
She was surprised with the turn out. Saying that the people in Bukit Jalil are crazy.
We laughed. Still didn't hit me.

Yesterday Bestie and I headed out to Pavilion; partly for lunch and the other part is to "see" the Pokémon scene in Bukit Bintang area. We managed to catch plenty. Bestie seemed to think that it was a "successful" outing. I'd say that KLCC Park is a lot more exciting, but then again having to deal with the bad reception was pretty annoying.

Again on our way home, we stopped by Aked Esplanad to get more Pokéballs as we were running low. Also, we've both drained our powerbank and had only about 20% of battery left on our phones. We parked the car then stationed ourselves in this sweet spot where we could hit up three Pokéstops, activated a Lure Module on two of the Pokéstops and just waited.

That's when it hit me.
As I was sitting there.
Seeing how suddenly people flocked into the area.
Cars driving by in a crawl.
People shuffling around with their heads down.
The Lure Module didn't only attract the pokémons -- it attracted the poké-zombies too!!

This game is seriously addictive.. and a bit much, if I'm being honest!
Even though I'm really into it right now, I am also wondering when this will fade away. I, for the most part am into the game just to collect the different pokémon. No feelings towards battling them out.
So I can foresee the game becoming dull for me after a while. Kinda the reason why I am writing this now rather than later! hehe

Enough random for one night.
Got myself a new laptop so I no longer have an excuse to not write more in the near future! I might even write about this new laptop! ha!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

6-months in.

Today marks exactly six months that I am someone's wife.
Nothing much different, really. hahaha! I am currently on a cold war with Encem over some silly things that we always fight over, but here I am about to talk about being married. Or getting married. Or the preparation. I haven't decided yet.

Here's a little back story about Encem and I.

We met in training school in April 2009. We were batchmates. I was kinda interested in him but I was in a long distance relationship then.
We were friends. Pretty good friends as us smokers (seven of us) tend to stick together.

A friend of ours was kinda into him. Our friends thought he was into someone else. And I had a boyfriend, so why do I care?

Anyway, somehow we got closer and got together in July of that year.
We got married in January 2016; six years and six months after being a "couple".
Six years is a pretty long time. But according to Dida, we were flying in and out so apparently we've only been together for half of that time. heh. Dida's logic.

Now, along that six years we've gone through a lot. We were friends first, so.. I don't know. Maybe that's why we stuck by each other a lot easier than if we hadn't started out as friends.

I don't condone dating for as long as we did, to be honest. Unless you have the patience of a saint. Not saying that we were saints! ..But I was just not ready for marriage, and Encem being two years younger than I am was a GREAT excuse for me to just wait it out.

Still not sure if marriage is for me (hahaha!!) but Encem is my guy, of that I'm certain -- even when I refer to him as "asshole" in my tweets. I have a potty mouth, he just have to deal with my temper.

Encem probably first talked about marriage sometime in 2012..? 2013? Pretty early into the relationship, but he took his time saving up and as forementioned, I was in no hurry.

2014/15 was a tough year. Encem took up a charter program so he was gone for months at a time. Even when he comes back for breaks, I'd be flying off somewhere else. I remember there was this time when he was back for two weeks, and I was only around for just four days. Not consecutive four days.

It was hard. Long distance with him was hard. The time difference was hard.
But he managed to save up and put his plans into motion.

We had a wonderful orchard wedding in Bukit Kapar, Klang. Had the solemnization under the gazebo beneath the durian trees that my father planted when he was a boy.

We wore ivory. Good quality material we got from Jakel (RM100/m--WTF!) but Encem only paid RM 90 to get them sewn. So it wasn't too bad.
I, being the diva who refused to pay the RM1000-1700 average fee to get my material sewn looked into my roster and found three consecutive days off and bought three tickets to Bandung.

Those tickets were more expensive than the market price for custom-sewn dress in Shah Alam by the way, but I had a good short holiday with my mom and then-soon to be mother-in-law so, no regrets!
Yepp, I went to Bandung with Encem's mom too.
Anyway, two dresses for RM300.. Not bad at all.

So yeah, TOP TIP; if you have a year to plan a wedding, book a flight to Bandung and get your material and dress there. Just bring along some photos of the dress that you want to have made. Most textile shops there (if not all) have their in-house tailor and they can get it done in a day! (Two to be safe so they could bring it over to your hotel so you could try on and they could take it back if it needs alteration.)
*I say one year because flights are cheaper when you buy them way in advance. That's all. My flight was not cheap.

Weddings are a tiring thing. Yours especially. Having to constantly smile for pictures. Running around to try and talk to all of the guests. Ours was pretty laid back but it was SO hot and humid that day that you could really see in the photos, which ones were taken later in the afternoon.

Our eyebags were prominent and our smiles were as if they were just plastered on. hahahaha!
It was a good day, all in all. My makeup stayed put well into the evening.

Speaking of makeup, I put them on myself. I don't know.. I guess I wasn't as big of a diva as I had thought -- or am I? Perhaps I was stingy, but I think I am fully capable of putting on makeup on my own since I do it all the time anyway.
Getting a mak andam just seemed unnecessary. Although not having one also means that I had no idea how to style my hair so I pretty much just let it be.

A collegue did comment how committed I was to curling my hair. I laughed, of course.

So two weeks after Bukit Kapar, we travelled to Cherating for Encem's side of festivities. We booked Holiday Villa because we've been there and liked the place. Plus, what's the point of having to travel but not get a beach wedding?

There isn't much preparation to be done as Dila, the lady whom we corresponded with coordinated most of it. (A+ for her, by the way!) All we had to do was prepare the doorgifts -- which was kinda mundane until we made a party out of it!

We had our friends come over to our suite and they so kindly lent a hand. We had quite an awesome coffee party.
I took a picture of our trash can the day after and it was full with Nescafe cans! hahahaha

I don't think I ever had a "dream wedding" in mind growing up.. but what I ended up getting was a dream.

I'm glad that we had outdoor receptions. A hall reception is just.. Not us.
Now that I think about it, our wedding was pretty cool. I mean, I still hate the idea of going to one, but I definitely don't hate ours. hahahaha!

That's it from me for now. There are some wife-ly things that I need to do around the house and later I've got a family gathering to go to.

Oh, quick update.. I have seen my mother-in-law since my last post, but it didn't feel like an Eid-visit at all so I am a little disappointed. But I AM glad to have seen her!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Three months..

Must be one of the longest "break" I've had from blogging. I probably thought about writing at least once a week, but I just end up doing something else. The fact that I'm still computer-less also plays a part. Typing up an entry on a phone (as I am right now) hardly feels like I'm actually writing. More like making a list of "to-do's".

To be honest, I haven't been writing much at all. Not even in my physical journal, which makes me a bit curious.. and sad at the same time. Don't I have anything that I want to remember again one day? Have I got bored of talking to myself?
I have been writing notes to Encem, though. Well, I always have so there's nothing much new there.

Is it weird that I find myself more eloquent in writing? To the point that I have to WRITE to my own husband?
I don't know.. But I believe in sharing your thoughts with your spouse, be it good or bad, no matter how the mode of delivery is.

I find it SO important to be heard when we're not physically together a lot of the time. We're both bad at calling up each other. I'd text but he'll be sleeping. Then he'll text while I'm not in a wi-fi zone.
We're TERRIBLE apart, but absolutely present when together -- for the most part, anyway. It has always been that way since day one.
I suppose it just works out for us.

Anyway, Happy Eid Mubarak!
Believe it or not, I have yet seen my mother in-law this festive season. Roster's been vicious. My off days mostly clashes with Encem's. All in all, it just sucks. I had romanticised Raya with my in-laws.. Celebrating with my husband for the first time.
But what we got was a day off on the first of Raya and work on the very next evening! Of course, I was thankful and felt blessed for having that first day off -- with him around, even! And we did have fun at my sister's place and got our annual pictures sorted.

Although, if I'm being honest, I was looking forward to spending Raya with his family. Looked forward to feel a part of his family.
Oh well, hopefully next year we'll get to spend Raya with his side of the family. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to be all awkward and quiet, and coming into homes that I haven't been to.
Obviously, I've changed. 

Work had been uneventful. There really is NOTHING new about work. Except that if I think about it too much, I get a little sad for the fact that nothing is new.
Getting bored, losing patience, it's turning into a "job".

Earlier this month I had a chat with a colleague whose been in the biz for almost twenty years. He was saying that nowadays he no longer have the patience to tell off passengers nicely. He'd just tell them off. I too, am starting to be that way unfortunately.
As I told him, we as cabin crew has grown over the years, evolved in some way -- but the passengers, customers are always the same. It gets tiring.

It's tiring to tell off passengers who wouldn't turn off their phones. It's tiring to ask them to buckle up their seatbelt. It's tiring to tell them to tell their children to buckle up. Tiring to hear them use me as the bad guy; "sayang duduk, nanti kakak marah.."

Naah, I won't get angry. But if your child's head hit the ceiling, or maybe falls to the floor, don't go looking for me. That's all.

Honestly, I don't mind walking around the cabin to remind everyone to be safe, do all you can to keep everyone safe. But hey, if you don't care about that, I'm not going to force you to it.
But I will remember your face.
In a case of emergency, know that I would give zero fucks to what happens to you.
And if I die because of you, I look forward to haunt you for the rest of your sorry life!

Oh wow, this entry is taking a turn into the darker side. Better stop now. heh

First of my two days off. I plan on being productive around the house. Laundry is in the washer. I vouch to not YouTube until I get all my chores done.
I can do it!!

'Til next time then.

Thursday, April 21, 2016



Sometime last year, Bestie and I got hooked on the Lego Minifigures. There is something exciting about not really knowing what you're going to get in each of the RM12.90 packet.

Of course, if you're me you'd end up standing in front of the box close to an hour just feeling around the little plastic packets just trying to find a 'good' set.

Anyway, recently we were at the Lego store in Setia City Mall and they had this booth where you can build your own minifigure! I was excited about it, of course! Bestie and I spent a while looking for the 'right' head, hair and body while Encem and his brother.. honestly, I don't really know how they spent their time while waiting for us. hehe

All the while I was wondering why we never saw this feature in any of the Lego stores we've been before!
Turns out not all Lego stores are the same and apparently this "Build your own minifigures" are only available in Lego Certified Stores.
Made me wonder, isn't Bricks Smart "certified"? hahahaha

Anyway, now I'm just thinking ways to drag Encem to the other Lego stores so I could get the little pieces that I couldn't find in Setia City Mall! 

Kinda loving the idea of story-telling through these Lego minifigures.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mid-year Wishlist

I feel like I can't spend as freely now that I'm married.. hahaha! Is that weird?

Encem has been paying for food and though that should mean I'd have more money to spend, I feel bad if I do.
Mostly because now we openly discuss about money -- at least now I do. Encem has always been open about everything (except maybe his feelings like all typical men do) so when he asked about my credit card a few weeks back, I had to tell him about the ugly debt that I've collected.

To be honest, I am still adjusting with him wanting to pay for me. We've spent the past six years being close to equals when it comes to finance; if he pays for lunch, I'll pay for dinner.. that sort of stuff. It's not that he didn't want to pay for both meals but I was not comfortable with it.
We're both in the same industry, we make more or less the same, I was just his girlfriend and I refuse to let him be responsible for me when I have my parents and sisters!

Now we're married, he IS responsible for me.
So I'm adjusting.
Trying not to want everything shiny and spankin' new that caught my sight. My debt is MY debt but Encem seems to think that it's his debt too.. So, I'm making a wishlist.

One that I am very most likely to buy in the very near future (it's a sure thing, can't hold it off much longer) is the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1.

I was just reminded that I had the Instax attachment to my Lomo Diana F+ and that thing made me shutter-happy even when I know the lighting's shit!
And the films aren't cheap!!

Anyway, I was thinking that it'd be easier to have a printer at hand for my journal. Just made more sense to carry a small printer than my Diana F+ and gamble whether the pictures will turn out good or not. heh heh

Now don't tell my phone this, but the next on my wishlist is the iPhone SE.

I have been struggling with my phone recently. I shouldn't have gotten it in 16gb, what was I thinking??

I've read the features online and the specs seem to be somewhere in between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 S, but in the size on an iPhone 5!
Which sounds perfect by me, to be honest. I am really not keen with iPhone 6's design. The large size seemed unnecessary to me. Not when I like to slip my phone in the back pocket of my pants.

Anyway, apart from the space issue, my phone is still great and going strong. No reason to have it replaced just yet!

Third on the list is a Macbook Air! BAHHAHAHAHA!!

Can I just say, that a huge reason I am having space issues with my phone is because my HP Netbook died on me a few months ago. It really died. Tried to turn it on and it simply refused. Haven't actually sent it to be looked at but mostly because I am scared.

Scared that six-years worth of everything I have in there is gone and there is no way of retrieving it. I'll be devastated, so let me just stay in this ignorance for a little while longer.

Actually I don't really need a "Mac", any laptop will do but hey, I'm writing a wishlist. So I'm wishing..
Plus, it would make transferring files and photos from my phone easier.

Kinda on the fence between this and a Macbook but I'm only keen in that for the colour selection. heehee

This particular "wish" has been a really old one. Not as old as a pair of Louboutin booties, but it's nearly there.

First saw this Taylor Swift Baby Taylor guitar many years ago. Not crazy about the Taylor Swift insignia but the floral design is kinda cute.

Now why haven't I bought this guitar?
For one, Encem has LOADS of guitars. Well, he has two electric guitars and a bass. On top of that, we've been looking after Dida's semi-acoustic Fender (which she doesn't really play) and we still have my old guitar so the thought of having six guitars in one small apartment is a bit too much!

..and this particular guitar is over two thousand Ringgit! hahahaha! Couldn't justify spending that much when I can't commit to playing even once a week.

I did however found a cheaper alternative in the form of a classical Fender a couple of weeks ago. Basically I wish for a small acoustic guitar. Can't promise I'll play, but everytime I see it -- I want it! heehee

Then there's the NARSissist Jetsetter palette..

What can I say about it, really? Not that I need anymore palettes, but damn this would be perfect for my collection!

Suppose I'll just be patient for now. Focus on my needs rather than wants. Get my debt out of the way and only then shop like there's tomorrow! HAHAHAHA!

Writing up this wishlist is really making me want to shop..
Not spending is SO hard!!


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