Monday, September 30, 2002

English can be funnn!!
Heyy, don't diss me for this but English CAN be fun!! At least my class is.. Hihhihi.. Well, it gets a bit boring when we had to start working on some essay stuff..
It started off with a discussion about what we want to do.. That cause and effects stuff or compare and contrast.. So then Majin and I were into some sort of debate coz we wanted to do the different things.. So anyway.. ends up Majin won.. then we started doing the cause and effects.. Bluerghhh! So anyways.. the silly part is since Gabe kept on making the topics ended with 'deaths'.. Like... greed.. they became greedy for a wish to be rich.. and when they get rich.. they're unhappy.. they feel the need to take care of their money.. paranoia.. and they get insane.. which leads to - SUICIDE! Now.. that's the sort of things we talk about in class.. Even from the last trimester.. Death and all that has become the favourite topic in class.. the weird thing is.. all of the members in the class are all the happy type! Not at all the depressed.. Hehhe!
Then.. when we had to start making the outlines for our essays.. I get sleepy! Nyeh nyehh.. good ole Juvita, Aisha and Rina get to finish the work and our group became the first to get out from the classroom.. Weeee! Thank you loads gurls!! ^_^
Oh well.. I'm hungry right now.. But hey! Gotta wait for my friends to get back here.. Eating time became more fun when you're with the people you care! Hehhehe!! Ohana means family and family doesn't left anyone behind! AHHAHHAHHA!!

What would you say if I change my path.. away from you?


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