Saturday, October 22, 2016

JPO Haul!

You know my love for bargains..
And perhaps you know my love for outlets too.. heh!

It's been a while since I've been to any factory outlets. I have not stepped foot in Citygate (Hong Kong) for God knows how long. I missed out on Rinku (Osaka) earlier this year because I was unwell. Can't remember when I last went to Watertown (Perth) and since Rebecca Minkoff left Shisui (Narita), I just didn't feel like paying the ¥700 bus fare to get there.
I did have a look around in Mitsui (Sepang) in January but there wasn't anything much to get then.

So when I'm rostered for a day off in JHB, all I could think of was Johor Premium Outlet!
And the hotel we're staying offers free shuttle to and fro the outlet so, hooray!

Apparently the last time I was there was May of 2014! A lot has changed. The place seemed a lot livelier and there were a lot more interesting brands on offer!

My first purchase was from Kate Spade New York. I'd been coveting the Zodiac Pendant Necklace since I first saw it sometime last year, but I really couldn't justify the price. So as all of the Kate Spade accessories that I own, I only get them on sales. It was luck really, that they had my sign!
It was originally RM230, but after 60% discount I paid RM92!

Then I went into The Cosmetic Company Store where I got the Origins Superstar Minis which was a 2014 gift set. I am quite critical when buying beauty products to be honest. I mean, I am well prepared to wait for the gift sets coming up in the next few weeks but I love Origins. And I love minis. Plus products manufactured two years ago didn't seem TOO bad, in my head. I mean, they are unopened! But that's where I set my limit; no more than two years.
Anyway, I paid RM116 for the set. I'll probably chuck some of these minis into my emergency toiletries kit.

I also got a Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick in the shade Greige from the same store. I think it's RM110-ish(?) from a Bobbi Brown store, and CCS sells them for RM88.
Pretty good, I think. You know how I owe my lazy days to cream eyeshadow sticks!

I also went to the Levi's, GAP and La Senza outlets, but I really don't need anymore denim and I'm all stocked in the lingerie department all thanks to the Independence Day Sales almost two months ago.

So next I headed to the Bath & Body Works outlet. They mostly had their normal priced items, but a few off-season scents that were half-priced!
Which was PERFECT and annoying at the same time.
Side story; last month I ran out of my favourite wallflower scent, Watermelon Lemonade. So I purchased some other scents for the rooms in my home. Last week Bath & Body Works had a sale where you get "RM50 off with RM150 purchase, RM100 off with RM250 purchase." Knowing that I'll probably only see my favourite scent next summer (B&BW changes their scent range according to the seasons, in case you didn't know) I decided to stock up on the scents I like now.

Since the B&BW outlet in JPO has off-season scents, guess what they have at 50% off..
Watermelon Lemonade wallflower refills!
Of course I got a few of them.
Of course I got some other things that were half-priced as well; Leaves in the Scentportables refills and Concentrated Room Spray.

Just as I thought I was done and was heading to Coffee Bean to wait for my shuttle back to the hotel, I saw the Cosmetics & Designer Fragrance store.

Said I wasn't going to repurchase Giorgio Armani Si perfume. (Well, technically.. I didn't.) Then I saw it in deodorant spray (n.p. RM233.20 - crazy!) on display. On its right was Si shower gel (n.p. RM169.60), while on its left was the body cream (n.p. RM349.80 - nuts!).
I caved like I never caved before, I was such a sucker! hahahaha
My actual total was RM335 but I got an extra 10% off so I paid RM301.50 for all three items, which was cool!

That was a total splurge so I feel kinda bad for that one. At the same time, I'm also SO excited to start using them! My armpits are going to smell oh-SO-good! HAHAHAHA

All in all I had an awesome shopping trip in JPO! Clearly I was feeling spendy, but I think I made pretty awesome purchases there!

Not looking forward to work tomorrow though. Wake up call is at 0400!


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