Friday, April 07, 2006

Ohh fine..

Maybe I won't sound vain after all! ahhahha!

Ooh~ just approved Haris' funny testimonial on Friendster. tak larat btol..
Currently trying to download the latest episode of House.. if only the moronic Spyware Doctor on my sister's laptop won't start up and kill the NetPumper I have on! urrgh! Anyone with a cure for that? Please?

I just noticed something on Friendster by the way.. Ever since I put up that picture of me with Eiffel Tower, the number of people viewing my page is up! It's... amazing! How people only care about what you've been up to when they see something different. It's.. sad, isn't it?

So last night, Oprah had this five women who had all married the same man - on different times. The man was in fact, a con man and he had fooled all five, invited him into their lives and enabled him to steal their money. When Oprah asked, they all agreed that this man had always said the right things at the right times. The man had always said exactly the things they had wanted to hear..
Then Oprah invited a psychologist onto the stage and let her speak her mind on the subject. The woman (psychologist) had said that these five women were led into believing that they had found the RIGHT MAN. She had said that every women had been told the same fairy tale, that the knight in shining armour will come and sweep them off their feet.

And so she said (and I quote,) HE WON'T EVER COME!
I sighed.. "Why not????"
The psychologist had said that the man who swept you off your feet will only sweep you away from your life.. the reality, I presume.
Well, is it such a bad thing? To be swept off your reality? I'm totally torn here. I thought being swept away is one of the things that SHOULD happen when you're in love, or have I been reading the wrong manual all my life?
Or maybe that's why I've always been miserable when I thought I was in love? ahhahha! Okay - I MIGHT have read the wrong manual after all!
I'm leaving it at that for fear of sounding pathetic and too dreamy of a man that might really NEVER existed.

Saw Prison Break for the first time tonight! I think it's going to be among my favourite shows. hehhe! So the shows in the Netherlands are not exactly as up to date as in the US, but who/where does? Prison Break had just started last week.. or two weeks ago, I think so it's good for ME!

Dida had made a funny while we were in Paris. You see, English-speaking shows in the Netherlands still speaks English, except on this one channel where they do translate the shows.. ohh, and cartoons! (Just had to laugh at the chaos-ness of Danny Phantom's translated intro song.) Since Dida had never been a big fan of cartoons, she's perfectly satisfied that she still understands most shows on the telly (I on the other hand, am a little disturbed that I no longer understands what Danny, Spongebob, Jimmy and Ginger are saying.) So anyways, Dida were telling me that if her (future-) children had wanted to study overseas, she wouldn't let them go to France or German - just because they translated their tv shows! heehee.
(It was funny.. and irritating at the same time, seeing that lady in Medium and Mac of CSI : New York speaking perfect French. By the way, it was called Le Experts : Manhattan there! And I was told by Tik that CSI was translated in German.)

Silly things like those made me appreciate Malaysia more. heh!
And you thought Oshin was bad!! But I have to say.. these Dutch and French, they do make an effort of translating those shows with the same voices for the main characters. I was amazed at how similar the French Mac sounded with the American Mac. Danny and Spongebob sounded quite the same too!
Imagine now the annoying voices of Nobita and Doraemon.. ahhahah!!

Okay. That's it for tonight.
Good night everyone! Or should I say good morning? (it's 5:35 am back at home..)


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