Friday, August 19, 2016

Work again..

Where did all the hours in the day gone to?
I feel like I keep losing time and trying so hard to get them back.
I need more time!

I'll be heading to BKI in a few hours and here I am just wasting time doing whatever the hell that I am doing.
Three days gone by just like that.
I spent Tuesday totally lazing around the house. Doing absolutely nothing, not even bothered to shower. (Yeah yeah, I'm disgusting. Whatever.) Except that I got some "admin" stuff done. Paid bills, made the calls that I needed to make, paid off my PTPTN -- which made me want to jump around the house like an idiot.
Wednesday was spent doing laundry and waiting for Encem to come home from work. He got home around 4PM and we headed into the city centre because he wanted to "look at" some guitars.

Oh, have I ever told you that he plays the guitar?
Funny that growing up, I've always wanted a boyfriend who could play.
Anyway, we spent a couple of hours looking at guitars, which I didn't mind. I got to catch pokémons in between so no complains there.
We did come home with a Fender Stratocaster in sonic blue that day.. So much for "looking at" things! hahahaha

Thursday, Bestie got us breakfast and we all discussed how to spend our day off.
Decided on a movie so we headed to Midvalley for lunch before watching Nerve -- which was good, really. Loved the concept of the "game" and an overall good film. I only knew the film from Casey Neistat, so I'm not sure how well it compares to the novel.

Then we went to karaoke.. until our throats were sore.. at 1AM.

Now I'm just sitting here. Waiting out until I absolutely need to do something useful. Like shower and pack for my three days trip. My roster is entirely made up of 738 flight so I'm totally relaxed in the flight front. It's the hours that is getting me stressed.
It's the hours that is getting me less and less excited about work. I need a holiday pretty bad but I've run out of leave. Took some off for two weddings in the coming months and a couple for my birthday -- because who the hell wants to work on their birthday?

I'm considering taking a "medical leave" for my airport standby next week. Doesn't seem like I am getting sick anytime soon, but man I hate airport standby! Although to be honest, I hate seeing the doctor as much as I hate being on standby. Mostly because they always make me feel like I'm faking being sick even when I feel like dying.
Well, the last time I took a medical leave was January 25th.. if that makes any difference at all.
We'll see how this will play out.

Think I'm going to put this away and have a lie down before deciding what to bring for my trip. I'll only touchdown late in the evening so most probably I'll just pack my jammies.
SO not looking forward to work!!!!!!!!


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