Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh crap!

Just look at the time.
It's ten past seven.. and look at the sky over here..
click for a larger image

Does it look anything like seven pm to you?
I don't think so.
And the wind here.. it's howling mad! It just blew the chairs on the balcony off its legs. It's almost scary.. Almost I say. *winks*

Back to the couch I go. You know when you're coming off a fever and you have that funky taste in your mouth that you can't seem to wash off? Well, I'm having that.
It tastes somewhat of a metal...

Oh wait!
I-lyn did this on her blog.. She stole it from Alifah's blog.. So as I always do, I'm going to do it too!! Been a while since I did a silly quiz like this! Plus, my nausea can wait..

1. do u believe in soulmates?
Don't you like.. have to? Qada' and Qadar.. or something. O well, but I do either way.

2. why is it hard to let go of someone you love?
Because you can't help wanting to hold on to that one good thing that's in your life even when it blinds you from seeing the fact that you're falling out anyways.

3. why do we cry after a break-up?
It's something to do. Your friends are always nicer after you had a break-up! ahhahaha! I only cried one time, but I hit my head the next day for crying 'coz I wasn't really that heart broken. It's stupid, really.

4. who will you choose: the man/woman who is the center of your world or the man/woman who gave the world to you?
Well, I'd say I rather have the man as the center of my world. Idiotic, I know, but ohh I don't know.. I'd like to think that I don't need the whole world as long as I have my man to keep me happy. hehhe! But God, I do hope I have my own life even though he's the center of my world!

5. Are you good in hiding your emotions?
I'm.. pretty good at doing "stoic". Damn proud of that, but sadly there are some people who can read me like a paperback. It's a little disturbing. I hide my emotions okay, then again I do blog a lot. That's a LOT! I guess I'm good at hiding what I really want to hide. But sometimes I seem to hide things I probably shouldn't have.

6. why do we need to love?
Ohh.. because we're all pathetic silly drones who'd prefer making decisions with our hearts rather than the brain as it make us feel like it was based on our natural instincts our guts are telling us something. heehee! Well, the nicer way to put it: to love is our basic natural instincts.

7. Being single or being taken?
Single.. but wishing that I don't keep wishing for amusement! ahhahaha!!

8. What's so nice in being single?
You can get selfish all you want. Not giving a rat's ass about anyone.. anyone's brothers and sisters.. anyone's parents.. anyone's flock of friends.. anyone's ex-girlfriends.. ahahhaha! That's about it.

9. Ever cried infront of a bf/gf?
God, NO!

10.Most painful thing said by a loved one?
"Bye" ?
I don't hurt easily, but on the rare occasion, I'd get a pang in the heart by a simple goodbye. It's stupid.. I know.

11. Most painful thing did by a loved one?
(see.. I'm avoiding this question with a big laugh as I always do.)

12. How do you cope with a breakup?
How do you cope? I think I usually just forget about it. It comes in pretty handy, being forgetful. You often forget what you were upset about the day before. Ain't life too short to live the same day twice, anyways?

13. Describe love in one word?
... I'll get back to you on that one!

14. What's ur ideal date?
humm.. It's gotta be a surprise. Something I've never done before.. something that spells ADVENTURE so I'd remember it for the rest of my life! heehee. Like.. dragging me up a hill! So I'd sweat like a pig, but it'd be soooo nice to find a picnic basket on top of that hill!

15. How do you spend a day with a loved one?
Sit around.. have some drinks.. talk. Food, optional. But if you meant male companions, I don't think they'd past lunch over some conversations now, would they?

16. Can lovers be friends?
(trying to avoid the question for as long as it takes for me to come up with a really smart answer.)
Not me, apparently. But I heard it's quite possible. O wait! The question was "lovers be friends".. I thought it was the other way round! In that case.. hell yeah!! It's very much possible!

17. Is love lovelier the 2nd time?
Not necessarily. The way I see it, if you start comparing your past and current love.. boy, you're in soo much trouble!

18. Are you the type of person who expects too much from someone?
Not exactly. There are times when I'm not expecting anything at all.. to the point that I lose interest.

19. What things/qualities that deceive you the most?
That look or smile that makes me feel like I'm the star in his eyes when the fact is that he gave that look and smile to everybody else! grrr! Just thinking about it makes me wanna hit something!

20. Do you believe that 1st love never dies?
No. It's.. well, my "idea" of love is quite tough to kill. heh! Mine might still be in a comma but give it some time. I hold on to ideas a lot more dearly than the person himself.

By the way.. question 13, Love = Confusing.
I always wonder if it's even love at all..


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