Monday, April 03, 2006

Bonjour monsieur madamoselle!

Paris was brilliant!!
Loved the city.. loved the weather.. loved the people!! They weren't at all as snobbish as people have said. They were willing to speak as much English as there needed be. It was just BRILLIANT!!

It took the bus (yes, we took a tour bus which probably wasn't a brilliant idea) a whopping 8 hours to get there! Getting into Paris was a menace! The traffic could be compared to the Federal Highway in KL on peek hours, a lot of frustration, and loads and loads of cars. The first day of the trip had turned out pretty horrible since we hadn't expected that it'd take THAT long. As we finally arrived to the hotel, me and my sister decided that we should start sight seeing that very night.

And so we went... to Eiffel Tower.
Excellent.. excellent.. EXCELLENT!! Nothing has ever cheered me up as the tower had cheered me. The sight of it was magnificent... breath-taking! Everything that went wrong with the bus turned out to be pretty worth it after all!
Me and Dida happily spent about 2 hours at the park, basking in the whole French atmosphere. It was amazing..
Tour Eiffel!

Second day was spent touring the other famous landmarks of Paris. We went to du Louvre, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe. Everything was bloody brilliant!!
Well, me and Dida went a little nuts and spent about 3 hours walking along the Seine river from Notre Dame to Eiffel Tower! It was an awesome walk, Paris.. is such an amazing place.
Definitely worth seeing before dying.. or going again..!!

I probably should write more but I owe my parents a long loong phonecall.. so I'll update more a bit later! My Fotopage.. maybe!
Au revoir!

p.s: In case you're wondering.. I did see the Mona Lisa!
p.p.s: Heppy Belated Birthday, Dar!


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