Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dubai or Istanbul...

Can't I do both?


I really can't help pushing my luck to the very edge.
(and Dida's nerve, I might add! heehee!)

ps: Lain topik.. Sebab menyampah, I had to blog this even though I said I wouldn't blog-angry this year. Okay, tatau ape yang bongok, mungkin juge Wanie.. tapi setting fon ni asyik tak betuuul aje untuk send email!! Konon nak best laa blog gune fon, tapi ape dapat?? Baru je reload, dah tinggal RM28.49! Tak guneee!! Ini tidak adil! Gue tertekann! Malasnye nak gi kedai Celcom suh dia set kan.. tak berjaya menjadi MacGyver.. Hmm.. takdelaa marah sangat pon. "Angry" is not the word. Frustrated is.

Update: Jan 31st/9:51pm
Istanbul is fully booked. How crazy is that??


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