Thursday, May 25, 2006

I just made one wicked pasta sauce!

Of course, I'm the only one to be the judge of that since my sister had been asleep since she got back from work earlier. Wish I had more spices in this house. Would love the idea of throwing in some oregano or basil! heeheee.

It's a bit late for a meal.. but I was bored. I just gotta eat when I'm bored or I'd start getting rather cranky. Could've just made myself a bowl of instant noodle but there are only 8 or 7 packets left so we gotta save them for real emergencies.

I'm dragging out, I know.

I called Muz earlier. She didn't say much, but that's just the way it is. I'll do the babbling, she'll listen, and then tell me things like, "mesti Dida tak layan kau kan? You're babbling way more than usual,"; which was.. true! ahhahaha! Well, I just don't have anything to babble to her. Plus, I always babble to Muz. That's my thing.

Then she came up with this theory; I'd only babble for three things which are movies, books and boys. That doesn't sound too good, does it? If it weren't for movies and boys I'd be a real geek. If it weren't for the movies and books, I'd be.. well, someone who keeps on talking about boys! Either way, it's bad!

Then she asked if I missed home, which then I laughed. She reckons that I can get dumped into any country 'cause I'm so detached from anything or anyone at home.

I actually WISH that I'd get dump into some other country in the future. I like this travelling thing. Works great for me.

I don't sound like I'm running away from something, am I? 'Cause I'm not! I don't think I am.. Wish it would've been easier to understand your own psychology rather than having someone telling you what you could've guessed yourself.

I want coffee.


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