Wednesday, April 25, 2007


3 - 2!!
*jigs* That was a bloody brilliant game!! Rooney was wonderful! So was Christiano Ronaldo. Okay fine, I admit.. when he refrains himself from diving, he is for a fact an excellent footballer. Quite admirable.

Defend was crap as always.. now more than ever with Neville, Ferdinand and Vidic benched for injuries. Van De Sar is the father-of-crap in my opinion, no matter what the commentator had said - doesn't change a bit of my thoughts.

I have to be honest; I didn't put my hopes too high at the beginning of the game. I mean.. AC Milan.. As the commentator had mentioned, this game was like Goliath versus Goliath.
Anyway, I am quite happy for now. I have a couple of friends (three) who are openly expressing their displeasure on Y!M and I feel bad for them. Of course, there is no way I am going to brag. I am still worried for the second leg of the semi-finals next week. eeeek!! Kaka is an awesomely good player. He's trouble, for sure. Cute.. but trouble. (And married! hahahhaha!!)
Plus, United has lost all four of the first-choice defenders when Evra got that yellow card. sigh. But maybe Sir Alex Ferguson will throw in Alan Smith somewhere next week. I got used to seeing him these days. heehee.

Still!! United fans around the world may jig happily from now 'til next week as we might be too worried/concerned to keep it up for too long. hahha!
Looking forward to Chelsea versus Liverpool tomorrow! I wonder how that's going to turn out.

Pardon me for making this blog very sports-oriented. I think this blog have always had its seasons. Just that this year United lasts longer than any previous years with being on the run to win the Premiere League (still, 3 points ahead of Chelsea!! woohoo!), FA Cup and yes.. Champions League! (Fingers crossed!!!)

Cheers to all United fans out there!


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