Monday, September 05, 2016


I HATE being on reserve.
I understand the necessities; understand the importance of it.
But I HATE it with a burning passion.

Few days ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw a colleague post a picture of herself holding a cup of Baskin Robbins in front of a big mirror in either H&M or Forever 21 or the likes, with a caption that she wasn't called up during her 0600-1400 standby period.
I thought, cool.. I'll be on standby on that period as well! Maybe I too, won't get called up.

Then I looked again at my roster.
My standby starts on a Saturday..
And with my track record -- sure enough, I got called up at 6:02 AM two days ago for four sectors.

I don't know why, but I keep flying with arses.
Sorry, maybe not really arses. They were "nice" enough. But I'd categorise them as "bajet best". Which annoys the hell out of me, and I'd always end up heading home exhausted and cranky. Hating work.. hating life; because I'll nitpick every random things I see.

Yesterday was a good day.. Because I was called up on Saturday, my reserve period on Sunday was reduced so operations didn't bother calling me up.
Encem too, who was on reserve was not called up.
So we decided on family time. Went to see both our parents, and even hung out with my sister at her place.

Today is my last day of standby.
A weekday.
When normally it is less likely to get called up.
But of course.. of course..
They rang at 6 something which I didn't pick up, and didn't call again -- until 8 something.
There should be a bunch of people who starts their standby period at eight, and stiiilllllll.. I'm the one who gets called up to a lousy flight.

I'm trying very hard not to be all negative. Trying.
But I need a loooong break.
I was happy that I am rostered with a little over fifty hours this month. I mean, yes, shitty allowance.. I've got bills to pay. But being this unhappy over a little extra money is SO not worth it!

And I've got another set of standby sometime later this month.

I should be getting ready now.


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