Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Those mixed signals
Anyways.. I'm at a cyber cafe in Section 2 honestly.. Just went to visit some of my teachers with my dear friend, Hanis.
I am feeling much better now.. I mean, I really think that the break is not so bad, until now. I mean, I do have another 2 weeks to go through! (Sadly) But to be reaaaally honest, I do think that I need the time off. So many things have been bugging my mind lately! Ayyayaya!
SO! This two days have been quite fun. Went to Niez' home yesterday. We talked and talked for about SIX hours! Even managed to hijack her PC for a bit while but seriously.. something's very wrong with that computer so it sux a bit! (Pardon me.. hihhi!)
Even got to chat with Fariz! Congrats for the contract! So I guess from now on, you're a very busy young man, aren't you? Hihhi.. Too bad.. no more playing around for you! ^.^
Anyway, my phone's pretty quiet today and yesterday. Blueerrghh!! No point of having a phone by the looks of it! -_- But to be really honest, I am happy with its presence! Hihhihik! I mean, I get to know when will my mates be coming back from their school.. hihhik!
Oh yeah.. someone's having such a great holiday right now! Dani told me that he's in Terengganu yesterday. Bluekk!! He actually SMSed me that he was sitting at a beach! Bleuurrgh! But I'm truly happy that someone's enjoying the break! In his call last Monday he said he's going to Thailand as well.. so.. contact him if you need something from there!! Ahhahhaha!! ^.^
Oh well.. good thing that the phone rings everyday even though not constantly... ^.^
Hihhihi... really not sure when me and Niez are going offline.. we're going someplace else after this, though I don't know where.. all depends on Niez! Hihhi.. Can't wait for my evil twin to come home! *Musz!!* She said she might be back for the weekend before her finals starting on 15th. Gosh.. when I think about it, I realize how much I miss the old times more and more.. When us three.. rampaged the school.. with nobody can really put us down! Ahhahaha!! How poetic can I be??! ^o^
So anyway.. I'm gonna leave this entry with a bit of a question for all of you.. If you were given the power to go back time, would you do it? Even if you knew that you will change the present... you won't get to know the people you just met.. and those recent memories you had with them. Would you push that away and get back to your PRECIOUS past?? making me feel unsure again!


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