Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Things I'm missing lately:

1. Some place to go everyday - like (not) working in Kinokuniya.
2. Sushi at the park, yacking with Muz about unimportant things (and made it sound so important somehow)
3. English speaking Danny Phantom (wondering if they're finally in a new season back in Malaysia)
4. Having an idea of what's on the telly vanavond (tonight). Can't seem to remember the tv programs here somehow!
5. Feeling like I own the place (even though I don't!) instead of feeling foreign everytime I step out of the house.

huhuuu. It's the tram tracks. They always make me nervous! I know that's just plain dumb, but they really do!! I'm always an idiot everytime I had to cross them - look right, look left, look right, let's check the left again.. and the right! I probably shouldn't have read that book on Europe. (It said something about a great architect some centuries long ago, got rammed by the tram and no one had seem to recognize him and he was put into the pauper's ward and died..)
Sad, huh?

I will have to go out later though. Dida wants me to go to some travel agents again. I also need to get some red onions. heehee! Talking about groceries will always be funny to me.
Maaan, I SO want to shop! But the only thing that has caught my eye lately was this nice jacket I found in ZARA.. €159!!!! I'd be crazy to get it. Dida would be stupid to let me have it. Everyone else would be mortified, surely.


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