Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Dud?

- So had many reviewers said.
As for me, I've never been any good at reviewing since I am very much biased and tend to be short-sighted.
But if there is any reason that you should believe every word I'm about to say (or write), then this amatur-ish review might do you some good.

Me and Dida went to see The Da Vinci Code. Directed by Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou.
Warning : Very honest opinion ahead;

Dida hadn't read the book; she's completely satisfied by the film. A good two and a half hours spent in the cinema.
Too bad for me, I adored the book.
Here's an important key.. Enter the cinema, expect the worst, as I did tonight. The moment that screen turns black and Ron Howard's name comes out, you shall say to yourself, "that wasn't too bad!"

Now, if I had expected the movie to be as good as I thought the book was, I'd come out of the cinema in rage cries about how it didn't do justice to the book. Really.
I was expecting the worst. All those comments made during the CNN News at the preview for the medias had prepped me to expect the most awful movie made in mankind history. I say THANKS.

To set it straight, it wasn't "the most awful movie made in mankind history". I say it was okay to me. Just.. a simple, plain "OKAY".
At this very moment, I am thankful to God that I was born with a natural interest in READING.

But go see The Da Vinci Code anyways! I didn't like Tom Hanks as Langdon, but maybe you would! He was nowhere near awful, but the movie-Langdon was just.. ohh I don't know. What I feel for the movie-Langdon is just.. that he's just "another face of another character in a movie." He should've been Robert Langdon, a dashing Harvard-scholar who specialize in the amazing subject of symbols! He should intrigue my thoughts on every symbol I've seen today but all he was.. was just a GUY. It's sad, really.

Okay, what else can I tell you today...
Ooh! I bought something rather expensive today. Don't think I should tell Dida about it 'cause I bought it for someone! Well, a pressie. Ooooh, I just love it but I can't possibly keep it for myself. Wouldn't do me any good 'coz I'd love it too much to use it. But my feelings towards this "thing" I had bought.. Well, if someone had bought it for me, I wouldn't hold myself back to kiss that person.. heck, I might just lick his (or her!) face! ahhahahhaha! Really.

Humm.. maybe I should write this now so I could avoid any inconvenience on my behalf in the future;
In case you have any issue that I use "he" and "him" as singular pronouns identifying any general person rather than "she", "her", "he/she", "him/her", "he or she" or "they" and "them". It's a stylistic choice, motivated by literary convention and the desire to speed up communication, and implies no gender inequities. You may substitute any of the above pronoun options where appropriate.

Now I shall be free to use "him" and only "him" for as much as I want when I write of no one specific!!
(I actually care to be politically correct.)


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