Tuesday, April 04, 2006

humm.. wishing.

Wishing that I was still in Paris. heehee! Too much, eh?

And I wish Dida had taken a picture of that nice Frenchman who had helped us find the Moulin Rouge. Such a hottie! He was walking with his bike helmet in his hand, with a pleasant smile on his face. It was Dida who came up to him and asked if he speaks English and he replied "a little" in his VERY French accent. Just thinking about it makes me smile! heehee.

Been out today on errands. Dida had asked me to go to the travel agent in Beurs so I can ask about London. The plan was to go to London on Easter holidays but I suppose it's quite impossible now since all seats are booked. So Dida came up with another date, and there were still seats left on the boat.. but Dida is SO getting on my nerves, now I can't even say if we are going to London at all. grrrr!

I'd probably make nice to her just so I can have my feet touch the British soil.. *sigh* The drama!

Anyways, I'm updating my Fotopage right now. Check it out in a little while if you'd like to see photos around Paris.


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