Monday, January 01, 2007

Christopher Columbus.

Happy New Year, everybody!!

I had an extremely tiring day on the 31st but it was fun, spending it with family. The parents and I had went to Seremban to see the kiddies since they're having chicken pox! So Mama had prepared the usual Eid-dishes to bring over to their house so Nina wouldn't have to do too much work, apart from looking after the kids.

At mid-day we head back to Bukit Kapar to celebrate the Eid with the rest of the (extended) family. Plus, there was tahlil and more discussion about Cik Mi's wedding plans.

Cik Alia had passed me an invitation from Idris about a new year's barbeque and I was looking forward to spending the new year's eve with my favourite friends but my dad hadn't seem like making any move to come back to Shah Alam.
As the clock struck 10, Cik Agus asked us (Hannah, Sarah and myself) if we wanted to celebrate new year's somewhere -- and we did!

I went to Sarah and Hannah's house so I could borrow some of their clothes, (Sarah's shirt that Hannah usually wore and Cik Yam's jeans! hahha! I was wearing a baju kurung before the change) and somehow by the time we were ready, there were Anis, Alisa, Sufina and Nadia that had wanted to come with. The boys; Zaid, Ariff, Amin and Adib was in the other car with my dad's sister, Cik Fuah, who is also Cik Agus' wife. (Confused yet?)

Blablablaa.. After watching the fireworks we got take aways from A&W (to my horror, I had to memorize all of our orders.. kept repeating to myself how many burgers and drinks I needed to order.. Obsessing about how many drinks we should get!) and Cik Agus sent me home around half past two.
(Surely you wouldn't want to know every detail!)

2007.. Things to look forward to;
1. The return of my favourite shows so I could start to download them again.. and Heroes on Star World!
2. F1 in Sepang.. hopefully I wouldn't have to miss it this time!
3. Movies; Harry Potter, Fantastic 4.. this can go on for days..
4. My favourite friends coming back for their summer holidays.
5. Dida coming home, of course!

And so begins a new year.. which means a new beginning to some semi-silly resolutions to achieve. (I'm aiming for the moon, as always!) And here are my resolutions for this year!
1. Not to blog angry -- unless it's absolutely necessary for me to let the person I'm pissed at know just what I was thinking of them.
2. Finish a manuscript by mid-year. (Of course, that'd require me to actually pick one of the several works-in-progress I have!)
3. Keep a look out for a job that I can like and not simply one that I can do. (And stay with that job for a minimum of 3 months, of course!)
4. Work harder to achieve these resolutions!!

So have a good one, everybody!
-- and semi-hiatus starts now! --

Let me not be confused forever.

ps: Can you imagine Christopher Columbus saying that? Just imagine him on his ship, looking at the stars and trying to figure out which was North and said, "let me not be confused forever." I wouldn't know if I was supposed to panic or laugh if I were on that ship!


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