Thursday, April 21, 2016



Sometime last year, Bestie and I got hooked on the Lego Minifigures. There is something exciting about not really knowing what you're going to get in each of the RM12.90 packet.

Of course, if you're me you'd end up standing in front of the box close to an hour just feeling around the little plastic packets just trying to find a 'good' set.

Anyway, recently we were at the Lego store in Setia City Mall and they had this booth where you can build your own minifigure! I was excited about it, of course! Bestie and I spent a while looking for the 'right' head, hair and body while Encem and his brother.. honestly, I don't really know how they spent their time while waiting for us. hehe

All the while I was wondering why we never saw this feature in any of the Lego stores we've been before!
Turns out not all Lego stores are the same and apparently this "Build your own minifigures" are only available in Lego Certified Stores.
Made me wonder, isn't Bricks Smart "certified"? hahahaha

Anyway, now I'm just thinking ways to drag Encem to the other Lego stores so I could get the little pieces that I couldn't find in Setia City Mall! 

Kinda loving the idea of story-telling through these Lego minifigures.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mid-year Wishlist

I feel like I can't spend as freely now that I'm married.. hahaha! Is that weird?

Encem has been paying for food and though that should mean I'd have more money to spend, I feel bad if I do.
Mostly because now we openly discuss about money -- at least now I do. Encem has always been open about everything (except maybe his feelings like all typical men do) so when he asked about my credit card a few weeks back, I had to tell him about the ugly debt that I've collected.

To be honest, I am still adjusting with him wanting to pay for me. We've spent the past six years being close to equals when it comes to finance; if he pays for lunch, I'll pay for dinner.. that sort of stuff. It's not that he didn't want to pay for both meals but I was not comfortable with it.
We're both in the same industry, we make more or less the same, I was just his girlfriend and I refuse to let him be responsible for me when I have my parents and sisters!

Now we're married, he IS responsible for me.
So I'm adjusting.
Trying not to want everything shiny and spankin' new that caught my sight. My debt is MY debt but Encem seems to think that it's his debt too.. So, I'm making a wishlist.

One that I am very most likely to buy in the very near future (it's a sure thing, can't hold it off much longer) is the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1.

I was just reminded that I had the Instax attachment to my Lomo Diana F+ and that thing made me shutter-happy even when I know the lighting's shit!
And the films aren't cheap!!

Anyway, I was thinking that it'd be easier to have a printer at hand for my journal. Just made more sense to carry a small printer than my Diana F+ and gamble whether the pictures will turn out good or not. heh heh

Now don't tell my phone this, but the next on my wishlist is the iPhone SE.

I have been struggling with my phone recently. I shouldn't have gotten it in 16gb, what was I thinking??

I've read the features online and the specs seem to be somewhere in between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 S, but in the size on an iPhone 5!
Which sounds perfect by me, to be honest. I am really not keen with iPhone 6's design. The large size seemed unnecessary to me. Not when I like to slip my phone in the back pocket of my pants.

Anyway, apart from the space issue, my phone is still great and going strong. No reason to have it replaced just yet!

Third on the list is a Macbook Air! BAHHAHAHAHA!!

Can I just say, that a huge reason I am having space issues with my phone is because my HP Netbook died on me a few months ago. It really died. Tried to turn it on and it simply refused. Haven't actually sent it to be looked at but mostly because I am scared.

Scared that six-years worth of everything I have in there is gone and there is no way of retrieving it. I'll be devastated, so let me just stay in this ignorance for a little while longer.

Actually I don't really need a "Mac", any laptop will do but hey, I'm writing a wishlist. So I'm wishing..
Plus, it would make transferring files and photos from my phone easier.

Kinda on the fence between this and a Macbook but I'm only keen in that for the colour selection. heehee

This particular "wish" has been a really old one. Not as old as a pair of Louboutin booties, but it's nearly there.

First saw this Taylor Swift Baby Taylor guitar many years ago. Not crazy about the Taylor Swift insignia but the floral design is kinda cute.

Now why haven't I bought this guitar?
For one, Encem has LOADS of guitars. Well, he has two electric guitars and a bass. On top of that, we've been looking after Dida's semi-acoustic Fender (which she doesn't really play) and we still have my old guitar so the thought of having six guitars in one small apartment is a bit too much!

..and this particular guitar is over two thousand Ringgit! hahahaha! Couldn't justify spending that much when I can't commit to playing even once a week.

I did however found a cheaper alternative in the form of a classical Fender a couple of weeks ago. Basically I wish for a small acoustic guitar. Can't promise I'll play, but everytime I see it -- I want it! heehee

Then there's the NARSissist Jetsetter palette..

What can I say about it, really? Not that I need anymore palettes, but damn this would be perfect for my collection!

Suppose I'll just be patient for now. Focus on my needs rather than wants. Get my debt out of the way and only then shop like there's tomorrow! HAHAHAHA!

Writing up this wishlist is really making me want to shop..
Not spending is SO hard!!


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