Wednesday, June 09, 2004


i just realize that i'm doing all the things i've been doing for some other else.
the fact that i didn't even know what i really want doesn't help a bit.
do you notice that i've been a spoilt whining person? (i'd like to say b*tch, but then again i'm afraid of dogs..)
please tell me if i should stop.. anything!
just tell me something!! i need guidance, please!!

'coz what i do know right now is that i want a good long rest.
do you think a year's rest would be a too much waste?
i need rest.
i need assurance.
which i don't think is coming anytime soon, and that's really burning me out.

can't wait for the weekends when i have the time to actually cry my heart out.
even now i have to hold it 'coz i have too much work. too much!
please please tell me something so my head would stop thinking too much!
please pleasee..

i just can't understand why i have to wake up each morning to get myself sad all over again..


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