Thursday, April 21, 2016


Sometime last year, Bestie and I got hooked on the Lego Minifigures. There is something exciting about not really knowing what you're going to get in each of the RM12.90 packet.

Of course, if you're me you'd end up standing in front of the box close to an hour just feeling around the little plastic packets just trying to find a 'good' set.

Anyway, recently we were at the Lego store in Setia City Mall and they had this booth where you can build your own minifigure! I was excited about it, of course! Bestie and I spent a while looking for the 'right' head, hair and body while Encem and his brother.. honestly, I don't really know how they spent their time while waiting for us. hehe

All the while I was wondering why we never saw this feature in any of the Lego stores we've been before!
Turns out not all Lego stores are the same and apparently this "Build your own minifigures" are only available in Lego Certified Stores.
Made me wonder, isn't Bricks Smart "certified"? hahahaha

Anyway, now I'm just thinking ways to drag Encem to the other Lego stores so I could get the little pieces that I couldn't find in Setia City Mall! 

Kinda loving the idea of story-telling through these Lego minifigures.


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