Friday, September 09, 2016

I did.. NOTHING!

So much for wanting to be productive.
Suppose I shouldn't have went to bed at 3 AM in the first place. heh
I did woke up just about 10 though, so it wasn't terrible..
But Encem was around and he was sleeping in.. and really, if you have any idea how HARD it is being a crew-couple, you'll understand how difficult it is to do ANYTHING at all when your partner is around, but leaving.

Does that make any sense at all?

While I have the day completely free, Encem was flying out in the evening and would be gone for a couple of days.
So all my hopes and dreams were gone when I saw him still sound asleep yesterday morning.
I just didn't feel like getting busy.
Even after he woke up, and was cool with one of my errands, I really didn't feel like doing anything else than chill with him.

Better luck today.

I probably need to just have a day's rest anyway. Being home with hubs gave me just that.
Slept in. (Kinda.) Did a bit of laundry; our hamper is empty for once in a very long time! Played Angry Birds Friends (ha!), Encem made lunch (God knows I can't cook!) then napped for a few hours! I didn't need to, but hubs will be working overnight so.. I had nothing else better to do. hahahha!

I miss Encem already.
Even though I've been cranky a whole lot this past few days.
Gotta get to bed early tonight if I wanna do anything useful later during the day.


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