Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Simple thoughts.

Was I wrong, or Steven Gerrard is really using a different number on his jersey? I thought he's using number 4. Tonight he's wearing number 9!

I like watching sports on BBC. Main reason is of course; I understand every word the commentator said. Saturday, I saw this really cool football match, England vs. ROW - which stands for the Rest Of the World. The game was for Soccer Aid and there's a bunch of artists and veteran football players on each teams. Maradona played for ROW while Robbie Williams scored for England! heehee. I don't remember the scores, but England had won. Ooh! The referee was that bald French dude who used to do Nike's commercial. What's his name? Dida's asleep and I don't feel like waking her up.

Alright. Kind of sleepy. Woke up pretty early this morning 'cause I didn't want the cleaning lady catches me off guard again. It's been twice that they came while I was having my shower. I'm starting to think that they just like seeing me in my towel. ahhahahahahaha!!

Sweet dreams, world!


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