Thursday, October 13, 2016

Time wasted.. or time well spent?

I came back from Mumbai today wanting to do a whole lot of stuff.

Do a load of laundry..
Sort the pile of clean clothes into the wardrobe..
File my nails.
Clean my travel makeup bag, because my Nars tinted moisturiser exploded in it and made a mess onto everything else in that bag.
Do an inventory of all my personal care back-ups so I know what I need to get the next time I go shopping thus avoiding unnecessary spending.
Pay the bills.
Water the plants.
Sort my makeup collection, and switch up the contents of my travel makeup bag.
Replenish what that is lacking from my toiletries bag.
Throw out the trash.. because no one else bothered to do it before I get back.
Wash my hair.
Colour my hair.

I got home at noon, and after a little chill out with YouTube while I was filing my nails, I shut down around two thirty because I barely had an hour of sleep before my flight back. I managed to set the alarm to wake me up at three, but after a couple of snooze, I just turn it off and finally woke up at seven thirty in the evening!

So much for wanting to be productive.

It's time like this when I get so upset for wasting daylight and the chance to get things done.
At the same time, I also believe that I needed that time to just rest and not worry about all my "plans".
I'm not great at sleeping, so when I do sleep, I should appreciate that time more, right? I still feel like I've wasted my time, though.

I am still chilling and haven't quite muster the energy to carry out my chores. Paid the bills, since I'm in front of the laptop anyway. It is almost midnight and I do feel the need to wash my hair so it needs to happen tonight.

Wish I am not feeling so discouraged to do all the houseworks honestly.
I've been feeling like I'M the only person in this house who ever gives a shit. I'm tired of feeling so alone. Bored of having to be the responsible one. Am I not allowed to be lazy once in a while?? Pfft!

Ranting isn't doing any good, so I'll stop.
I need a good long holiday, really. I just need to get away.


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