Saturday, June 12, 2004

kamu kamu kamu

second birthday for the month!
happy birthday majineneekkk!!

this month's layout features majin's back! hehhe! this layout was actually did by himself but was too lazy to create his own blog, and showed me the pic, and so! i put it up here. :D thank you for letting me use it majinenek!
sometimes, everyone just gets dizzy.. :)

what can i actually tell, huh?
oohh.. that kamu title.. well, that's because i'm putting up majin's back on the backgroud, but i'll still be talking about that kamu person. huhuuu~ uncontrollably.

consultation went fine with mr zulkhairi(?). i think he was amused when he saw me and harris had that some sort of sibbling-disagreement in front of him. he was smiling.. very funny, i think! and farizu had migrane.. which looked awfully BAD! and john was like.. i don't know. disatisfied? he kept nagging on how much we should study more. :-S. and mr khong.. merepek as always! heehee.
ohh.. i can only write in english, mind you. when i speak, it all blurts out terribly. bluerghh!

tadi ate garlic cheese nan in bangsar with prisca and drogo! tengkiu fellas! lama benar tak makan situ. and then i broke my hair chopstick while i was there.. dumbdumb! going to get a new one lah, i suppose.

lagi? what else should i talk about. o yeah.. really sleepy at the moment, but i guess i am kinda waiting on something which will never come? i don't know. honestly i am scared. i always get scared when there's only silence. excrutiating, really. half wishing for something.. but that's all i get to do. hummph!
i can't seem to quit wondering. :( sorry.. it's probably not my place.
mengade sendiri sendiri sajalah di tika ini..

okay! nak tido lah. i feel stupid half-waiting like this. so, again..
happy birthday abang besa!
have a guuuuud year, yahh?
(i hope no one gets the wrong idea from the new layout! i simply don't have my own idea to design so i'll stick to this for the rest of june, okay! *girl, pinjam blakang majin kejap! ekkeke!* i'll think of something as we go into july, yah!)



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