Monday, September 23, 2002

How Should Guys Confess : Part Two
Hihhihi... the final part of this cheeky topic! I guess I'd have to say that these are the quite 'casual' part of the topic..

As Juvita would say, you guys should at least make sure that she likes you.. even a little bit so the confession won't be such a shock to her.. You should take her someplace nice.. but act casually. So, no matter how the responses be.. you can still stay as friends. And she said that you should 'tell' her through actions, but not too drastic. 'Coz words can go wrong and gifts might gave the wrong hints..

My sister, Nina said you guys won't have to wait or create a special occasion to get it out your chest. I mean, save it all for the proposal, okie! So that strikes out candle-light dinner and that large bouquet of flowers.. wokehh! As Nina said, better make it a private conversation.. that strikes out while you're hanging out with loads of friends or the cafeteria.. Hihhi..! And, you really gotta SAY it! Make it short and simple.. Make it CLEAR, that's important!
Let me tell you how her fiance confessed.. well, not exactly confess.. but I'll explain that a bit later! Okehh!! Her fiance really like the number 19.. and so.. he actually planned of doing 19 special things in 19 days! Flowers on one day.. letter on a day.. chocolate on another.. but then somewhere around the 14th day.. my sister actually asked him.. "Awak ade ape-ape nak cakap kat saye ke?" Hoping that he'd tell how he feels for her ('coz she likes him).. And guess what?? He blurted it out! Hihhi.. Well, it's a pretty kamikaze thing Nina did.. I mean, by actually asking the guy, means that the girl has this feeling.. but she didn't want to waste it on the guy if he didn't want her. Get me? That's why she asked! ^_^ Oh yeahh.. like she said, you don't have to create an occasion, but your efforts counts, y'know! 19 stuff.. that's pretty sweet! ^_^

Hope all these is helping guys out there understand a bit 'bout girls! Hihhi.. I have to say that.. even if you have a bit of the feeling, you gotta tell her! Nanti melarat.. I mean, just imagine if you waited until that feeling grow.. and by the time you got the guts to spill it out, she doesn't feel the way you do.. hihhi..! Can you just move on with your life?? ^_^ Wokehh.. it's easy to dedicate songs to the girl.. (or guy, for those gurls who's brave enough to make the first move!) But be SPECIFIC! I mean, which part of the songs expresses your feelings. ^_^ Unless it's the whole song-lah! And letters are pretty good too! If you can write-lah! Hahhaha!! If you choose to write.. please oh please.. DON'T RHYME!! You might go from sweet to downright hilarious.. you don't really want her to laugh at your efforts, do you? Well.. just... avoid from rhymes.. just.. PLEASE!! I had such a funny experience about that one.. Can't stop crying when I remember about it.. (hihhi! 'coz I can't stop laughing!) ^o^ But... the thing about songs and letters is that, you'd still have to SAY how you feel.. 'Coz she'll need confirmation.. HAHHA! I mean.. if you talk face to face.. she can ask you if you're serious.. if it's just a letter, she might think it's just one of your pranks! ^_^ Crystal? oOooO yeahh.. YOU'RE CUTE is not exactly a confession.. since plenty of guys might've said that to her.. And you might want to repeat that you do like her.. 'coz there's plenty of like.. there's the 'just' like.. and LIKE LIKE.. Heehee!! Just ask me if you need to know more about the 'likes'.. hehhehe!!
Well.. just remember not to go too slow, nor too fast! If you act too slow.. some other guy might get her!! Or.. if she has the same feeling.. she'll wonder what took you so long to just say it?.. and ended with her running off with another guy who's brave enough to let it out! Hahhaha!! Too fast as in.. you went up to her and said I LOVE YOU.. that's just freakish! She might freak out and you'll never get to see her again! LIKE is much much better word, wokehh? *winks!* Oh yeahh.. I have a story about being too fast though. Actually a cousin of mine.. well, there's this guy.. He probably has been looking at her (my cousin) for so long.. and one day, he went up to her and actually said.. "One day I'll make you my wife" She freaked out, of course... but guess what? They're now happily married! Yeeheehee!!
Well.. just.. let it out, will ya'! It MIGHT hurt a bit (to your ego!.. or if she rejects you).. but it MIGHT also be the starting point of a beautiful story!! Yeeheehee!! Seriously.. until the moment you confess.. you'll forever be 'nothing'.. ^_^

Well... enjoy your experiments! Heehee.. hope one of those works for you!
Gosh, I need sleep badly!!


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