Sunday, April 30, 2006

An entry too boring to read.. possibly.

It's the celebration of the queen's birthday over here and all over town people were wearing orange. There was even a carousel being set up and as usual.. where there is a carousel.. there'll be COTTON CANDY!! aahahhahahahhaha!!! *manic laugh, if you don't know what that is*

My sister is thoroughly convinced that I have "a problem". She even walked a distance away for a while!! Said she was "embarrassed".

Honestly, have you ever heard people saying, "oooh, look at the person walking next to the girl with that huge zit on her nose," or "did you see that man next to the woman with the large tits?" NO! You'd hear stuff like "look at the zit on that girl's nose," or "look at that huge tits!" So really.. I don't see the point of my sister getting embarrassed for simply walking next to me. But I do admit.. the cotton candy did attract some attention. It was huge. See here! I wonder why I hadn't seen that size anywhere in Malaysia.

Been reading the book on London so I could pretty much plan what me and Dida should do and see when we get there. Anyone has any suggestions? I know I will SO drag Dida to the Westminster Abbey and the Temple Church. Okay.. not so sure if we would actually enter A church.. but it's that one with the Knights Templar! It'd be so cooool!!!! (Highly affected by Dan Brown, I am.)

Alright, I'm starting to sound too mundane even for myself. I feel so unexciting these days.. it feels WRONG!!


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