Sunday, May 14, 2006

Liverpool was brilliant!!

Now don't get me wrong, I haven't converted or anything. I am still.. pathetically very much attached to Manchester United (just don't know why..) but Liverpool was brilliant!! Mostly it was Steven Gerrard who had been brilliant, of course! (too bad he's enganged and everything or I would actually consider to turn myself into a Liverpool fan. Too bad..)

I was definitely impressed by their keeper, Jose Reina. All that saves.. he was excellent!

Liverpool won their second consecutive FA Cup; both by penalty shoot-out.
I think Dida preferred West Ham to win it but I was glad that they didn't. They were good, having a lead on Liverpool by 3 to 2.. but they didn't have Gerrard. ahhahaha!! Gerrard actually scored Liverpool's 3rd goal at 90+1 minute!
Absolutely deserved "The Man of the Match".

A bit of fact, Liverpool have had ten penalty shoot-outs and they have won nine of them.
Poor Rio Ferdinand's brother - Anton Ferdinand. He seemed devastated.

Well, that was a brilliant game.

We're staying home this weekend, so you won't read anything remotely exciting I'm afraid.
Thinking about the Da Vinci Code, opening next week! eeeek!


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