Thursday, June 10, 2004

wow, hebatnye perasaan.

ekkeke! cam geli tak title? wanie pon rase cam sikit geli.. yaaakkk! heehee!
i was only thinking on how i felt last night and i think it was 'amazing' how scared i actually was. guess my emotions were too strong(?) for my head to contain? hahhahha! (ape wanie merepeks nihh?!)

saye almost nak hang up lepas 5 minit, kamu tahu?
mengade itu best, tapi menakutkan juga. sebab maybe pada kamu, mengade saye tu jadi menyampahkan.. and saye tak tahu. if i am becoming that, would you please tell me? please..?

i skipped 2 of my morning classes today. sebabnye.. errr.. i was sleeping? haiyohh! i don't know what's up with me lately but i've been even more care-less than i already am and i hate it!! i really should work on my homeworks this weekend. SHOULD la kaan, SHOULD. (tengok tuhhh!!!!!) i wanna say HAVE TO but i don't like promises. huhuu~ yes, even to myself. haihhh!

ohh, i think yesterday was kinda funny 'coz mama, papa and dida called. they all asked if i am coming home this weekend. mama was typically mama.. checking on me, papa apparently is on a talking mood with me now since we last saw each other. that was exactly a week ago? :D and dida.. i think she misses me!! ahhahaha!! she called just to talk about how SHE'S doing. ekkeke!! haihhh~ i guess i am missing them as well lah! :) lamanye tak tengok tv!!!!!! hahhahaha!!

okay. it's noon and i haven't even brush my teeth!! (maybe 'coz i only just woke up an hour ago?) so i better do some hygenic stuff now. :D

Shiina Ringo - Koko de Kissu Shite
love this song!!!


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