Monday, August 22, 2016

Lelaki gatal.

I just got home a couple of hours ago and despite having a long list of things I should must do, here I am about to share with you a story about a perverted member of the opposite sex.

A passenger, seated at 2A, let's call him Mr. Idiot; was on my flight to BKI two days ago. He was on the flight with passenger at 2C, whom I assumed he worked for. 2C was a Dato/Dato'/Datuk whom must've been somebody because passenger at 4C worked for them too.

Some time during the flight, Mr. Idiot asked for a pen so I handed him one from my stash of hotel pens. During the flight he didn't say much, didn't ask much, but as we were approaching into KKIA he returned my pen purposefully with a piece of tissue paper stuck to it.
I came back into the galley and had a look -- he'd written his phone number with a short message to call him.
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As I was collecting loose items around the cabin during descent, he signed that he'd written his phone number on the piece of tissue he'd given me.
I politely smiled and showed him the ring on my ring finger..

So we landed, all the passengers disembarked, the crew carried out the ground duties and headed out ourselves.
Got into the van that brought us to our hotel and lo and behold! Mr. Idiot was in the lobby!
I suppose I was a little stupid myself, after debriefing I stepped outside to satisfy my craving for a smoke. Not surprisingly, Mr. Idiot joined me and made small talks, asked if I'd like to go out for drinks. Asked for my room number which I honestly replied that I hadn't checked.

He waited for me to get into the elevator with him. He'd pushed the button for his floor and only then I checked my room key.
Stupid on my part again.. should've just let him get in the elevator on his own.
He stayed in the box and said he'll accompany me to my room. Even held my luggage hostage by saying that he'll carry it for me.

I just walked on with him on my tail. Quickly got into my room and about to close the door on his face when he said; "kiss sikit!"
My reply?
"Eeeee.. goodnight!" and shut the door.

So my night pretty much ended there. Stayed up 'til quite late because I had access to a Pokéstop from my bed and two people fixed a Lure Module back to back.
I fell asleep around 4AM, completely zonked until wake up call -- or so I thought.

It was Mr. Idiot asking if I was still asleep then asked if I wanted to get drinks. Even said that he liked looking at me.
Told him I was not interested and hung up.
Checked the time at it was 7:44 AM.

What the hell is wrong with people, seriously??
A woman has already refused to give her phone number, clearly said that she is married, and STILL some guy goes ahead to try and get what.. lucky??
The nerve!!
What the hell is wrong with Idiot's brains, seriously!?
Might I add, that he's not even good looking!
As if his looks or moves could swoon any woman who laid eyes on him.

I should probably mention that Idiot was Muslim. Like.. WTF, man!
Have you no sense of respect for boundaries??

Anyway, I am sharing this here because I haven't told Encem about this story yet. Not sure how he'll take it. He's not even the jealous type; a man who is very secure with himself. A man with a very healthy self-esteem, but a man nonetheless.
He won't enjoy this story, yet I won't know exactly what will run through his head.
He's in Osaka and I really don't feel like telling him through texts.
He'll probably think I was a complete moron for letting Idiot come to my door.

I was a moron.
Things could've gone terrible.
But it didn't and I am glad.
Although I had been imagining kicking his nuts if he tried anything funny. He wasn't that big, I really do think that I could take him. hahahha!

That's all for story-time.
I still have a bunch of things to do before I get some sleep.
And I need to be up and ready in a few hours!
Feels like it's always the one day off when I try to do the most things.

Have a good week, everybody!


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